General Hospital
March 17, 2006

Scene 1 
Noah: Patrick. When I talk, do words just, like, disappear into thin air with you? I've told you time and time again in every way I know how, I do not want to be on the donor list! And I've explained to you, because of my life choices, I do not deserve a transplant. I want it to go to somebody who does. Nothing seems to penetrate with you. So let's try this. 

Scene 2
Noah: You think that'll stop me? I can have a bottle of vodka in my hand within 10 minutes. 
Patrick: You wouldn't do that. 
Noah: Oh, you think not? 
Patrick: You just want me to believe that you hate yourself so much you would deliberately trash your life again, but what I don't understand is why. 
Noah: Because I want you to stop helping me. 

Patrick: I am trying to save your life. 
Noah: I didn't ask you to! I want my name off the donor list! If it's on there and a liver becomes available, I will refuse it, so stop making everybody crazy! And do what I ask! 
Robin: Noah, that is the most selfish, ungrateful thing I have ever heard a father say to his son. 
Noah: You have no idea. Patrick doesn't have any altruistic motives here. He wants me alive for himself. He thinks if he appoints himself the liver police, it'll make up for all the years he spent rejecting me. 
Patrick: Are you out of your mind? 
Noah: You know it's true! 
Robin: You need to get a grip, Noah. Your son is trying to give you a second chance, not just with him but at life. Do not throw his generosity, deserved or not, back in his face or you will regret it. I promise

Scene 3
Robin: All right, we get it. You don't want to live, so what's the plan -- go face-down in a bar somewhere? Or something more dramatic like a leap off a roof. Or better yet, what would cause Patrick more pain, since that's what you seem to be all about. 

Noah: You couldn't possibly understand. 
Robin: You're right, I don't. 
Patrick: You know what, robin? Don't even bother. 
Noah: You know, that was actually pretty -- some fiery defense you leapt to there, but that's the point, isn't it? You don't really care about whether I get a liver or not. It's all about making appearances in front of her. 
Patrick: Yeah, right. I can't slip anything past you, can I? 
Noah: Yeah, well, hear me -- give it up. 
Patrick: You hear me -- stop being a moron. 

Scene 4
Noah: I guess you heard everything, huh? 
Bobbie: Every ghastly word. What clicks on inside your head that allows you to be so cruel to your son? Noah, you are not like that. You are a kind, loving, gentle man and I know you love Patrick, so I don't understand why you're intentionally being so nasty. 
Noah: I'm dying Bobbie. "Here lies the once promising dr. Noah drake who drank himself to death." That was my choice, I chose that. That's my burden, not Patrick's. 
Bobbie: I don't understand why you are so accepting of your own death. 
Noah: Then you're not listening. I brought this on myself. I'm not going to stand in line and wait for a liver transplant and snatch it from somebody who I think is more deserving. 
Bobbie: "Somebody who's more deserving," I know, I know, I know, and I've heard that before, but it doesn't make any sense to me. Noah, what constitutes deserving? 
Noah: Someone who didn't give himself a liver disease. 
Bobbie: Patrick is willing to step into that breach. Why won't you let him? 
Noah: Bobbie, you're a nurse. You know that a partial liver transplant surgery involves certain risks to the donor. 
Bobbie: Low risks, less than 20%. 
Noah: Yeah, well, I think that's high. Look, Patrick's -- Patrick's got a brilliant life ahead of him. Why would I ask him to risk that for somebody who didn't think enough of their own life not to systematically destroy it? 
Bobbie: Because he wants to. 
Noah: Yeah, well, I'm not having that. 
Bobbie: Ok, then fine. But why not use the rest of the time that you have with your son to bring yourself closer to him instead of yelling at him and pushing him away? 
Noah: If I don't get any closer to Patrick, he won't miss me when I'm gone. 
Bobbie: Oh, you know what? Everything that Patrick just said to you is right. You are behaving like a moron. 

Scene 5
Bobbie: Oh, you've got it all figured out, don't you? You surround yourself in your own darkness. And maybe you'll drink and maybe you won't. And you'll wait for death to come and get you. And you won't fight to live because you don't deserve it? And if you sacrifice your own life, it will somehow make up for the loss of your wife's? 

Noah: Yeah, something like that. 
Bobbie: Well, there's only one big flaw in this master plan of yours. It's all about you. You forgot to factor in your son. 
Noah: I'm doing this to protect Patrick. 
Bobbie: Noah, my son just lost his dad. And I can assure you that the worst thing you can do right now is try and build up some phony animosity to keep Patrick from feeling sad when you die. Because that's a given. Patrick is going to grieve, either way. And if it ends badly between the two of you, he's going to be haunted by that for the rest of his life. 
[Bobbie sighs] 
Bobbie: You know, the most precious gift that Tony ever gave to Lucas was his last. Unconditional love, pride, and acceptance. Because Tony really opened up his heart. And he left nothing unsaid, nothing unresolved. And I can already see how that's making a difference to Lucas and how he's able to deal with everything and come to terms with what's going on. So when you finally get what you want and you die, Noah, you're out of it. You're buried in the ground or your ashes in an urn. But Patrick is going to be left to carry however you choose to leave him for the rest of his life. Now, you're telling me you want to protect your son? I'm telling you, this is not the way to do it. 

[approximately 8:05 of Noah content]

 According to US

While Patrick is trying to finesse a date out of Robin, Noah comes barging off the elevator screaming at Patrick. {I like the little hop and tie flip as he jumps off the elevator. Then Noah is just emanating frustration and anger as he yells at Patrick} Noah pulls a flask out of his coat and Patrick slaps it away {you can hear what sounds like an empty/hollow plastic container bounce on the floor….. so it appears to have been an empty threat}

Resuming the scene, Noah tells Patrick he could be drinking again within 10 minutes. When Patrick tries to call him on it Noah taunts him. Patrick presses him on why he’s attempting to trash his life again and Noah says it’s because he’s trying to get Patrick to stop helping him. When Patrick says he’s trying to save his life Noah starts screaming again {WOW! Noah is really amped up and is apparently thinking if he says it LOUDER then Patrick will really hear him. It’s never clear what brought this outburst on – assuming that Noah found out about the list, but how?}

Overhearing this outburst {how could anyone on that floor NOT have heard it?} Bobbie walks over to listen to the rest of the exchange.

Robin chides Noah for being selfish and ungrateful {not exactly perhaps the best angle at convincing someone to change their mind – don’t ya think?} Noah tells her that Patrick is only trying to make up for the years he’s spent rejecting him – by ‘appointing himself the liver police’! {Love that line!} Patrick responds in disbelief and yet Noah claims it’s true. Then Robin tells Noah he ‘needs to get a grip’ and then threatens him that he’ll regret it “I promise”. {OK first more name calling, second he’ll regret it? He’ll be dead – not really around to regret it and finally she promises? Is that a threat? As if for some reason he doesn’t regret it –she’d make him? she's 3 feet tall! }

The scene comes back and Robin is still chattering – she asks Noah what his plan is, including possibly leaping off a roof {sharp foreshadowing to a follow-up scene perhaps?} Noah claims this whole thing is not about his liver – just about making appearances in front of Robin. {Lovely new theory – except for the fact that he DOES need a liver transplant} Noah asks again for Patrick to give it up and Patrick replies by telling Noah to “stop being a moron”. Noah glares and then leaves – comes face to face with Bobbie, hesitates briefly and then stalks off.

{Setting the scene… hospital rooftop – the very popular set this week for some odd reason… considering it’s still winter and all. Anyway Noah is already up there and Bobbie enters the roof… Perhaps to make sure he’s not throwing himself off it?}

Bobbie rails at Noah to try to determine why he’s reacting the way that he is and Noah repeats his mantra of bringing this disease upon himself and snatching a liver from a more deserving person. Noah explains that if he does not allow Patrick to get any closer then he won’t miss him when he’s gone. Then Bobbie calls Noah a moron {Noah’s get called a moron twice in one day – nice! But the anger, regret, fear is all on display on the roof as Noah works his way through this argument with Bobbie}

{Sidebar—I love how Bobbie pronounces names sometimes… it’s “N-O-A-H, what constitutes deserving?” or “P-A-Trick is willing to step into that breach” }

Returning to the roof scene, Bobbie tells Noah he’s trying to make up for the loss of his wife and Noah weakly agrees. Bobbie tells him he is forgetting one thing – his son. When Noah tries to claim he’s protecting Patrick Bobbie throws in her recent loss of Tony and how the grief is inevitable and if “it ends badly between the two of you, he's going to be haunted by that for the rest of his life.” And that if he wants to protect his son, this is the wrong way to do it – then she storms off the roof and leaves an emotional Noah behind. {So I suppose it’s a good thing the roof has a fence all around it – so her emotional jibes didn’t convince Noah to jump. Once again I wonder why Bobbie rushes off – she might just have possibly made some headway in her argument but she goes for the dramatic exit instead.} - Jen H.

Wow! When Noah comes off the elevator, he is steaming mad and starts yelling at Patrick and he really is pissed! When Noah pulls out a drink from his pocket, Patrick slaps it out of his hand. Whoa! That seemed real! Great acting. I love how Noah gets so emotional and his hands are flying everywhere, screaming at him. 

(I am sure whoever handles makeup behind the scenes at GH is a professional, I don’t see why Noah/Rick’s eyeliner is not evenly applied across his eye….yeah, I notice stuff like that)

Noah heads out to the roof, and Bobbie follows him and tries to talk some sense into him (who hasn’t lately?). Boy, does she give him a real butt-chewing! The pain and anguish in Noah’s face is so real and those tears in his eyes could break anyone’s heart. It seemed to me at this point, from what Bobbie told him, that Noah would start to give in a little, but NOT!!! - Amy L.
This clip starts out with a cute little Robin/Patrick scene. He is being Doctor Mc. Smoothie now. Using little lines to get a date at Robin's apartment for dinner. (so reminiscent of Noah & Bobbie, and their cat & mouse games! I love it!) Patrick is simply adorable. He really does favor the young Noah. Life is good for the two until Noah comes storming off the elevator, tie flying around, pissed off look on his face. WOW! Noah has a major outburst here! We've seen a few so far, but this one takes the cake. He is FURIOUS at Patrick for putting his name on the donor list for a new liver. Mad as hell! As always, his acting is superb! Jason and Robin are incredible actors as well. Even in Noah's anger I can still see those sweet dimples! LOL What seemed odd to me though was how loud he was yelling at Patrick, and the only person it "drew" in was Bobbie. I could see other nurses and people in the background, and they never even turned around to see what all the commotion was about. It sure got MY attention, why not theirs??! I guess they're used to people having screaming matches by the nurses desk. LOL….

Cool move when Noah pulls out his liquor flask and Patrick slaps it out of his hand. Yeah Patrick!!!! I guess when Noah says, "I could have a bottle of Vodka in my hands in 10 minutes," those are the words of an alcoholic, but it seemed like a childish remark for him to make…like he was grasping at anything to say to upset Patrick even more. Oh Robin is sooo right. Noah DOES need to get a grip! I find it honorable that Patrick is willing to go to great lengths to help his dad, especially when Noah is acting like such an ass. I love the expression on Noah's face when Robin is talking. He looks like a scolded child to me! Get him Robin. Such mixed emotions here for me. I see Patrick's side, but I DO see how Noah feels. Great scenes today! Noah's anger is rather frightening. (I wonder if Rick gets this worked up in real life when he's angry?? Just the tone of his voice made me want to run and hide!) 

Call me crazy, but when Patrick called Noah a moron…I was laughing and clapping. Now that was a good one. YES, he IS acting like a moron. He is shifting blame, and throwing hurtful remarks at Patrick, telling him he's just trying to show off in front of Robin. We all know that is not the case here. So yes Noah….straighten up! I never dreamed I'd ENJOY hearing anyone call Noah a moron, but in this case, he totally deserved it. Again, he looks like a whipped child (twice in one show!) and ducks out, but he turns and almost runs into Bobbie as he's leaving. She has witnessed the whole nasty ordeal.

Next scene…the rooftop of the hospital. What a great Noah & Bobbie scene! This conversation really needed to happen I think. It's hard to say if Noah is pitying himself, or thinks he is really doing the right thing (since he DID bring it on himself). Maybe a little of both. Bobbie is right though. This is not the kind-hearted Noah we all know and love. It's so out of character for him. AND he's called a moron AGAIN!!! Twice in one show. LOL I suppose he did have it coming. What a strange approach for Noah. If he doesn't become close with his son now…then Patrick won't miss him when he's gone. NOT true. Bobbie's right again. He should cherish what time they do have. Gosh what a crazy theory! Sweet as can be that Noah wants to protect him, but a warped way of doing so. Noah's body language almost looks like he's pouting. The raw emotion & deep breaths in his voice are gripping! I love how Bobbie discusses Tony's death. It relates so well to Noah's situation, and how Noah needs to open up his heart to his son. She brings Noah to tears. Very sad and emotional. Thank God for Bobbie and her "pep" talk. It almost seems like she got through to Noah. - Kelley Pearson