General Hospital
February 21, 2006

Scene 1 
Robert: Listen to this. "This is a sample of the antidote. There's more, but it will cost you." 
Monica: Oh
Luke: Some bastard's planning to turn a profit off this virus? 
Patrick: That's extortion. 
Luke: It's politics as usual, isn't it, Scorpio? 
Monica: Well, we have no choice. We have to pay whatever they ask. 
Robert: We're going to find out whoever it is, and we will get the antidote. 
Noah: We need to get this to the lab to see if it's viable. 
Robert: Yeah. If it is, it's Robin's. Right, Patrick? 

[approximately 00:34 of Noah content]

 According to US

Noah is standing with Robert, Monica, Patrick and reading the note that came with the antidote (offering more antidote for more $). Noah says they need to get the vial to the lab to ensure its viable. {Noah stands staring at the vial as if waiting for the right moment to stop yapping and get it tested, time is important right?} Jen H.

One whole day of watching GH to see Noah and hear him deliver his one short line. Thankfully he was there to let them know they needed to check out that antidote to see if it was for real or not. Otherwise, they may have just administered it without checking it out, knowing soaps!  - Amy L.

Unfortunately the antidote that was sent is only a tease. If they want a large amount, the price will be high. Noah continues to tug & pull at his gloves. (rip them off already!) LOL Noah tells Robert, Patrick & Monica that the vial needs to go right up to the lab. Still acting as an authority! - Kelley Pearson