General Hospital
January 31, 2006

Scene 1
Patrick: You've already cost us a lot of years, during which of some I really could've used a father. 

Noah: That's not the point. 
Patrick: Ok, the point is, I'd rather not lose you completely. Just put yourself on the transplant list. 
Robin: As a surgeon, you'll get priority. 
Noah: I'm not going to take an organ from somebody who's waited months and is no doubt more deserving, so respect my choice, all right? 
Patrick: Oh, I see. Well, you're already half dead. Why not just finish the job? 

Scene 2
Robin: You're both very emotional right now. Why don't we just take a step back and breathe? 

Noah: I've already decided against a transplant. I'm really sorry that my decision upsets you, Patrick. 
Patrick: It's a pattern with you, isn't it? The more self-destructive the better, like diving into a bottle after M2om died. Bottom line, you gave yourself cirrhosis of the liver. You can decide how to deal with it. 
Noah: Well, good. We agree on that, at least. 
Patrick: Yeah. 

Scene 3
Noah: Bobbie. Something wrong? 
Bobbie: Yeah. I suppose it's nothing that I can't handle. 
Noah: I'd like to help. 
Bobbie: Well, thanks, Noah, that's really kind of you to offer, but you're kind of in the middle of your own crisis right now, and you need to focus on your health. 
Noah: Well, truthfully, I could use somebody to talk to. I'm a pretty good listener now. 
Bobbie: You always were. 
Bobbie: My son has problems and he's been shutting me out, and I finally found out why he's so angry and the more I'm trying to help him, the more he's pushing me away. 
Noah: Something I know a little about, bitter, angry sons. They hate you because you ignore them and they hate you when you don't 

Scene 4
Noah: You know, when I was 16, I rolled my dad's car into a ditch and he said to me that he wished I would have kids that would one day let me know how that felt. 
Noah: Took him a few years, but my dad finally got his wish. 
Bobbie: It was the opposite for me, because I've always wanted what was best for my kids. And suddenly I'm beginning to realize that I'm the one that's causing them pain. 
Noah: That's,  that's pretty evolved. 
Bobbie: But it would be worse to give up on them. 
Noah: Yeah. 
Noah: When my wife died, I just checked out. I just lost myself, you know, in a haze of alcohol. Patrick had to go on by himself, finish med school, become a surgeon, become a man. 

Bobbie: Noah, it's never too late. As long as you're drawing breath, you can always try again. 
Noah: I've come to the realization that my son will do better without me. I don't think Patrick's going to miss his old man. 

[approximately 03:36  of Noah content]

According to US

Noah and Patrick are still hashing out the transplant idea. When Robin asks them to think about it more Noah remains firm. Patrick calls him self-destructive and tells him he can decide on his own. {Lots of psychology going on here – Patrick tries to appeal to Noah as a son and then essentially calls him names. Neither works and Noah is quite firm on his not believing he deserves a kidney. Hello, Noah, think of the viewers – we’d like to see you stick around! }

Noah runs into Bobbie who is having a bad day of her own. They sit down in the lounge to share parenting issues. {Word spreads fast at GH, eh? Bobbie already knows about Noah’s health problems.} Noah recaps the story of his life and how Patrick became a man without him around. But when Bobbie points out there’s always a chance to try again Noah says he doesn’t think Patrick would miss him {It went from comforting Bobbie to talking about Noah pretty quickly. However, the pain and anguish is again evident for Noah as he talks about his wife and Patrick. It’s clear that he isn’t happy or completely comfortable with his beliefs.} - Jen H.

Continuing from the day before, more arguing about the liver transplant from Patrick and Noah. Poor Robin attempts to help, but then gives up on them. Noah really has an attitude when he storms past Patrick on his way out. I think Patrick deserved that there, because he seems to act like he is giving up on his dad once again, instead of standing by his side and trying to help. But then again, Noah shouldn't be so bull-headed about the issue. They start to confuse me at this point! 

Next scene, Bobbie approaches and her and Noah discuss kids and how problematic they can be. Reminiscing and stuff. Sometimes I think soaps put scenes in here like this to take up space or just kill time until they can move onto something else. - Amy L.
Today picks up with Noah & Patrick still disputing by the couch near the nurses station. Robin again reminds me of a referee here, jumping into conversations between father & son. Thank goodness she is there. (really, I like the little threesome!) She suggests they are both way too emotional right now to discuss this. Oh yeah, I would say so. Still, I can see the perspective of both Noah & Patrick. Noah feels like he should pay the consequences. Patrick seems like he feels Noah is coping out, wallowing in his guilt.

The next scene with Noah & Bobbie has that great chemistry, yet again. Noah tells her he's a great listener, and will gladly listen to her troubles. Another parenting talk! This is pretty cool, to hear them discussing their children, when before…neither of them had kids. (or so I don't think they did). I need to count and see just how many times Rick licks his lips in this scene. A few dozen times?! That is a major habit with him. But the conversation quickly turns around to Noah's situation. Fortunately Bobbie is also a great listener, because poor Noah is in obvious need of a friend to vent his pain to. He almost seems like he feels sorry for himself on that last line. - Kelley Pearson