From General Hospital to Superstardom

Is There Life After (And During) Soap-er-stardom? Just Ask JACK WAGNER, RICK SPRINGFIELD, and JOHN STAMOS!

He's the Grammy-winning, heart-stopping and oh-so-gorgeous rocker who just shook the globe with his 1984 World Tour. Yet, not-that-many years ago, Rick was busy playing cool, Intelligent Dr. Noah Drake on GH! Unlike Jack, though, Rick has been a struggling musician for years (he was a moderate success in his native Australia in the early 1970's and had a small teen following in the U.S., too). General Hospital offered him the visibility he needed to break into rock n roll.  Soon after he began acting, Rick was offered the record contract he'd been hoping for! Rick's first hit single, "Jessie's Girl" (From the Working Class Dog LP) won the music industry's most coveted award, the Grammy. His follow-up LPs, Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet and Living In Oz, spawned many other hits too.
Last year saw the tall guitarist with the sleek, brown hair in his screen debut in Hard To Hold, where he played a hard-driving rocker from San Francisco who falls in love with a child psychologist. Last year's World Tour featured tunes from the movie soundtrack and captivated (and sold out too!) audiences nationwide.
What's ahead for Rick? He has a single due out this month and a new studio album , Tao, out next month. Of course, with all this acting experience, Rick is always reading scripts to find his next film venture. One this is for sure: Rick Springfield will be back because he's multi-talented, success hasn't spoiled him yet either!

From the collection of Kerry Stroh