General Hospital
February 06, 2006

Scene 1
Patrick: Your test results didn't show any trace of malaria. There are other possibilities that could taint the serum, but we don't have time to scan for them anymore. 

Robert: If people start dying, there's not much we can do about it. 
Luke: Well, I'm good to go. 

Noah: Ok, you need to sign the consent form. 
Luke: You think I'd hesitate knowing that this could save my daughter's life? Anything else? 
Robert: Well, this is the best shot we've got, but it's not without a lot of complications. 
Luke: Hey, are we going to do this thing or just stand around and talk it to death? 

Noah: I'll set it up. 
Robert: If this works, you, Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, will be responsible for saving a lot of lives. 
Luke: Well, I'm the one that brought the damn thing to town in the first place. 
Robert: Wrong place at the wrong time, pal. Wait here. So what's happened? 

Robin: We're on overload. The virus is spreading. 
Robert: Well, brace yourselves because it's going to get worse before it gets better. 

Scene 2
Noah: It's the same principle as dialysis. 
Luke: I understand. 
Noah: And you should be aware after a sudden drop of blood pressure during the procedure, you may experience some hallucinations. 
Luke: Well, I lived through the 60s. I'm not afraid of an acid flashback. 
Robert: Any regrets or reservations? 
Luke: No, no, let's just do it. 

Patrick: Nurse, insert double IVS. 
Nurse: I'm sorry. I thought I could help, but -- 
Robin: Wait. 
Noah: Let her go, let her go, I'll do it. 
Patrick: No, hey, hey, come here for a second. Your liver is compromised .... failing, actually. You shouldn't have direct contact with this patient. 
Noah: My illness is the reason I'm the perfect candidate for this. I have nothing to lose. 
Patrick: Well, maybe I do. Look, I can't stop you from passively allowing your own death, but I can keep you around long enough to at least harass you about it. 
Noah: Go on. 
Luke: I want to be clear about who gets the first batch. 
Robert: Well, that's the next problem. 

Scene 3
Noah: You drifted off. 
Robert: Hallucinating? 
Luke: Yeah. Nasty. Nasty. 
Robert: Stay with us, pal. You won't be the only one that gets through this epidemic. 

Scene 4
Noah: Well, let's hope this works. You coming? 
Robert: Yeah. How you feeling? 
Luke: Like an amputated leg. 
Robert: Hmm. Well, you're going to get worse before you get better. 
Luke: Oh, that's comforting. 
Robert: Well, the good news is it's not caused by the fever. 
Luke: Look, Robert, I know -- 
Robert: Hey, I'll do a status report on that daughter of yours. 
Luke: Thanks. Thanks

Scene 5
Noah: This plasma contains the antibodies from Luke's system. Now, we have a decision to make regarding how we dispense this. Do we give larger doses to fewer of the critically ill or do we give weaker doses to a higher number of people? 
Alan: We can't draw any more blood from Luke. If we do, we run the risk of sending him into hypovolemic shock and killing him. 
Robert: If the antibodies work and it really does kill the virus, we're going to have something quite valuable here. We've got to do something about protecting it. It's been my experience that during a crisis, people just plain behave badly. 

Patrick: All right, well, first things first. I vote only the worst-case patients get a dose of the serum. 
Noah: I agree. 
Patrick: People accuse us doctors of playing god all the time. Tonight, we really take on the role.

[approximately 03:40  of Noah content]

According to US

Apparently it takes Noah, Patrick, Robin and Robert to go and talk to Luke. He agrees to help. When a nurse balks at inserting a needle into Luke Noah attempts to step in. Patrick blocks him and then drags him out into the hall to have another round about Noah’s health and Noah agrees to let Patrick do it. {In the whole rush to save lives I’m glad we could take 20 seconds out to point out Noah’s illness again along with his desire to die. And if Noah does not want Patrick to risk his life by donating a partial liver why did he give in so quickly to the needle insertion?}

Noah stays with Luke and then takes the plasma away to process. Noah presents the plasma to the group and asks how they should proceed with doling it out. {Thus far in this epidemic Noah’s done more watching and background stuff… all while running around in that silly suit. blah!} - Jen H.


It’s great to see Noah today really taking charge and being gung-ho about something. He steps up to the plate and takes charge when a nurse can’t find it in herself to insert IV’s into Luke’s arm (although Patrick decides that is not a good idea, and takes over) and Noah is finally allowed to voice his concerns on how to distribute the antidote. I think Noah should have been given more ‘voice’ in this whole virus thing, since he IS a doctor and all, but aren’t he and Patrick surgeons?? That part always confused me, because I thought maybe an Intern or regular medical doctor would be involved more with the virus. But then again, it IS just a soap, and without Noah and Patrick’s involvement, we wouldn’t have had them around, and that would not have been a good thing. - Amy L.

Luke has the blood they need to save lives! Of course he is most concerned with his very sick daughter LuLu. So Noah & Patrick go in to get him to sign the consent form to draw the blood from Luke. (still in those suits! Shoot, we can't see Noah's hot bod through something like that. What torture!) I thought that was comical when Noah told Luke that the procedure may create some hallucinations and Luke tells him it's okay…he survived the 60's and he's not afraid of a little "acid flashback." LOL! When the nurse refuses to draw blood for fear of the virus, Noah steps up to the plate. But Patrick won't hear of it! Noah is sick, remember. 

The docs all go into their meeting room to discuss their options as far as distributing the antibodies. Noah gets a chance to give his valuable input & use his expertise. Go Noah! I found it nice seeing everyone listening to his medical opinions. He is one of the best after all. - Kelley Pearson