General Hospital
March 24, 2006

Scene 1 
Robin: I guess Patrick was right. You did go on a bender. Do you even know how much you drank this time? 
Noah: I don't want Patrick to know this. But I didn't have a drop. I -- I -- I -- I could've used a drink, but I checked myself in here. The urge was just overwhelming. It's all in the chart. 
Robin: I'm sorry. I jumped to conclusions. You did the right thing. 
Noah: Oh. I'll be back in my son's face in no time. 
Robin: No, your cirrhosis is at end-stage. You have to be checked into general hospital immediately. 
Noah: No. 

Scene 2
Robin: Why are you refusing to save your own life? Which part of you dying will help your son? 
Noah: Help my son? My son doesn't need any help. It's my life, I made my choices, I'll deal with the consequences. 
Robin: Then why did you check yourself in here? Why don't you just go drink yourself to death somewhere? 
Noah: I want to go out sober. 
Robin: To spite Patrick? 
Noah: I'm going to make Patrick so angry at me, he won't be around to watch me die. 
Robin: Oh, god, that makes absolutely no sense. I don't understand why you would purposely want to hurt -- 
Noah: I'm doing it because I love my son. 
Robin: Right, like my father loved me so much that he disappeared for 15 years. That's just an excuse. 
Noah: I want Patrick to have a good life. I want him to have the life that my wife and I planned for him. The best thing he can do is forget me and the mess I made of my life. 
Robin: How can he possibly forget about you? You're all he has. The problem is you two are exactly alike -- you're way too stubborn to find a way to resolve this. 
Noah: And you're way too smart to put yourself in the middle of a no-win situation. 
Robin: Well, if you think that can scare me away, you're mistaken. 
Noah: Huh. What are you going to do? 
Robin: Watch me. 

Scene 3
Noah: Getting me moved to general is not going to change anything. As soon as I'm strong enough, I'm going to check myself out. There's not going to be any operation, unless you got a spare liver in your purse. I took myself off the donor list. 
Robin: Will you just stop? You still have a chance, including a donation from a willing son who loves you. That's a lot more than most people could say in your situation. 
Noah: Most people in my situation have a legitimate reason to have a transplant. 
Robin: They all have bad livers, it doesn't matter how they got them. 
Noah: It does to me. My -- my liver's shot because I drank. It wasn't injury or -- or -- or a disease. I did it to myself. I earned this. 
Robin: Did you also earn the right to be your own judge and jury? To decide that you don't deserve to live? 
Noah: What's this really all about, huh? Is it compassion or medical ethic or you just want to look good in my son's eyes? 

Scene 4
Robin: Do you realize you're just as narcissistic as Patrick? 
Noah: Patrick's a brilliant doctor and a good man. 
Robin: Maybe, but he's also an egotistical, arrogant, self-centered jerk. 
Noah: Hey, where is Patrick? If you took enough trouble to get me here, I'm sure you alerted him, right? 
Robin: Patrick is doing a procedure right now. 
Noah: Really? What's her name? 
Robin: He'll be here. No matter how angry he is with you, you're still his father. 

Scene 5
Noah: Hey, sport. How was your procedure? 
Patrick: She was great. Thanks for asking. So what's the emergency? 
Noah: Hey, don't look at me. I wouldn't have busted up your evening if it was my choice. 
Patrick: So where'd you find him? Facedown in the gutter? Falling off a barstool? Stumbling into the O.R.? 
Robin: The Shelton detox center called and asked for a next of kin, so I drove over and picked him up. 
Patrick: Any particular reason why? 

Scene 6
Patrick: If my father wants to go out on a bender while he's dying of cirrhosis, let him do it on his own time, not mine. 

Robin: He was sober. He checked himself into the clinic so that he wouldn't drink. 
Patrick: If you believe that, you're too naive to have a medical license. 
[Robin sighs] 
Robin: Here's the chart

Patrick: I stand corrected. You didn't drink this time -- just for the 10 years prior. 
Noah: I told you to stay out of this. 
Robin: Hey, what are you doing? 
Noah: A couple of shots of vodka and everyone will forget I was here -- especially me. 
Robin: Hey -- 
Patrick: Get back in bed. 

[approximately 05:58 of Noah content]

 According to US

Robin is ranting about Patrick when the call comes in about Noah’s whereabouts. She finds Noah at the rehab center. After assuming he’s gone on another bender and discovering he only checked himself in to fight the urge she says he must go to GH immediately – and Noah says no. {Noah’s all huddled on the bed ~ and dressed in flannel so naturally Robin jumped to the bender theory. She even had to check the chart before she believed Noah was telling the truth. But the determination and yet sadness on Noah’s face is quite defined.}

Noah reveals he wants to go out sober and wants Patrick so angry at him he’ll forget about him. Robin says she’s not giving up. {OK the logic on making Patrick so angry he’ll forget about his Dad is pretty lame. Robin nails it right on the head when she says that the problem is they are exactly alike (Noah & Patrick). But the sheer gleam in Noah’s eyes when he asks Robin “What are you going to do?” is hilarious… such a taunt!}

Now Noah is firmly ensconced in a hospital bed at GH. He’s railing away about taking himself off the donor list and not deserving a new liver. Noah accuses Robin of only helping him to look good for Patrick. {OK I’ve love to know how Robin got Noah to GH – she couldn’t drag him, he certainly is much taller than her… so unless she clubbed him over the head and had him transported, he had to have helped. But that gleam earlier is now followed up by the swagger of the “I earned this” line. Such pride in liver failure! }

Robin cracks on Patrick and Noah comes to his defense. Then he asks where Patrick is and Robin says he’s going a procedure and Noah coyly asks her “What’s her name?” While Robin replies with the sweet “No matter how angry he is with you, you’re still his father” – Epiphany responds with a wonderful eye-roll. {I loved the humor in this one – Noah pegging Patrick with his joke. Then Epiphany doing what we all wanted to do – EYE ROLL. Perfect!}

{Robin goes to the casino in her scrubs to fetch Patrick? Lovely – come on, Patrick is a Dr. I’m sure he’s wearing a pager.} 

Patrick arrives at GH, assumes Noah was on a bender and wonders why Robin bothered to pick him up. {The banter between Noah and Patrick starts out well – as if they’d done that joke before. But it turns ugly quickly and Noah seems disappointed at Patrick’s reaction – but didn’t he want Patrick mad?}

Patrick is still assuming Noah was drinking and it takes Robin showing him the chart to change his mind. Noah decides he’s going to actually go get a drink and tries to get out of bed, collapses and Patrick and Robin help him back into bed. {Noah looks really annoyed when Robin proves to Patrick he wasn’t drinking, I think he’d rather have let him believe he was drinking again. OK since when do you get to wear scrubs with your hospital gown? So unfair! And here I thought soaps were all about ‘reality’ } - Jen H.

Noah is back in his flannel and hasn`t shaved in days! He has went to back to rehab to AVOID the urge to drink, but Robin finds him (after his disappearance, and people are looking for him) and she jumps the gun. She assumes he IS drinking again. Oh poor Noah! He looks like a man in need of cuddling & some TLC! I guess the sad puppy dog eyes got the best of me! Robin insists that Noah be checked into GH right away. Noah simply says "no." Robin fusses at him about his warped way of "helping" his son, and tells him he is all Patrick has. Clapping for Robin when she tells Noah that he and Patrick are just alike…stubborn! So true indeed! She kind of got dragged into this situation. It just happened. Noah says she has put herself in the middle of a no-win situation. I'm sure she'd like to run from these two, but her conscious won't let her. She keeps on pushing. I like the expressions out of Noah, like he's taunting her when he's says, "huh…what are you going to do?" Perfect! And she, being the little firecracker she is tells him "watch me." 

What a funny line about Robin having a "spare liver in her purse!" A little comedy thrown into the mix! Noah feels he's earned this bad liver and says he will NOT stay in the hospital once he's there. Stubborn! Again, he tries to switch it all to a Robin/Patrick thing, like she is trying to impress Patrick. Denial! 

Well next scene…there he is, in the hospital. How the heck did she convince him to go? Did she drag him screaming or what? That part is non-existent. (use my imagination!) Oh I love the part where Robin says Patrick is doing a procedure and Noah says "what's her name?" LOL…Robin doesn't even acknowledge his humor! When Patrick does enter Noah's room, and he asks how the procedure was, Patrick replies, "she was great. Thanks for asking." Laughing again! Even in their disagreement, a few jokes come out. Must be an inside joke between father and son. That was awesome! Patrick, as Robin had, assumes his dad was found in a drunken stupor. Hmmm…give Noah a little bit of credit you guys! 

Robin explains that he WAS sober. I love the cocky (sexy…) little stance Patrick had while at the end of Noah's bed, as he throws out remarks to Noah, proving Robin was right about them being just alike. Bullheaded Noah tries to get out of bed, making cracks about going after some vodka. (ewww…vodka?? Can't he drink something a bit tastier?? LOL No, he shouldn't. His failing liver is in it's last stages.) Patrick orders his dad to "get back in bed." Now we all know how hospital gowns gape open in the back,J but we don't get to see that. No! We have Noah who's wearing his scrubs UNDER his gown! Hmmm….strange. Not even so much as a leg shot?!!!? Now call me a fanatic for detail, that's fine…but I just had to put it in slow mo when he falls out of bed & the top of the gown gapes a bit, to see if I could see his tattoo. I think it almost showed up there! Noah could have easily gotten a tattoo in the last 20 years…sure, that would not be farfetched really J (and even start wearing an earring in that hole!) - Kelley Pearson
Noah has been gone a few days and Robin is the one to find him. He has checked himself into a detox center, because the urge to drink was so great. Again, Noah and Robin discuss his illness and what he should be doing (or not doing) to make things easier for Patrick. I believe they really wanted Noah to look bad now that his illness is in the end stages, but I don’t think that was possible. Rick looks just as good as ever playing a dying man! 

Once Noah is back at GH, we see they went to great lengths to cover Rick’s tattoos, but not that pierced ear, I could see that baby clear as day! LOL. - Amy L.