(words and music by Rick Springfield)   

Talk about life, imitating art 
Well I was sure that I heard the Director yell, 
"Take it from the start" 
And I could feel my body crushing yours 
As the camera dollied into place 
Your husband's in the front row, 
I couldn't look him in the face

Part of the pleasure was that it felt so wrong 
But it grew too fast, too strong

Don't you think your friends are talking Alyson? 
They're blaming it all on me 
I'm blaming it all on love 

Well don't you think your friends 
are talking Alyson? 
Just a little sexual tension 
Under the guise of love

Young and tragic, I really felt the part 
While we were sweating and screaming 
tearin' out his heart 
Well I was sure I heard the wind in the wires 
Crying in sympathy 
For star-crossed lovers, Ally that ain't you or me

Part of the pleasure was that it felt so wrong 
But it grew too fast, too strong

Don't you think your friends are talking Alyson? 
They're blaming it all on me 
I'm blaming it all on love 
Well don't you think your friends are 
talking Alyson? 
Just a little sexual tension 
Under the guise of love

For a limited run in to your local bedroom 
We knew the curtain would be coming down soon 
Reviews were mixed, the press was unkind 
Ally I hope they will forgive us in time, in time

Part of the attraction was that we knew it couldn't last 
So we closed our eyes and held on fast

Don't you think your friends are talking Alyson? 
Who were we trying to fool? 
What was I thinking of?

Well, don't you think your friends are 
talking Alyson? 
They're blaming it all on me 
I'm blaming it all on love 
Well don't you think your friends are 
talking Alyson? 
Just a little sexual tension 
Under the guise of love

(total playing time: 3:47)


Rick performed this song live on the Beat of the Live Drum Special.  He continues to perform it live in concert. 

Rick has admitted that this song is based on an affair he had in the early 1970's (although there seems to be some confusion as to whether the name was changed or is in fact the name of the other party)

It appears on the following releases:
Living in Oz, Alive - Greatest Hits, Calling All Girls - Romantic Collection, Legendary, and Anthology (written in rock)

According to Rick: "Alyson"  is about my life just before I came to America. Alyson was a married woman, and I had to decide whether to leave Australia or not. I finally realized that it was a dead end situation with her. I knew if I didn't leave her, I would never make it to America. - Rock Magazine, 4/83

Footnote - background photo was taken in Fresno, CA on 10/08/03, during the "Star Crossed Lovers" portion of Alyson.

According to US

To start with, I love the acting analogies of this song. I used to think Rick wrote this one while sitting on the set of GH.

Now, I gotta review this from different stages in my life. My interpretation of this song has changed through the years, basically because when I first heard it, to when I actually got to talk to Rick about this song, to now - it has held different meanings for me.

When I first listened to Alyson - I thought - nice beat, love the "sing along" verses (hey I was 14 going on 15). Then, I got my first "boyfriend". I put it into quotation marks, because he was a lot older than me, and already had a steady girlfriend, who was not me (and he should of known better!). I did not find out about this until quite a few months into the relationship. To make a long story short, I knew about her-she didn't know about me-I was naive' enough to think he would pick me over her-so I left well enough alone, and continued the relationship (hey, he was cute!). But then MY friends began to talk (of course they knew everything). Ohmigod! I was Alyson! When the breakup finally happened...I turned to this song for solace. "Part of the pleasure, was that it felt so wrong". 

Skip ahead 10 years to when I saw Rick in 1993 and he elaborated on this song. It was written for a woman he had a "torrid" affair with, who was married. He said he felt guilty through the whole relationship, because he had never been the "other man" before. He also said he was afraid that her husband would kill him if he found out; and he was always looking over his shoulder all the time, thinking that people were talking about him/her. "They're blaming it all on me, I'm blaming it all on love" ~ "Part of the attraction, was that we new it couldn't last" Rick lyrics at their best in my honest opinion.

I came home from that show with a renewed interest in the song. It made so much more sense to me then. He must've had this relationship with this other woman during his "lean" years on music, and heavy on acting in the 70's sitcoms.

3 years later...I gave birth to a baby girl on August 16th. My due date with her was August 24th. I swear, I had no planning on that part, but damn I couldn't get much closer, eh? I did not have a positive "its a girl" from my doctor (couldn't tell on the one and only ultrasound I had) but I DID know that I was making some kind of Rick connection with this kid - it was fate. Thank God she was a girl. My husband had final say on the name. Now he is definitely not a Rick fan, and basically only knows what he has to know about Rick and his music. So I gave him some girl's names I wanted to go with - and he picked Alyson. (You know my list included Silvia, Jessica, etc) We agreed to this name verbally - and it wasn't until she was born that I asked him, "Do you care how I spell it?" He said no. :-)

Two years later - I'm meeting da man! I of course brought LIO for him to sign (as well as several others LOL) . I told him this was my absolute favorite CD of his, but could he please sign it to my daughter? Then I explained what her name was, he asked me why I liked the CD so much...he was so cool about it, he signed it "Hey Alyson, you've got a cool mom- Love Rick Springfield." Then he flipped it over and circled the song title "Alyson" and drew a smiley face and then I asked him to date it. I know she is never going to appreciate it the way I do. Then he asked me if I knew the story behind the song, to which I said yes - then asked him if Allison Durbin (the Australian singer) was the woman. He laughed (and congratulated me on my homework) and replied no, but he did use her name because he liked it so much. He had no idea how she spelled it though...(typical man for ya). (I think he lied to me there, what do you think??)

I ab-sol-u-tely love this song live! For obvious above stated reasons, but also because Rick sounds so damn sexy when he gets to the "for a limited run to a local bedroom" lines. Oh, and the whole *star-crossed lovers* move. Since I'm in love with the man's arms, anything to showcase them works for me! I'm so glad he STILL does this one live.

For the record, my Alyson doesn't really care for this song much. Figures :-) She does call it "my song" ...but when we are listening to LIO, she likes Human Touch. - Michelle P.

I just recently heard this song 'live' for the first time, and I have to say it boosted my opinion of this song, tenfold. I have always skipped this song and never really listened to it and the story behind it (an affair) just really rubbed me the wrong way for a really long time. 
At first, the slow, kinda 'offbeat' way it starts in the beginning just make me want to hit the skip button and not even give it a chance. I like to move on to the higher energy parts and listen to the guitar. The lyrics and the slowing down and speeding up are the only thing I have problems with. I absolutely love the very ending and sadly I like that the most out of the whole thing.  - Amy L.

This song is like chocolate to me. I love it but cannot stand to have it because of the guilt. 

I won't bother to repeat in detail what Rick says this song is about. In today's day and age, as a mother, I could not stand to be the person in the middle of another person's marriage. ..but this is a new perspective that I have come to terms with in the past few years. 

I can understand how sometimes proximity and circumstance can suddenly spark an interchange of electrons between two people. Your body can take over before you mind has a chance to catch up and stop things. Once you let this happen on more than one occasion, it can become a habit, and sometimes the only way to cure it is to move on. It may not be so much the stress of knowing that people are whispering about you behind your back, but the knowing the relationship is not going anywhere, regardless of the chemistry it ignites between the parties involved. Part of this song reminds me of 'Wasted', longing or remembering something that could have been, but wasn't; only this relationship appears to have been a little more 'public'. 

I hear angst, guilt, and a hint of satisfaction in his voice when he sings this song. 

It's raw, chalked full of honest emotion. I am sure it must have been healing for him, to an extent, to write and perform this song. Healing for things done and said in the past, and a reminder of appreciating what we have, and the circumstances we have put ourselves in…(or taken ourselves out of). - Kat M.

I think I like this song more now than I did in the 80`s. I did like Alyson at the time I bought LIO, when I was about 15, but honestly I don't think I had the full understanding of the song `back then.' I listened to it a lot, (I listened to the whole 'tape' so many times I finally warped it and had to buy a new one!) but the real meaning didn't sink in at that time. Maybe it was my age, or maybe I just blocked it out. It's possible that my mind wanted to make excuses for Rick and the honesty in this song. After all, he was my `rock God" and hero, and it was hard for me to picture him doing any `wrong.'

I knew the song was about an affair---I knew the people around them suspected the affair---and I could also sense some guilt going on in the lyrics. But I remember that I took the lyrics very literally. I thought that Rick was actually having an affair with someone on a movie or TV set---"the camera dollied into place," and "your husband's in the front row, I couldn't look him in the face." I truly thought that he had filmed love scenes with `someone' and that it led to more. Again…I think my little mind was using the love scenes as an excuse for WHY Rick got involved with a married woman--- they got physical on the set and feelings came about because of it. I finally realized that this was not the case at all. The first line was a dead giveaway that this song was not to be taken literally, but it just slipped by me somehow---"talk about life, imitating art." (it was an affair that felt like being lovers on the screen.)

Now when I listen to the song, I know that these references are just analogies to an affair and have nothing to do with movie or TV scenes that led to one. I guess the deeper understanding of the song that I have now makes the song that much more appealing and so I tend to play it a lot more. I love the choice of words Rick used, comparing it to being in a movie and in the public eye. I'm guessing that's how the affair must have felt, or else his guilt led him to feel that way---like everyone knew about it (or suspected) and disapproved.---"Don`t you think your friends are talking Alyson?" It sounds as if Rick was paranoid everyone would find out. {I do know I spent countless hours, if you added those hours together, wondering who in the HECK Alyson was. In a weird sort of way, I remember wishing I WAS Alyson, just as I had wished to be Jessie's Girl or Sylvia! Dumb I know…but true. LOL} 

I think one of the lines that gets me the most is when he says, "part of the pleasure, is that it felt so wrong. But it grew too fast too strong." Ok, so it's hard to think of Rick doing wrong, and especially doing wrong and LIKING it. (isn't that how it is sometimes though? Sometimes the `wrong' thing really does feel right.) But he's human, and I know that. I think this song may have been one of the songs that helped me realize that he really IS human and that he does make mistakes and fall into things just like any of us could. It was kind of appealing to me in a weird sort of way, like Rick had a different side to him that we didn't know about. He sounds like he's totally in the `doghouse' in this song, and that he knows it and is not sure what to do about it because the feelings he had for this woman were stronger than the need to do the right thing. 

Does this song have some sexually visual lyrics or what???---"I could feel my body crushing yours," or "while we were sweatin' and screamin' tearing out his heart." That's just enough to send any female Rick fan over the edge! I won't even go into the images that appear when I hear that line. And then there's the line "just a little sexual tension, under the guise of love." Um, yes…I BET there was some sexual tension going on there. I can only imagine. Sometimes that sexual tension can be so strong that it really does seem like it's apparent to everyone else…and often times it is. 

There is one line in this song that has always had me wondering. I know what it says in the liner notes, but I just don't hear the words it's supposed to be saying there.---"For a limited run into your local bedroom" sounds to me like he's actually saying, "They knew we'd run into the whipping room." Or it also sounds to me like, (and I have tried more than once to strain and hear what he's really saying here)---"For a limited run into the whipping room." I don't know why, but for the life of me I just cannot hear the words `local bedroom.' 

Rick and Alyson knew that it couldn't go on forever…that it was physical attraction, and that it was `forbidden love.'---"We knew the curtain would be coming down soon," and "part of the attraction, was that we knew it couldn't last." Rick says "they're blaming it all on me. I'm blaming it all on love." But I'm pretty sure this was more a case of lust than love. 

I think the reason I sense a bit of guilt in the song is due to the lyric "Well I was sure I heard the wind in the wires, crying in sympathy."---as if the sympathy was for the husband who was being cheated on. Although, I believe it could go another way too, because in the next line he says, "for star-crossed lovers, Ally that ain't you or me." So then I wonder if he means that the "sympathy" is for the fact that they wanted it to be an open relationship so badly, but they knew it couldn't be. This is one of several things I love about how Rick writes music. It can go so many different ways and it depends on the listener and how they interpret it at the time. 

I was so thrilled to hear this song live in Milwaukee! I cannot for the life of me remember if he did this song when I saw him on the LIO tour when I was 15. He probably did perform this one back then, as LIO was brand new at the time, but it's been so long ago that I can't recall the performance. This is also one of my favorite parts of the Alive DVD. I love the outfit Rick is wearing for this one---black 'leather' pants, black shirt, great hair! I love how he looks when he's jamming to it and the way he moves his body during the song. It's hot too how when he says, "just a little sexual tension" he kind of runs his hand up and down the neck of the guitar! I'm thinking that was intentional! 

The music and lyrics to this song are incredible and easy to sing along to. Alyson is a sinfully wonderful song! - Kelley Pearson 

I'm not really sure if this song is autobiographical or not. Maybe this song is about the affair with a married woman that Rick has alluded to in the past. But then again, maybe it's about someone else's experience. In this song, Alyson is an actress, but that may be the scenario in which he chose to write it. If this was in fact, about Rick, I would say that he was young and thought he was in love, but later on in his life realized that this affair was driven by lust "just a little sexual tension under the guise of love" and the excitement of doing something taboo.

Rick delivers a really strong vocal on this song. I like the music and the guitars. The drums are what really drive this song,though. It's really a great live performance song. - Elizabeth S.