General Hospital
February 08, 2006

Scene 1
Noah: Open up the IVS. I knew we shouldn't have tried this procedure again so soon. It was too dangerous. 
Bobbie: Luke wouldn't take no for an answer. 
Noah: You got a very stubborn brother. 
Bobbie: Well, he's been determined to help LuLu. 
Noah: Come on, Luke. Damn it, stay with us. 
Bobbie: Come on, Luke. Luke? 

Scene 2
Noah: Prepare IVS of blood and plasma. 
Bobbie: Got it. 
Noah: Oh, Luke, your timing sucks. From what I hear, you spent a lifetime looking out for number one. Finally go and do something heroic, and you pick now to kick the bucket? Get three units of fresh frozen up here. Give him 200 cc's of Albium while we're waiting. Now, listen, boy, you got a lot of glory coming. Don't tell me you're going to miss out on that -- photo ops, champagne, women throwing themselves at you. 
[Alarm stops] 
Bobbie: His vitals are stabilizing. 
Noah: Looks like he finally found something to live for. 

Scene 3

Luke: Did you pull the joy juice out of my blood? 
Noah: No. We had to stop the procedure. You went into shock. 
Luke: Did you get enough to save LuLu? 
Noah: I'm sorry, Luke, we didn't 
Luke: What the hell is wrong with you? 
Bobbie: Luke, you almost died. 
Luke: Well, I didn't. So let's go again right -- right now. 
Noah: It's too soon. We can't 
Luke: Barbara, please. Please, you have to help. 
Bobbie: Luke, if you do this again, you will die for sure. And then what good are you going to be to lulu then? Now, no. You have already done all you can do. What you have to do right now is wait. 

[approximately 01:36  of Noah content]

According to US

Noah and Bobbie are still trying to save Luke. Well mostly Noah is using a pen light on him and listening with a stethoscope. {The damn beeping of the monitor is so loud and annoying – I know it adds tension to the scene but I was hoping Luke would wake up just to stop the beeping}

Noah is barking out orders to Bobbie and finally Luke’s vitals return to stable. When Luke wakes up Noah informs him that they had to stop and didn’t get enough to help LuLu. {During the mini-crisis Noah asked for about 3 things and it looked like Bobbie did one of them. I’m not sure who was supposed to take care of the ‘fresh frozen’ or the 200 cc’s of Albium but that did not appear to be addressed – so I guess those orders were given to seem like they were doing something for him} - Jen H.

As Noah tries to work on Luke while the alarm is sounding and he’s trying to ‘bring him back’…he’s talking to him the whole time. Telling him his timing sucks (well, hello..I am sure he isn’t personally ready to go,either) and then the funny part (sorry , I know he’s crashing, but a Rick moment here) is that he tells Luke he will miss out on photo ops, champagne, and women throwing themselves at him. Couldn’t help myself not to chuckle at that comment, knowing Rick knows EXACTLY what Luke would be missing out on. - Amy L.

The drama unfolds as Noah & Bobbie try to revive Luke. Absolutely adorable lines here when Noah is talking to (or AT an unconscious Luke)…telling him he needs to pull through so he can relish in his glory for saving so many lives, "photo ops, champagne, women throwing themselves at you." LOL All I could think was, Rick knows what that feels like! It's second nature for him. He could help Luke in that field, for sure! Of course, women were throwing themselves at Noah at one time too! Well…Luke pulls through, thanks to the healing hands of Noah & Bobbie (or maybe it was Noah's "pep" talk that woke him up!) and Noah is checking his vitals. I get the biggest kick out of watching Rick act out these professional doctor type scenes. Turns out they did not get enough out of Luke's blood to save LuLu, so naturally Luke is not a happy camper! - Kelley Pearson