General Hospital
February 01, 2006

Scene 1
Patrick: Hey. I've been looking for you. 

Noah: Why? 
Patrick: Because I've given it a lot of thought, and I agree. I think you should take your name off the recipient list for a liver. 
Noah: Well, it's an interesting point for us to finally reach a meeting of the minds. 
Patrick: I think a living donor transplant is the way to go. I'll arrange for the tests, see if we're a match. If so, you can have part of my liver. 
Noah: Absolutely not!

Scene 2
Patrick: I can't believe you're turning me down. You have cirrhosis of the liver, a partial transplant could save your life. 

Noah: Yeah, and risk yours. Look, we both know all too well that mistakes happen on the operating table. I'm not willing to take that chance. 
Patrick: So you'd rather die. Go out a martyr on your own self-destruction. Fine. I'll break a bottle of vodka on your casket and wish you bon voyage. 
Robin: That didn't look like it went so well. 
Noah: I just refused a transplant from my son. 
Robin: Patrick offered to donate part of his liver? 
Noah: Yeah. Pretty astounding, isn't it, that after all we've gone through, he should take a shot at saving my life. 
Robin: So why won't you let him? 
Noah: It's not worth the risk. And protecting my son is -- it's the last decent thing I can do. 

[approximately 01:39  of Noah content]

According to US

Patrick tells Noah a living donor is the way to go and Noah flatly refuses it. {Noah quickly goes from a sweet ‘awww we finally agree’ face to a shocked ‘no way’ face. Perhaps if these two would sit down somewhere and have a chat they could stop his hallway bickering!}

Noah explains that he isn’t risking Patrick’s life. Patrick once again says fine with that and storms off. Robin is shocked and touched that Patrick offered and Noah is visibly shaken by the offer but believes he made the right call. {I understand that if Noah isn’t willing to take a liver from a stranger that putting his son in any risk would be equally as disturbing. He so moved when telling Robin what Patrick offered – tears in the eyes, biting his lip, trembling voice. I would be nice if he took the gesture by Patrick how it was intended and made an equal effort to save his own life.} - Jen H.


The real battle of the transplant begins when Noah refuses a donated liver from Patrick. I can understand why he would refuse, not wanting to put his son in danger. However, all of this bickering and then walking away from each other should stop. Why can’t they just sit and discuss the issue like two grown men. Plus, that would give Noah more air-time! - Amy L.

Now Patrick approaches Noah with a completely new angle. (he might as well…Noah is being extremely stubborn!) He tells Noah that YES, he SHOULD take his name off the recipient list, that instead…a living donor would be the best bet. Of course Noah refuses. I personally thought it was loving and noble for Patrick to offer part of his liver to his dad, especially considering he is carrying a lot of pent up anger & bitterness towards Noah. It would be so easy for Patrick's resentment to get the better of him. 

In this scenario, although I felt Noah was a bit too harsh on Patrick considering what he just offered him, I CAN see Noah's point. I would not want to take part of my child's liver. But I think the whole point in this father/son matter-- in the land of soaps, is the gesture itself, the road to a healing process for their relationship. I felt that was saying a whole lot on Patrick's part. What a tug-of-war problem they have on their hands. When Robin & Noah talk, I was glad to see that Noah felt Patrick's gesture was a true act of love, and not something with an ulterior motive. Robin seems quite surprised Patrick would make that move. The fatherly instincts come out again for Noah. He just can't bring himself to risk Patrick's life, to save his own. And really…I don't blame him. Noah leaves Robin looking quite perplexed with it all. - Kelley Pearson