General Hospital
February 10, 2006

Scene 1
Robin: That's enough. We're pushing it. 

Noah: We crossed that line once we decided to hook Luke up. It's much too soon for this procedure again, but we decided to do it, so let's make it count. 
Luke: Or you'll kill the golden goose for nothing. 
Robin: No one's going to die here. 
Noah: Not in this room. 
Elizabeth: Luke? I heard you were trying the procedure again. Is that a good idea? 
Luke: We'll see. Any news on Lucky? 
Elizabeth: Nothing. 

Noah: Ok, we're done. Let's go. 
Robin: Right. 
Luke: Elizabeth? You married into very strong, stubborn stock. This family's always been able to take whatever's thrown at it, and come out battered but standing. This time won't be any different. 
Elizabeth: I'll hang on to that. 

Scene 2
Patrick: Time of death, 3:52. 

Noah: Bobbie, I'm so sorry. 
Bobbie: This shouldn't have happened. 
Noah: No, it shouldn't have. No, wait. I'll go after him. You know where I am if you need me. 

[approximately 01:39  of Noah content]

According to US

We find Noah once again putting Luke through the procedure. This time it’s successful. {Gotta like how Noah says no one’s going to die HERE – apparently he’s allowing that people are dying in all the other rooms of the hospital. But once again Noah is just plasma runner}

Just after Tony passes away, Noah walks in the room and briefly consoles Bobbie before chasing after her son for her {Have Noah and Bobbie’s son met? Seems off for him to run after him to comfort him… and have to start with “Hello, I’m Dr. Noah Drake, I knew your mom 20 some years ago…"} - Jen H.

Noah is confident today that the procedure on Luke will be successful. When Robin makes the comment, “No one’s going to die here” . Noah replies “Not in this room” (Let’s hope so for your liver-failing sake also, Noah!!)

When Noah shows up after Tony’s death, I don’t get the reason why he is wanting to go after Lucas and Bobbie stays in the room. What is he going to do to comfort someone he doesn’t know? I think he should have gone with Bobbie after Lucas and stayed with her. But, I am not a soap writer, so there goes my idea. - Amy L.

Back to Luke's room, where several docs and nurses are hovering around his bed. Nice that Noah was so reassuring by telling Luke, that no one in that room is going to die. Very sweet & comforting, but how does he know that?? I guess doctors need to say things like that, so people won't panic. 

Very very sad and touching scenes with Bobbie & Tony, as Tony passed away. I think it was beautifully done. (it definitely brought me to tears, and I have not even been watching it all these years to really KNOW about Tony & Bobbie's relationship). Noah comes in at a bad time, right after Tony's death…and he comforts Bobbie, telling her he is so sorry. Awww…that was quite sweet. But then he leaves quickly to go after Bobbie's son Lucas. Also a nice gesture on Noah's part, even though I don't think he really even knows Lucas. I kept expecting to see another scene with Bobbie & Noah…maybe him holding her in his arms while she cried, or something. But no. Nothing like that. I kind of felt it was a great opportunity in the story for Noah & Bobbie to rebuild the bond they once had. I guess that will come about in other ways later on. - Kelley Pearson