General Hospital
February 27, 2006

Scene 1 
Noah: Ok, you need to rest now. Give the antidote a chance to work. 
Jesse: Has Maxie gotten it? She's in worse shape than I am. 
Noah: I'll check on her. If she hasn't, she will soon. There's plenty of antidote for everybody. 
Mike: What do you want now? 
Sonny: I just want to make sure you get your shot. 
Mike: Do you see the irony here? Me -- my used-up life, my mistakes, my failures, all those wasted years -- I get to live. And you -- all the damage you've done -- you get to live. But Courtney, who risked her life for her child, who only wanted to be a mother, who always gave more than she took -- Courtney's the one who died. 
Sonny: I agree, mike. It's wrong. I don't know what you want me to do here. 

[approximately 01:04 of Noah content]


 According to US

Noah is administering the antidote to Jessie {sorry I cannot figure out how to twist the JG lyrics to come up with a good one for this!} Then goes over to give it to Mike and then slinks out of the room when Sonny & Mike argue.

{On a non-Rick related note, the use of Sara McLachlan’s “The Answer” over the end of this show was perfect. But – just shows they can use music by popular artists – even if they are obscure non-single tracks… hint hint hint hint GH! } - Jen H.

After all that ’take-charge’ Noah just a few days earlier, now he is just thrown to the background and kind of rushes to give everyone their antidote and leave. Of course I don’t blame him for wanting to get out of the room when Mike and Sonny start in on each other. He has his own father/son problems to deal with. - Amy L.

Noah is in Jessie & Mike's room, doing his job…(and doing it quite well I might add!) when Sonny comes in. He & Mike are on bad terms on account of Courtney, and how Mike thinks Sonny snubbed his own sister. Oh gosh, Noah did the right thing by kind of sliding out of the room. The last thing he wants to hear is another father/son dispute!!! He's outta there! Again, another very short Noah day. What was up with that??? He's just rushing around trying to give out medicine & save lives. He was in such a hurry that day, that's why so little screen time! - Kelley Pearson