General Hospital
February 16, 2006


Scene 1
Luke: Barbara Jean, honey, I'm worried about you. 

Bobbie: Hmm. 
Luke: No, I am. You and doc ex-bro-in-law may have been divorced, but you were still connected. I don't think it's hit you yet that he's gone. When it does, you're going to the floor. 
Bobbie: No. I will have time to miss Tony when all of this is over. 
Noah: Luke, this is much too soon to try this again. 
Luke: Noah, you're starting to sound like a broken record. 
Noah: Yeah, tell me about it. Look, you've lost a lot of blood, and you haven't given your body time to replenish it. This might not work. 
Luke: It's worth a try, if there's any possibility that I can help somebody my daughter cares about

Scene 2
Noah: Look, I'm going to stop this. Luke's given all the blood he can, maybe permanently. 
Lulu: Wait, what -- what do you mean? 
Noah: We can't take any more out of him. It could be weeks before we can try this again without risking his life. 
Lulu: So we can't use dad's antibodies to save anybody else? 
Luke: No, I'm ok. I'm ok. 
Noah: Luke, Luke, we can't,  look, we can't keep doing this. We can't,  we can't cure one person, let alone an entire hospital, with this procedure. We need to find a real cure. 
Lulu: Oh -- 
Luke: Sorry, princess. 
Luke: Seems like this habit of letting you down is a hard one to break. 
Lulu: No, no, no, that is not true. You tried your best, and I really appreciate it. So what's going to save Nikolas and the others now? 

[approximately 01:50  of Noah content]

According to US

Luke is donating more plasma to help Nicolas (at LuLu’s request). Noah tries to talk him out of doing it so soon. Noah stops the donation when Luke becomes too weak. Declares Luke is done for weeks now – and an antidote must be found. {So I’m guessing Noah is the only one that knows how to run the procedure? Although I suppose these scenes are better than no Noah} - Jen H.

Although, this is another short, but sweet Noah day, I love the take-charge attitude he has about refusing to let Luke go any further donating blood for the antidote. More dialogue on his part would have been nice, but any little bit of Noah we can get is good. - Amy L.

One of the opening scenes here is a nice show of brotherly & sisterly love, with Bobbie cuddling Luke on the bed. Yep, I suppose I'm a sap…but I just find it sweet that they are still so close, character wise. I know she was always looking out for/worrying over her brother many moons ago too! (and vice versa…they seem to stick together!) 

For some reason, Noah (well…Rick) looked very refreshed & content in this episode. Maybe it IS the bunny suit! I suppose it has kept him healthy…well as much as he CAN be under the circumstances. Noah has a chat with LuLu about Luke's antibodies. They cannot risk the procedure again. Very casual scenes this day, but important ones concerning Luke's relationship with his sister & daughter. - Kelley Pearson