General Hospital
February 07, 2006

Scene 1
Bobbie: Noah, I need your help. It's an emergency. 

Noah: You got it.

Scene 2
Bobbie: Noah, thank you for helping me, because I couldn't have done this alone. 

Noah: You know, I understand your brother's reasons for wanting to take this chance, but if Luke dies, we'll lose our only proven source of the antibodies. 
Bobbie: Well, if Luke wants to try and save his teenage daughter, I'm going to do everything I can to help him. 
Bobbie: His pressure's dropping. 
Noah: He's going into hypovolemic shock. 
Bobbie: Luke? Luke, wake up. 
Noah: We're losing him. 
Bobbie: Luke, wake up. 

[approximately 01:14  of Noah content]

According to US

Bobbie snags Noah by saying it’s an emergency {there’s an epidemic going on, where is there not an emergency in this hospital?} It turns out Bobbie wants Noah’s help in running Luke through another procedure so he can save his daughter. But Luke goes into shock {no, it’s not followed by denial…at least I don’t think so…} and so Noah and Bobbie spring into action as the screen fades out. {Oh no Soap-man, will the heroes be able to save Luke in time? Stay tuned until tomorrow’s episode – same soap time, same soap channel! } - Jen H.

Very short scene today. Noah is trying to help Bobbie with Luke, when he starts to crash. As they nervously prepare to try and save him, we are left hanging on until tomorrow…Gosh, I hate when soaps do that! - Amy L.

There were some pretty short scenes for Noah today…but good ones I think. It showed that Noah is valued at the hospital (well, by Bobbie at least!) She needs his help with Luke, who's pressure is dropping. Rick does an excellent job here acting panicky, yet controlled in an emergency. Very believable! Luke is going into shock. All the bells and whistles sound on his machines. Pretty scary really…it appears they are losing him. They jump into action to try and save Luke, but what do you know…GH leaves us all hanging by a thread until the next episode. Will they be able to save him?? Yeah…most likely. It IS a soap. I keep reminding myself of that. It's supposed to be dramatic! - Kelley Pearson