General Hospital
February 5, 2007

Scene 1
Patrick: Suction. Clamp. 
Noah: Look, look -- wait, wait, wait, slow down, slow down. You cannot risk perforating the vessel. 
Patrick: The longer I take to operate, the longer it takes for Mr. Alcazar to regain consciousness. 
Noah: If you rush through this, you could lose this man. 
Patrick: And if I don't, I could lose Robin. 

Scene 2
Patrick: I see it. The debris migrated into the parietal lobe. It's deeply embedded, but it's proximal -- the field's clear. Forceps. 
Noah: It would be safer to navigate around the incision areas, go in from the side. 
Patrick: That could add hours to the procedure. We don't have time. 
Noah: The patient's vitals are holding steady. 
Patrick: Meanwhile, Robin could be bleeding to death from a gunshot wound. 
Noah: Patrick, right now you have a responsibility to this patient. You owe him every chance at a good recovery. 
Patrick: I don't owe Mr. Alcazar anything. I already saved his life. The only reason I agreed to do this procedure is because he's got information that could get robin out of that hotel to save her life. 
Noah: Alcazar is your patient! Forget your personal issues. Do the damn job! 
Patrick: My job is to remove this shrapnel. The way I choose to do it is up to me. 

Scene 3
Patrick: There, got it. Ready to close. The minute I finish these sutures, I want Mr. Alcazar brought back to consciousness. 

Noah: Why don't you just throw some cold water on him? You know, Patrick, you're skating dangerously close to breach of procedure. 
Patrick: Nothing I did violated medical ethics. Was a success. 
Noah: You refused to consider an alternate approach, one which might've lowered the side effects. 
Patrick: Look, you may not agree with my methods, but the bullet fragment is out and the tissue damage is minimal -- which means the surgery was a success. 
Noah: But we won't know that till he wakes up. I just hope you didn't sacrifice results for speed. 

Scene 4
Skye: Is Lorenzo all right? 

Noah: Uh -- the surgery went quicker than expected. Unfortunately, we won't know if there's any complications until he regains consciousness. 

Scene 5
Patrick: We've increased Mr. Alcazar's oxygen level. Hopefully he'll wake up soon enough to answer some questions -- 
Skye: I'd like to discuss Lorenzo's condition with nobody but his doctor. So, Monica, unless you're here for a consult, I'd appreciate it if you'd leave. 
Monica: I liked you lots better when you were a drunk. 
Skye: Was there a problem with Lorenzo's surgery? 
Patrick: As far as I'm concerned, it was a success. I found and extracted the bullet fragments in the quickest and safest way possible. 
Skye: Well, why would there be any complications? 
Noah: Well, in every surgery -- 
Skye: You're leaving? 
Patrick: I did my part, my father can do the rest. 
Noah: Patrick, Patrick -- wait, Patrick. Listen to me. If something happens to alcazar, you could lose your license. 
Patrick: You think I'm worried about my career? The woman I love could be dying. 
Skye: What aren't you telling me about Lorenzo's surgery? 

Scene 6
Noah: The bullet fragments were lodged in a very, very sensitive area. Even under the best of conditions, it's a difficult surgery, and unfortunately, decisions had to be made based on time constraints. 
Skye: Doctor, my priority is seeing Lorenzo smile, hearing his voice again. I need to know if that's even possible. What is the worst that can happen to Lorenzo if there are complications? 
Mac: I understand you have information about the hostage situation. 
Skye: I don't know anything  
Monica: She is lying. Alcazar put something in the vault at the metro court, and those gunmen are most likely after it. 
Skye: Monica's just grasping at straws. 
Monica: Oh -- 
Skye: She wants to feel like she's being useful, but, really, monica, wild speculations don't help anyone. 
Mac: Listen, my niece was shot. If you know something, anything that could help get those hostages released, you better tell me now. 

Scene 7

Monica: Epiphany was in O.R. When alcazar was having surgery and she told me that Patrick thought that alcazar had information about the hostage situation. 
Noah: Well, I don't know enough about alcazar or the situation in the hotel to know if he's right. 
Skye: Which is why we shouldn't waste our time making wild speculations. It's really not helping the people any, now, is it? 
Monica: And why don't you stop protecting alcazar ac everything you know about what's going on over at that hotel? 
Skye: I don't know anything. 
Monica: You lying bitch! 
Mac: If you're withholding information, and robin -- or anyone else in that lobby -- dies because of it, it'll be on your head. 

[approximately 4:19  of Noah content]

According to US

Based on the end of the show today, it appears that "father knows best." Noah warned Patrick that if he "sacrificed results for speed" he could damage Alcazar. It appears that IS the case, as Alcazar awoke with what seems to be memory loss! (what a BAD time for this) Perfect soap-timing. 

I was overjoyed to see Noah in so many scenes today, scattered throughout the whole hour. GH is really spoiling us Noah fans the past few weeks! I personally can't imagine trying to do intricate brain surgery while you're in a "rush" to get out of there and see about a loved one. My hands would be shaking way too much to even consider doing surgery. I like when Patrick was talking about how he didn't owe Alcazar anything, he just wants information on Robin, and Noah gets on to him…"Alcazar is your patient. Forget your personal issues. Do the damn job!" You tell him dad! Lol 

Another favorite line, with great sarcasm on Noah's part…."Why don't you just throw some cold water on him?" LOL Patrick was anxious to wake up Alcazar. These guys are constantly butting heads when it comes to surgery. They're so competitive! In this case though, I could see both sides of the situation. Noah was thinking of the patient, which is "right," whereas Patrick was driven to get to Robin, which is also the "right thing." 

I am hoping that since Patrick left the hospital saying he did his part, that it's up to his father to take over now…that maybe, just maybe…we'll see some more Noah in the next several days. It would be odd if we didn't, seeing as how he assisted in Alcazar's surgery. Someone will need to tend to him and answer Skye's questions, right?!  - Kelley Pearson

Still in surgery, Noah grabs Patrick to try to slow him down but releases his arm when Patrick mentions Robin. {OK Noah did not want to do this surgery because he did not know how and yet he is OK letting Patrick whip through it? Seems like Noah could have winged this himself better than Patrick is handling it… you know for as much as someone can wing brain surgery! }

The surgery continues, and Patrick is still rushing through things. Noah tries to advise him on a safer but longer procedure and Patrick balks. Noah tries yelling at Patrick to get him to forget his personal issues but Patrick is solely focused on getting in and out of Alcazar's head as quickly as possible. {I understand Patrick is emotional and worried about Robin, but does he really think no one else is trying to help her at the hotel? Would not ensuring Alcazar recovering to provide information be the best way he could help right now? Oh yeah, never mind, love is clouding his judgment. }

Patrick finally wraps up the surgery and wants Alcazar woken up as quickly as possible. Of course Noah disagrees. They dispute whether Patrick has handled this correctly and ethically with Noah ending it by saying "I just hope you did not sacrifice results for speed." {Did you hear the dramatic music there? That was foreshadowing 101. I think all of Noah's predictions of dire outcomes might just come true in the end.}

Patrick and Noah stroll into see Skye. {Nice faces the boys have, it is no surprise that Skye is uneasy. Patrick makes no effort to speak so Noah gives an obviously nervous answer of basically it is a wait and see.}

Patrick gives Skye the quick update and then bolts out of the room. Noah tries to stop him to no avail. {Both Patrick and Noah are telling Skye the official line but it concerns her because Patrick is so quick to leave. Noah throws his career back at Patrick but he bats it away by mentioning Robin, as if Noah could have forgotten that little tidbit already.}

Noah is calmly explaining things to Skye when Mac and Monica rush into the room. {Noah did a good job of explaining the circumstances before they were interrupted! Then his head just whipped back and forth as he followed the volleys between Skye and Monica }

When Monica claims she heard via Epiphany that Alcazar may have information on the hostage situation Noah clarifies that he is not in on that loop. {And thus apparently is not needed any more for this story line since Noah disappears after this show. *sigh* } - Jen H.