General Hospital
March 3, 2006

Scene 1 
Noah: Oh. 
Patrick: Hey, hey, you ok? 
Noah: Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine. 
Patrick: Like "fine" for a middle-aged, exhausted, recovering alcoholic with a failing liver "fine"? By the looks of things, you're getting worse. 

Scene 2
Robin: All right, let me get this straight. You're asking me to meddle in your father's life? 
Patrick: Yes, and the sooner, the better. 
Robin: I tried to convince him from the beginning. I'm not sure Noah will listen to me. 
Noah: It's my decision. I already made it. 
Patrick: You're choosing to die. Do you understand how selfish that is? 
Noah: According to you, I've done more than my fair share of damage, anyway. 
Patrick: Well, translation -- you'd rather continue to feel sorry for yourself. 
Noah: Look, I spent too many years in self-pity. I was hoping to move the other direction. 
Patrick: But by not resting during the epidemic, pushing yourself to the point of collapse -- that -- 
Noah: Like you, I was trying to save lives. 
Patrick: What about all the lives you still need to save? Starting with your own? 
Robin: You guys, this isn't helping. 
Noah: Not long ago, you were ok with me just to crawl off and drink myself to death. I can still do that. 
Patrick: Ok, then don't let me stand in your way. 
Noah: You know, back off, Patrick! You and I -- we're going to lose whatever time we have left. 

[approximately 01:17 of Noah content]

 According to US

Blue suit again {see no more epidemic – back to the blue suit}, we see Noah grabbing his side as he walks away from the nurse’s station. Patrick runs up to him with concern. Noah claims he’s fine and Patrick retorts “Like fine for a middle-aged, exhausted, recovering alcoholic with a failing liver fine?” And then tells Noah that he appears to be getting worse. {Noah seemed fine during the time of the epidemic – maybe the cure is just to manufacture another problem where he can spring into action}

Patrick asks Robin to help get through to his dad {as if that was sooo easy since they met}

Noah walks up on them talking….Patrick “translation you’d rather continue to feel sorry for yourself” {said with the Canadian inflection on sorry!, ok I cannot help it, I love that!} After further argument, Noah says “Back Off Patrick!” with lots of emotion and power… and then he turns a little weepy and says “You and I, we’re going to lose what little time I have left” and storms off. {I like how Noah’s eyes teared up and then he glances a bit sheepishly at Robin and then continues to yell at Patrick.} - Jen H.

Noah grabs onto his side like he is in some real pain and Patrick catches him and tries to convince him he needs to do something about his illness. Again, they argue the issue and I like the way Noah gets aggressive and points in Patrick’s face. 

Robin is surprised that Patrick wants her to try and talk some since into his father, but Noah overhears. (seems they do that a lot on soaps) and argues with Patrick (AGAIN!!!). You can tell that Noah wants to maybe reconcile with Patrick and make things better when he says that they are going to lose anytime together that they have left. - Amy L.

Oh poor Noah L Obviously in pain as he grabs his side while hanging at---oh yeah!---the nurses station! Very well done on Rick's part. I wanted to run to his side myself. I thought for a second there he was going to collapse! Patrick catches Noah in his moment of pain, and cannot resist saying something smart to his dad. (kind of like an unruly teenager who keeps dissing their parents!) 

I was shocked when Patrick went to Robin wanting her help. Noah walks up & hears their discussion and says "it's my decision, I already made it." Patrick is aggravated that Noah is pushing himself this way with a dying liver and a lingering virus floating around the hospital. The man's intention is precious (yes…quote intended!). Patrick just seems to have a lousy way of showing his love & concern. (of course so does Noah right now…it's obvious he loves his son, he just can't help snapping at Patrick). And that he does! Robin tries to intervene, but it's pointless with two very strong egos & personalities in play. Noah becomes upset & tells Patrick to "back off" & they are losing time together. He is right about that…they WILL lose precious time, with all this constant butting of heads. They really should be using that energy to rebuild their relationship. (but we know…that would be all too easy! Gotta take the long way around the problem!) - Kelley Pearson