General Hospital
February 17, 2006

Scene 1
Lulu: This sucks. Majorly. 

Luke: I know, baby. I'm sorry. 
Lulu: No, you tried, and that's what counts. It's just Nikolas was supposed to be next to get the serum and he really needs it, and he is getting sicker running around saving Maxie and making himself crazy over Courtney. It's -- it's just not fair. I'll be right back. 
Luke: Noah? I'll be ready to go again in a few hours. 
Noah: Luke, your blood supply is completely tapped out. We're not getting another dose of antidote out of you anytime soon. 
Luke: Well, look, I don't care about Cassadine kid and -- and I'm nobody's hero, but my daughter is hurting. Her mother's gone, her brother may not make it out of this alive. Isn't there something you can do for Nikolas? 
Robin: Actually, there might be. 

Scene 2
Georgie: God, Dillon, this is so fantastic. You're going home! 

Dillon: And you know what -- with my wife. 
Georgie: I can't believe it, Dillon, we're married. 
Dillon: I know, I know, even though the wedding wasn't exactly the romantic adventure I wanted to give you, but still -- 
Georgie: Dillon, do you want to know my definition of "romantic"? 
Dillon: Hmm? 
Georgie: You, my husband, alive. God, I thought I was going to lose you. 
Dillon: Seriously, do you think I would pass up an opportunity to spend the rest of my life with the woman I love? We're charmed, you know that? 
Georgie: How so? 
Dillon: Well, I beat the virus, you didn't get it, and now we're going home. 
Noah: Actually, I was just going to ask you to stay. 

Scene 3
Noah: Some of the people in quarantine seem to have an immunity to the virus -- Georgie, Tracy -- which is why they're being released, but you're a unique case. You contracted the virus, and then you survived. 
Dillon: Well, you know, I -- I had reason to live. 
Noah: Well, that does help, but the chances of finding another Luke Spencer were pretty slim. 
Dillon: Wait a minute, you're saying that I have the same antibodies in my blood that Luke has? 
Noah: Possibly, yeah. 
Dillon: And my blood could save people? 
Noah: Well, normally we'd take the precaution of waiting 36 hours before we start a procedure, just to make sure you're strong enough to withstand it. 
Georgie: Well, then we're going to have to wait. 
Noah: The problem is we have patients who won't survive, and with Luke out of commission, you could be their only hope. 

Scene 4
Georgie: This blood-taking thingy -- it isn't natural, so there has to be risks. 

Noah: Well, there's weakness, there's sudden drops in blood pressure, hallucinating, shock -- 
Georgie: Death? 
Noah: Yeah, it's a possibility. 
Georgie: That's it. No, you can't do it. 
Dillon: No, wait -- he said "possibility," ok? And if -- you know, if I don't do this, then there are people that are for sure going to die, so -- yeah, do -- do what you got to do. 
Georgie: Dillon -- 
Noah: Be sure. 
Dillon: Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure. 
Noah: Ok, I'll get everything set up. 
Georgie: Please, Dillon, please reconsider. I know I'm being selfish and awful, and I don't care. I just don't want you to die. 
Dillon: I don't want that, either, ok? I really don't, but -- 
Georgie: But you're not the kind of guy that could refuse to save a life if you -- if it was in your power. 
Dillion: Look at me, ok? Don't be scared. I don't want you to be scared, but I can't -- I can't go on with the rest of my life knowing that I could've helped and didn't. Please, just support me in this. 

Scene 5
Robin: This is going to be tricky. 

Noah: I hope he can hold on till we get what we need. 
Robin: Dillon? 
Noah: Nikolas.

Scene 6
Georgie: What's happening? 

Noah: A drop in blood pressure. 
Robin: It's ok, it's to be expected. 
Tracy: What are you doing to my son? 
Noah: Dillon has the same antibodies in his blood as Luke does. He's donating some of them. 
Tracy: This was your doing, wasn't it? Don't you get that he's sick? 
Noah: Please calm down, this was Dillon's decision. 
Tracy: And what's your excuse? You're supposed to be doctors, to heal and do no harm. Oh, you're just in time. Your friends are about to kill my son. 
Georgie: That's not true. Noah asked Dillon to donate some of his blood for the antibodies. 
Robin: Dillon developed the same antibodies that you have. 
Luke: Well, you hang in there, young Spielberg. You can do this. I've been through it about a half a dozen times or more, and I tell you, it's no fun. It feels like that damn machine is on fire, sucking the life out of you. You want to rip the tubes out and run screaming from the room, but if you stick with it, it levels off. And the good part is you could save somebody's life -- that should appeal to you. 
Robin: B.P.'S stabilizing, but we still have to hurry. 
Noah: We got it. 
Robin: Oh. 
Georgie: You did it! 
Dillon: Are you mad at me? 
Georgie: Are you kidding me? Dillon, I'm so proud I could burst. 
Noah: How do you feel? 
Dillon: Like I've been run over by a freight train. 
Luke: That sounds about right. 
Lulu: I -- I don't know what to say, but because of you, my brother has a chance. 
Elizabeth: Both of your brothers do. 

Scene 7
Elizabeth: We've got to get him back into bed. 

Noah: There's no time. I'm going to give him the serum right here, but brace yourselves. It may already be too late. 

[approximately 05:35  of Noah content]

According to US

Noah is at his station (at Lukeís hip) when Noah refuses Lukeís desires for another attempt Luke wonders what else is available. Just as Robin walks in and says there might be another option. {What impeccable timing!}

Noah goes and asks Dylan to be a donor like Luke and he agrees. Robin & Noah watch over Dylan as he  donates. {OK same scene just a different body in the bed.}

Tracey comes in and flies off the handle because Dylan is donating but Luke explains heís doing a good thing. Noah turns off the machine because enough has been collected and asks Dylan if heís OK. {When that machine shut down it sounded like a jet engine Ė I donít recall that noise when Luck was donating!}

Nicolas collapses in the corridor while watching Courtneyís C-Section. {Is it because of the illness or seeing the C-Section?} Elizabeth, Robin & Noah respond and Noah gives Nicolas the serum right there in the hall because itís might be too late! {again, insert the dramatic music} - Jen H.

Lots more Noah today! And he gets to be a REAL doctor, taking charge and refusing to let Luke donate anymore blood, then he is very compassionate about getting Dylan convinced to donate his. Who could resist his urging anyway? I donít get why he rushes to get Dylanís blood out but then hangs around for a few. Maybe he passed it off to someone else and decided to stick around. I may have missed that!

Very short scene with Nicholas in the hallway. Without a doubt, Noah will save the day! - Amy L.

Luke makes a plea with Noah to help LuLu & Nicholas, to give them some antibodies. Georgie & Dillon are discussing how Dillon is leaving the hospital, as Robin tells Noah & the rest that there may be another person other than Luke with the blood they need. Noah stops them, just in time. He needs Dillon's blood. Since Dillon had the ugly virus & survived it, then he has the same antibodies in his blood as Luke. Good thing Noah lays a bit of a guilt trip on Dillon. He can save many lives. Then in practically the next breath Noah has to give him all the risks of the procedure. Dillon agrees, to Georgie's dismay. Go Dillon!!! Robin & Noah proceed with Dillon, and uh ohÖhere comes wicked Tracy demanding to know what is happening. Noah seems to be back in action in many of these scenes (no sipping on the flask by the nurses station!) This was a day for heroes it seemed. Everyone trying to help each other in a time of crisis. 

Noah & Elizabeth leave Dillon in the room with his family, and out in the hall find a collapsed Nicholas. Noah to the rescue! He gives him the serum right there in the hall. (I'm glad Noah had his gloves on!) - Kelley Pearson