General Hospital
February 02, 2006

Scene 1
Carly: Dr. Drake.

Noah: Oh hi Carly, how are you?
Carly: Good, I gather I can't say the same about you.  Your liver is failing and you refuse to get a transplant.  Why?

Patrick: This isn't my idea of helping.
Noah: Who told you it was ok to broadcast my health problems.

Patrick:  I confided in Carly I didn't expect her.....

Noah:  You ever heard of respecting a person's privacy, or is that some novel concept to you?  My health and how I choose to deal with it is my business, not yours!
Patrick: I am your son.

Scene 2
Patrick:  I am a doctor and your only family and that ought to be more than enough reason to include me in how you deal with your liver disease.  Instead you're shutting me out of the entire process.  
Noah:  That's right.  (Noah leaves)
Carly: Sorry.

Patrick:  Look, I know your heart's in the right place, but you should have checked with me before talking to my Dad.

Carly:  I was just trying to help, ok.  This is a really complicated situation.

Patrick: No, it's not that complicated, at all.  I offered him a liver transplant and he refused. 
Carly:  Of course he did.

[approximately 00:50  of Noah content]

According to US

Carly sticks her nose in and harps on Noah for refusing a transplant. Noah blows up at Patrick for sharing his personal information. {Got to love how Carly apparently thought she could take the direct approach and win Noah over. And WOW what emotion from Noah – he wasn’t that mad when he found out he was dying. And I understand he had a problem with Patrick telling people – but helloooo Bobbie already found out a couple days ago and he didn’t blow up at her.}

Patrick tells Noah that as family he should be included but he’s being shut out, Noah agrees and storms off. Carly apologizes and then states the obvious – about how ‘this is a really complicated situation’ {duh! Although her eyes darting between Noah and Patrick as they spar were pretty funny – she got caught right in the middle of round 1,548.} - Jen H.


Carly approaches Noah and tries to discuss his health and talk some kind of sense into him and Noah is NOT a happy camper. Well, of course, I don’t blame him…what business is it of hers and what makes her think she has the right to butt into their family squabble? Yes, Patrick confided in her, but it’s not like they are even dating really, much less know each other well enough to justify her sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. - Amy L.

Oh….leave it to Carly to stick her nose in where it doesn't belong! Isn't she always up in everyone's business??? I think she probably means well most of the time, but boy is she nosey! Of course Patrick had no business discussing Noah's health problems with her. I can see Noah's point. Wow…some major anger from Noah here! Let him have it Noah! 

Carly apologizes to Patrick, claiming she was just trying to help (and she probably was), but this was not a good way to buddy up to Noah. It only pissed him off worse! Butt out Carly…LOL…they have enough issues on their own without you meddling in it! - Kelley Pearson