General Hospital
February 2, 2007

Scene 1
Patrick: Suction. 

Noah: There's much more bleeding than we anticipated. There's no way to really tell if there's any more shrapnel left in the brain tissue. 
Epiphany: The scans were clear, but the standard M.R.I.S don't catch everything. 
Patrick: There's always a chance of residual microfibers -- just a little bit more. Shrapnel's not the problem -- it's this bleeder. If I can't control it, this guy's going to die on the table. 

Scene 2
Patrick: He's stable.
Epiphany: Nice work, doctor. I thought he was going to bleed out.

Patrick: Yeah. A couple of more minutes and -- there's more shrapnel. Scalpel.
Noah: Wait, wait, wait, hold on. You can't just go in. I mean, that -- that shrapnel could be embedded in primary function tissue. You need to do a spot scan on it.
Patrick: The patient is not strong enough to take a break and come back. That'll kill him just as surely as the shrapnel.
Noah: Will you listen to me for once? Ok, I haven't done this surgery, but I've observed several. Now, he's strong enough to withstand the time that it's going to take to get a new spot scan.
Epiphany: Hey, doctors, let's not fight.

Patrick: It occurs to me that 99% of the things you say to me are in contradiction. I say "apple," you can't wait to say "orange." It also occurs to me that 100% of the time, I'm right.
Noah: Really? Well, this time, you're not. Ok? If you go into this guy's head without a road map, you could turn him into a vegetable. How will that look in your all-important surgical record?

Scene 3
Jason: Ok, listen, you can't go to the hotel. We need your help here. 
Noah: Where are you going? We got a patient on the table. 
Patrick: You're finishing. Robin's been shot. 
Noah: What? How bad? 
Jason: We don't know. 
Patrick: Look, you finish this up. I can't -- I'm not going -- 
Noah: Wait, wait, wait -- I can't do this, ok? You know how I feel about robin, I'm sick about this, but I cannot finish this procedure, I don't know it. You're alcazar's only chance. 
Skye: Patrick's not touching Lorenzo again. 
Noah: Huh? Where did that come from? 
Skye: He's upset about robin, probably blames Lorenzo -- not only for shooting robin but for the whole hostage situation. You don't want to save Lorenzo, you probably want him to die. 
Patrick: You're absolutely right. Look, I'm going -- 
Jason: Ok -- whoa, stop, stop. You both need to listen to reason right now. He says he can't perform the operation, ok? It has to be Patrick, and, Patrick, you need to wake alcazar up as soon as possible. What he knows could save robin and everybody trapped in there. 

Scene 4
Epiphany: Doctor, I asked if you wanted more suction. 

Patrick: Sorry. Yes, please. 
Noah: Doctor, are you all right? 
Patrick: I'm fine. I'm not stopping. 
Noah: You know, the spot scan showed that area to be very unstable. I mean, if the shrapnel shifts 
Patrick: I know, I know. I almost got it. 
Noah: Well, the area's too -- too fluid to go into -- 
Patrick: Look, I'm not stopping. If this bastard dies, so does Robin. 

[approximately 2:23  of Noah content]

According to US

If I had been in the face of danger as much of some of the Port Charles residents have lately (namely Nicholas, Emily, Carly, LuLu), I'd be singing or `screaming,' "Prozac, Lithium, could never get enough of them." LOL These people have WAY too much excitement in there lives. I don't see that much excitement in a whole year…thankfully! 

On to Noah…WOW, I can't believe we actually saw some scenes that were of "out of the norm" for him. He was actually DOING something today. It was the first time in ages we've seen Noah operating on someone. How cute to see those beautiful green eyes peering over his mask! I like how he admitted to Patrick that he doesn't know how to perform the second surgery on Alcazar. I was rather surprised really, with the way those two have been competing. 

One of my favorite lines of the day: Patrick---"I say apple, you can't WAIT to say orange." Of course, it's the usual argument between them…who's right and who's wrong. Will they ever quit competing?!

I thought Rick did a great job in his scenes today. Again…he's a master at portraying emotion. I liked the sad look in his eyes when he learned that Robin had been shot. That was a cool move when he grabbed Patrick by the arm and asked him where he was going. Of course, once Lorenzo's surgery is complete, we all know Patrick's running straight for the Metro Court to see about Robin. 

I was thrilled to see that Noah will be on again for the next show! It's very likely he'll be one busy man if the `bad guys' do any more harm to the hostages. I almost feel "spoiled" this week. We've had two days of Noah, and know there's another day to come. Bring on the Doc!
Kelley Pearson

Patrick, with Epiphany and Noah assisting, is operating on Alcazar. They are trying to remove additional shrapnel from Alcazar's brain. {the suction noise going on throughout this short scene gave me the creeps!}

Patrick thinks he is finished but then notices more shrapnel. Noah cautions him on continuing without an additional scan. The two argue right over the patient, to Epiphany's chagrin and Noah relies on a threat to Patrick's track record to make his point. {OK so much for that loving touching moment, it is back to the ring with gloves on for these two. But instead of disagreeing with his advice directly Patrick takes the route of saying his father basically lives to disagree with him. It is funny to watch these two battle it out wearing surgical masks, so it is their eyes that have to show their emotion.}

While they are running the spot scan Patrick learns that Robin has been shot and Patrick wants Noah to finish the surgery so he can go to the hotel. Noah says that he cannot do the surgery himself, and then Skye throws in that she does not want Patrick to do the surgery since he is upset. But Jason tells Patrick he has to, as it may be the only chance to get information out of Alcazar. {Wow, a spot scan must take a bit of time and not require the Doctors since both of these two are roaming the hospital. But what a great situation, brain surgery under stress. }

Back in the surgery room, Patrick is working on Alcazar while Noah frets behind him. Noah is advising him to avoid an area but Patrick is plowing ahead. {Yep surgery under duress is going well, Patrick seems hell bent on finishing what he is there to do as quickly as possible… and apparently not thinking through all the possibilities.} - Jen H.