General Hospital
January 23, 2007

Scene 1
Noah: Robin -- Robin, hey. 
Robin: Hey. 
Noah: Hey, I could use you in a consultation today if you have time. 
Robin: Does it have to be now? I -- I kind of have plans with Patrick. 
Noah: No. No, tomorrow's fine. Far be it from me to stand in the way of true love. 
Robin: Well, you couldn't if you tried. 
Noah: Well, that's confidence. I like that. 
[Robin giggles] 
Noah: So how is my son? I heard he moved out of the hotel. Is he camping out on floors surrounded by containers of takeout? 
Robin: No, actually, because I rode in on my white charger, and now he has an apartment with furniture -- and a roommate. 
Noah: Well, if you tell me that roommate's you and not Pete Marquez, I'm a happy man. 
Robin: Oh, you mean professor doom and gloom? If he had it his way, I would be back in that loft so quickly, I'd be jet-propelled. 
Noah: Yeah, well, ignore him. I think in time, he'll -- he'll be gone. 
Robin: One can only hope. 
Noah: Well, anyway, this is great news. I mean, I'm very, very happy about this. I think you're the best thing that ever happened to Patrick.  I'm glad he's finally waking up to the fact, you know. Anyway, the patient's file will be on your desk in the morning. 
Robin: Good enough. 

Scene 2
Robin: If you want to go to Vegas with Pete, then by all means, that's what you should do.
Pete: I'm going to go ahead and interject here. Um -- first of all, she's giving you permission like you're her little boy, and second of all, she's testing you. The only choice that you're allowed to make is not to go. 
Robin: You do not know me well enough to analyze me. 
Patrick: And you're completely off base, not to mention out of line. I'm not going to Vegas because -- listen carefully -- I don't want to go. 
[Knock on door] 
Robin: I'll get it. 
Pete: Can't even answer your own door. 
Patrick: Our door. 
Robin: Well, look who's here. 
[Robin chuckles] 
Noah: Happy housewarming. 
Robin: Oh, thank you. 
Noah: Patrick. 
Patrick: Hey, we weren't expecting you. 
Noah: Yeah, I'm not going to stay. I just came by to deliver the gift and say how happy I am that you guys are moving in together. 
Pete: Wow. Look at this. Thanks to Robin, you're making peace with your dad. How touching. How domestic. When's the wedding? 
Noah: Actually, Patrick should be so lucky. Robin's an extraordinary woman. Marrying her would be the best move he could make, and moving in together is a step in the right direction. 
Pete: I rest my case. 

Patrick: Look, don't come in here bearing gifts thinking that gives you the right to push your own agenda. My personal life with robin is exactly that -- personal -- so stay out of it. 
Noah: Fine, fine. I just hope you're demanding the same thing of your good buddy Pete over there. At least I mean your relationship no harm. 
Robin: Oh. Can we not do this? Noah was nice enough to come over and wish us well, which is more than I can say for some people, and I for one appreciate the gesture. 
Patrick: Well, I don't -- you know why? Because it's not sincere. He's using our situation to dictate my life once again and I'm not going down that road. 
Noah: Hey, whatever, whatever. All right, I didn't come by to cause you problems. If my being here is causing you an issue, then I'll leave. 
Patrick: Thank you very much. 
Noah: I -- enjoy the gift. 
Robin: Thank you. I'm -- I'm sorry. 
[Door closes] 
Robin: I've seen you be rude to your father before, but that was just uncalled for. 
Pete: It's called setting boundaries. 
Robin: Who the hell asked you? This is between me and Patrick and it would be nice if you had the decency to know when to leave. 
Pete: So now, I have to take orders from her? 
Patrick: Ok, look. You know what? Pete is right about one thing -- you don't get to try and push a relationship between me and my father. 
Robin: I was not trying to do that. I didn't even know he was coming over here. 
Patrick: Robin, how did he know we lived here, because certainly I didn't tell him
Robin: I am not discussing this in front of Pete. 
Patrick: Well, you know what? There's nothing to discuss. Pete and I are going to Vegas, so -- 
Robin: Oh. Well, I guess I already told you how I feel, so do whatever you want. 
Patrick: Ok. 
Pete: Excuse me. 
[Phone rings] 
Lainey: Dr. Winters? 
Robin: You and Kelly need to clear your schedules. 
Lainey: What's going on? 
Robin: We're going on a road trip. 

[approximately 5:30  of Noah content]

According to US

What a pleasure to see Rick back on GH, if only for a day. He was sporting the trace of a goatee on today's show, which looks nice, but please Rick….do shave! I think Rick looks very nice in a suit, even though I prefer casual. Lots of smiles and positive comments from Noah today. That is always nice! I like how he's taken a liking to Robin. Robin is a great character in my opinion, even if she does have a lot of issues. I think she has a big heart, and Noah sees that in her. He seems to truly want what's "best" for Patrick. 

Noah is pleased to hear that Robin has moved in with Patrick. She expresses her disgust over Pete, and Noah tells her to ignore him. Great words of wisdom there Noah!!!! Pete is definitely a trouble- maker for the couple. 

Next scene…Pete is at Patrick's trying to talk him into taking off to Vegas. Robin catches them in conversation and tells him to go ahead if he wants to go. Might I add……the casting crew couldn't have done a better job at matching up Jason Thompson as Noah's son. It's uncanny to me how much he looks like he could really be his son. There's a knock at the door, and it's a smiling & handsome Noah, dressed in his suit and overcoat, with a house-warming gift in hand. Apparently he must have left the hospital immediately after Robin gave him the news, dashed to the shopping mall, bought a gift and had it wrapped, then made a bee-line to Patrick's apartment. LOL People move so quickly on soaps! 

Noah's sentiments are beautiful. He is there for a quick visit and to congratulate them on the move. But Pete butts in with a bunch of teasing about how "domestic" they all are and that he sees Patrick is making peace with his dad. And I ask…what is wrong with THAT?! (I am beginning to despise the Pete character.) How irritating that Patrick and Noah have made some real ground in their father/son relationship, and along comes some jerk like Pete, meddling in their business. Robin listens quietly as Noah praises her to Patrick and Pete, telling Pete that Robin is "an extraordinary woman" and that he thinks their decision is a "step in the right direction." Unfortunately, Pete's crap in Patrick's ear had an impact (at the moment). He begins jumping on Noah, suddenly becoming defensive. He tells Robin that Noah is just trying to dictate to them how to run their lives, like always. Noah looks hurt and confused. He goes to leave and turns back smiling a meek smile at Robin, telling her to enjoy the gift. She looks helpless and tries to apologize for Patrick. That WOULD feel awkward in Robin's shoes, but she has no reason to be sorry. So far, she and Noah have had a pretty nice relationship. Noah knows by now how bullheaded Patrick can be. Hey, like father like son!

It's pretty clear we probably won't see Noah for many days. Patrick agrees to go with Pete to Vegas and Robin calls Lainey to plan a road trip with the girls. (unless another story is coming about for Noah that has nothing to do with Robin and his son.) I would be happy to see Noah within some other story-lines.  - Kelley Pearson

Noah strolls up to the nurse's station and asks Robin to consult on a case. When she begs off due to plans with Patrick Noah understands {Noah is looking quite dapper in his suit and tie but apparently his razor broke as he is sporting a bit of a goatee. But I love the grin he gets just after saying the words true love }. Then Noah asks about Patrick {and his voice drops to almost a whisper}, finds out about the new living arrangements and throws in his own $.02 on Pete. After sharing his happy thoughts with Robin Noah strolls off. {Noah almost looked nervous after gushing at Robin a bit. Then he pivoted and almost seemed to limp out of the nurse's station to make a quick exit on stage right.}

Noah appears at the apartment with a housewarming gift in the middle of Pete trying to goad Patrick into going to Vegas with him (and not Robin). Pete takes Noah's appearance as another sign of impending wedding bells. Noah attempts to defend the situation by saying a wedding is the best move Patrick could make which just plays into Pete's hands. {My, what a nice big box Noah picked up on short notice! The annoyance vibrating in Noah's voice as he talks speaks to his feelings for Pete. } 

Patrick reacts to the situation by lashing out at Noah for trying to run his life and basically runs him out of the apartment. {Father / Son argument # 502 is it? Or rather Noah/Robin vs Patrick/Pete, so it is a little different with the tag team effect. Apparently Noah cannot even bear gifts without facing the wrath of Patrick. To a bit of Patrick's defense he was heavily influenced by the negative ideas of Pete. But it is odd the Noah offering a gift and kind words is taken so badly but all the stupid things Pete says are OK. } - Jen H.