General Hospital
February 22, 2006


Scene 1 
Noah: You're not having second thoughts, are you? 
Patrick: I know I did the right thing. I had to give Alexis the only dose of antidote. I didn't want her daughters growing up without a mother. 
Noah: But? 
Patrick: But -- but I have personal feelings, and given a preference, I would have given the antidote to someone else. 
Noah: Sam's brother or Robin Scorpio? 
P.A. Announcer: Dr. Patrick drake, call 2506. 
Patrick: I have to go.

[approximately 00:41 of Noah content]


 According to US

Noah comes upon Patrick outside Alexis’s room. He asks Patrick if he’s regretting the decision to give Alexis the antidote. Patrick says it was the right call but he’d had to make it, it would have been a different choice. {So Noah is in this episode just to be a voice to Patrick’s conscious?} - Jen H.

Short scene today again. Noah is really catching on to Patrick’s feelings for Robin. He knows that Patrick would have rather given the antidote to her instead of Alexis, but like Patrick mentioned, he didn’t want to see her kids grow up without a mother. Something we know he has had to deal with. - Amy L.

A little dose of son to father honesty here as Patrick informs Noah that he gave the only antidote to Alexis. I like how he says he didn't want to see her children grow up without a mother. Maybe a bit of a jab towards his father there? Not sure. Of course, he knows how that is, so maybe it's just his natural feelings. He would have much rather given it to Robin! What a tiny little clip of Noah this day!!! That's a soap for you…baiting in the viewers. - Kelley Pearson