Working Class Dog 35th Anniversary

  Jessie's Girl Guitar

Limited edition guitar, only one sold at each venue. Personalized by Rick with the city and date.


Valley Center, CA 7/17/16

Photo by Maribel Mendiola


Lincoln, RI 8/6/16

Photo by Deanne Racz




Sterling Heights, MI 8/11/16

Photo by Mike Gerken

Moline, IL 8/12/16

Photo by Tammy Schulz


Bethlehem, PA 8/19/16

Photo by Holly Pinter



Asheville, NC 8/23/16

Photo by Renata Hearn



Atlantic City, NJ 8/20/16

Photo by Mindy Latman

Raleigh, NC 8/25/16

Photo by Renata Hearn


Waukegan, IL 10/13/16

Photo by Renata Hearn


Biloxi, MS 11/4/16

Photo by Tina Coleman




Austin, TX 11/18/16

Photo by Renata Hearn



Miami, OK 11/19/16

Photo by Rhonda Meeks


Nashville, TN 2/10/17

Photo by B. Minett


Nashville, TN 2/11/17

Photo by B. Minett


New Buffalo, MI 2/17/17

Photo by Mike Gerken

Jacksonville, FL 3/2/17

Photo by Lucy Apple


Fort Pierce, FL 3/3/17

Photo by Anne Hendrix



Marksville, LA 3/18/17

Photo by Renata Hearn


Milwaukee, WI 4/28/17

Photo by Darla Gerken


Hot Springs, AR 6/24/17

Photo by Renata Hearn


Seattle, WA 8/15/17

Photo by Suzy Guttormson


Huber Heights, OH 9/16/17

Photo by Mike Gerken

Atlantic City, NJ 9/23/17

Photo by Jerry Hofman


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