General Hospital
February 20, 2006


Scene 1 
Noah: You need to rest for the serum to get a chance to work

Scene 2
Sam: No, mom. No, he,  he loves me. We're going to be happy. 

Alexis: She's agitated. She's been talking to herself for I don't know how long now. 
Noah: Yeah, her fever's rising. I'm going to have to adjust the combination of drugs. 
Alexis: The same thing happened to me. I was disoriented, I got out of bed. 
Noah: We've had a lot of problems with that with the patients. Sam gets any worse, I'm going to have to restrain her. 
Sam: No, we're going to get married. 
Alexis: No, I,  I'm not telling you this so you can restrain her. 
Noah: No, it's not an option I really care to use. I mean, it agitates the patients, they fight the restraints, and the activity makes the fever worse. 
Sam: No, I'm not going to be like you. I love my daughter. 
P.A. Announcer: Dr. Drake, 502. Dr. Noah drake, call 502. 

Noah: Ok, I need to go. Can you talk to her and see if you can keep her calm? 
Alexis: I -- 
Noah: If she tries to get out of bed, call a nurse and we'll put restraints on her. 
Alexis: No, I don't want... 
Noah: I'm sorry, it's urgent. 
Alexis: Ok. 
Noah: Someone will be back in to check on you. 

Scene 3
Robert: I figure Luke's probably tapped out, but Dillon has -- 
Monica: Dillon is still recovering from the fever. 

Noah: It'll be another 32 hours before it's safe for him to have more plasma filtered for antibodies. 
Robert: I don't know that robin's got 32 hours. You know, her immune system -- 
Monica: Look, at this point, the antibody serum is the only thing we have to fight this virus. Now, Luke and Dillon are our source, but if -- 

Patrick: This was just dropped off. It's from Crylium. 
Noah: The people that designed the virus. 
Monica: And hopefully the antidote. 
Robert: Oh. Oh, my god. 

[approximately 01:38 of Noah content]

 According to US

Noah is still tending to Nicolas in the hallway – telling him he needs to rest and give the serum a chance to work {keep in mind, he’s sprawled on the floor. Then they all dramatically watch Courtney’s baby get wheeled by}.

Noah is checking up on Alexis and Sam. Sam is agitated and talking in her sleep. Noah says they may have to change her meds and possibly restrain her. He mentions people getting out of bed has been an issue {ya think?} Noah is paged and leaves Alexis to watch over Sam. {because they get along sooo well – why are they roommates again?}

Noah is walking with Robert & Monica – Robert is trying to figure out how to get Robin a dose of antibodies. Noah says there are no available options for at least 36 hours. Patrick walks up with an envelope contains one does of the antidote that had been dropped off. {Apparently it took someone not wearing the blue gloves to open the envelope containing the antidote} - Jen H.

Noah goes into check on Sam and Alexis. Did you get a peek at those shoe cover, boot looking thingies on his feet? That was something I missed the first time I saw that scene. HA! Anyway, Noah may have to restrain Sam if she gets any worse. Alexis begs him not to go (who wouldn’t) and listen to her, but he is paged and must go. 

Poor Noah looks like a tag-a-long following Monica and Robert through the hospital. When he mentions how long it will be before Dylan can donate blood again, it is almost like they are ignoring him. I guess he just had to be there for when Patrick arrived with a delivery of antidote. - Amy L.

Wow Noah is ALL over that hospital today! He is checking on Sam, and giving Alexis orders about watching out for Sam. 

Before Sam & Alexis ever got roomed together, I had a feeling it would happen. Just makes for an interesting pair. Noah is so "doctorly" again, running tests, checking on patients, and kind of barking orders at people. He is getting down to business. I believe he'll need to dive into his work, his passion for saving lives, in order to help him kick the habit. So this is a good thing! 

Noah, Robert & Monica stroll around discussing the antibody situation when they run across Patrick who has a package. Noah almost acts like he's going to take his gloves off, but doesn't. (just some nervous hand twisting?!) Apparently, someone has sent a vial with an antidote sample. - Kelley Pearson