General Hospital
March 6, 2007

Scene 1
Noah: I -- I admired Alan so much, as a doctor and a man. He'll be really missed. If there's anything I can do -- 

Monica: Thank you. Thank you, Noah. 

[approximately :20  of Noah content]


According to US

I really don’t understand why there wasn’t ‘more’ to the memorial than what there was. I was pretty much hoping, as with all the Noah fans, that Noah would have a bit more screen time than this, after such a long absence. I wanted him to at least chat with someone after the service. None of the guests did. The service was in motion…then suddenly it was over, just like that. Strange. 

I was glad to see Rick, and that he looked very refreshed and extremely handsome in that long coat. That was nice that he came for Alan’s memorial service. He DID hug and speak to Monica. But I found it odd that he just ‘popped’ up out of nowhere. I’m still hung up on, “where was Noah during Robin’s ordeal?” It seems he vanished off somewhere (no explanation), then reappeared at the right time…..for Alan’s service. I would have liked to have seen him step over and hug Robin or speak to Patrick. Considering what an ordeal and a brush with life and death that she just had, you would think the writers would have added something here for Noah. It makes him appear really cold in a lot of ways. 

He almost snuck in on me when he did appear! I noticed he was holding the door for the guests, but I didn’t catch that the first time I saw it. I had to do a rewind. In the few parts he was seen during the service, he looked like he was squirming in his suit! LOL He was fiddling with his tie. Maybe he wanted to do a shirtless “encore” and was considering ripping off tie and all! That would have spiced up the service. Sorry…I couldn’t resist! - Kelley Pearson

The episode dedicated to Alan's funeral. {I suppose since more time seemed to be spent on the whole 'note passing' like we are in 3rd grade between LuLu and Dylan I should not be surprised that Noah's time in this episode is so short.} But Noah is accompanied by Dr Ford and Epiphany {really that is the only people from the hospital to show up? Granted it is a hospital and they cannot close it down for the day but still seemed a little light on the attendees}. He gives Monica some heartfelt condolences and then they embrace {notice, Monica did not hug the other two… smart lady getting in a little hug when the opportunity arose!}. And then that concludes Noah's participation. Not so much as an apparent glance toward his son or Robin. Odd, just odd. - Jen H.