General Hospital
February 03, 2006

Scene 1
Patrick: What have we got? 

Emily: We were at Kelly's and he just collapsed. A sudden onset of fever, chills, and overall weakness. 
Robin: Emily, can you please check him in? It's getting a little crazy around here. 
Patrick: Just put him over here. 
Emily: What's going on? 
Robin: We don't know yet. We're just trying to take it one patient at a time. 
Noah: That's, what, five patients in less than an hour with encephalitis symptoms? 
Robert: We got an epidemic on our hands here. If we don't get a handle on it, it's going to take out the entire town. 

Scene 2
Robert: We need to interview all the patients. Find out where they've been, who they've had contact with. 
Kelly: We're already short-handed. 
Robert: Get some volunteers. 
Kelly: Are you a doctor? 
Robert: Have a chat to the young lady here, will you? And tell her that while she's busy looking up the print quality on my credentials, that people are getting sicker, maybe dying. 

Noah: Mr. Scorpio may not by the nicest man in the world, but he does have official credentials and he does know what he's doing. 
Lainey: Let's do it. 
Kelly: All right. 

Patrick: This is no ordinary encephalitis. I've never seen anything like this. 
Robert: I have -- Markham Islands. If we're going to contain it, we need to put a quarantine on the hospital. 
Noah: Wait, you want to lock down the entire hospital? 
Robert: Nobody gets in, nobody gets out -- unless they're symptomatic. 
Noah: But what about the hospital staff? I mean, they've already been exposed. 
Robert: It's a bit late in the day for hazmat suits. Let's just go for standard precautions -- quarantine, gowns, and gloves -- and beyond that -- 
Noah: We're all at risk. 
Robert: Someone's got to follow through on the outside with the interviews. Go to the locations, and anyone that's been exposed -- 

Scene 3
Patrick: Any of the encephalitis strains we're familiar with. It's virulent and arbitrary. 

Noah: Patients show all the standard symptoms -- headache, high fever -- but once they get to seizures and delirium, I'm not sure there's any coming back from it. 
Monica: Oh. 
Robert: The natives are getting restless, folks. Now, how long before this blood test? 

Patrick: I put a rush on the test. It'll be here soon. 
Robin: Well, then, what? We don't have a cure. 
Bobbie: But we will try to alleviate the symptoms. 
Monica: Oh, I've got to call Alan. The chief of staff should be here. 

Noah: These antibiotics are having minimal effect, too. Acetaminophen for headaches, Phenytoin for seizures, but none of these kill the virus. 
Robert: So we got to isolate the carrier, and this brings us full circle back to the chimp. 
Bobbie: And Luke, because my brother is the only patient who's getting better instead of worse. 

Patrick: Luke Spencer had all the early symptoms. He was a point of contact for the second wave of patients. Now, apparently, he's fighting off the virus. Luke may have a natural immunity. 
Bobbie: Excuse me, but we have another problem. 
Robert: Oh, great -- the monkey's escaped. 

[approximately 05:46  of Noah content]

According to US

{First off, look GH does have an ER door! Yipee!} As Noah observes there have been five patients with the same symptoms in less than an hour Robert pronounces and epidemic. {OK so the one guy who is NOT in medicine standing in the ER pronounces the epidemic? Although I’ll admit his tone of voice as he said “it’s going to take out the entire town” was quite dire – needed DOM DOM DOM! music there as accompaniment.}

Noah supports Robert’s rights to boss everyone around. The Robert and Noah engage in word play – Robert says “quarantine”, Noah says “lock down the entire hospital” and then Robert says “nobody gets in and nobody gets out” {… are we all clear on the plan of action now?} Noah points out that the hospital staff is all at risk. {So Noah and Patrick are the big decision makers here? Where’s Alan?}

Noah, Monica, Bobbie, Robin and Patrick discuss the virus all dressed up in their white suits and blue gloves bound by yellow tape – while Robert remains in his normal attire. {Go figure} Midway through Monica goes off to call Alan {so she took the time to get into her get-up and didn’t bother to pick up the phone then? Then Patrick misspells Spencer on the white board..oops} - Jen H.

The epidemic hits Port Charles in this episode, and things turn ugly at the hospital. Robert is lingering around the hospital when people start getting wheeled in. (How convenient is that? Why WAS he hanging around there at this opportune time anyway?) Fortunately he knows what is going on. He & Noah discuss the issue at hand, and Robert claims they need to lock down the hospital. Just to clarify that point Robert says "nobody gets in, nobody gets out!" Run Noah, run…you have a bad liver! That's what I wanted to scream at the TV at that moment. So later all the doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc…get into these "suits" which as supposed to protect them from being infected with the virus (or as I heard Rick call it in an interview…the "bunny suit." Cute!) How those suits would really protect someone from a virus, I don't know. 

Anyway…Monica, Noah, Patrick, Robin, Bobbie & Robert are all using a dry erase board to write down notes and discuss what they should do about this tragedy. NOW…why was Robert not wearing a bunny suit??? Beats me. Is he excluded from catching it? That both puzzled me, and cracked me up. Strange. Ok, so they have the monkey in a cage in the room they're all in (the monkey who they figure toted in the virus) and while they are all contemplating the issue, it escapes. LOL…I couldn't help but giggle when Robert turns and says, "oh great! The monkey's escaped!" I don't know if it was just the drama itself (like they didn't have enough on their hands already, with sickly patients, or the way he said it with that great Aussie accent!) So the drama begins…Kelley Pearson
The virus begins! As more and more people are admitted to the ER, some of the nurses have their doubts about Robert Scorpio having the right to give out orders. I like the way Noah step in and handles the situation, explaining to the nurses that Robert does have credentials and knows what he is talking about. So calm and sweet, ah Noah, you go!! - Amy L.