General Hospital
March 27, 2006

Scene 1 
Noah: Ow. 
Epiphany: Sorry. 
Noah: Somehow I'm not feeling the sympathy. Is that your usual bedside manner, or you singled me out? 
Epiphany: Look at it this way -- being under my care gives you yet another reason to feel sorry for yourself. 

Scene 2
Patrick: How is he? 
Epiphany: Vitals are stable. The patient is suffering internally but refuses pain meds. Obviously, he's comfortable suffering. 
Patrick: Thanks. You might want to rethink your position on pain medication. You're not going to go quietly into the night. This is going to get a lot worse before you get what you want and die. First, you'll turn yellow -- bright yellow like one of those smiley faces from hell. Then when somebody grabs you like this, you'll bruise. You'll start bleeding from your gums, then your nose. Then your kidney will fail, which of course you'll need -- 
Robin: Will you stop? 
Patrick: I'm just giving the patient his prognosis. 
Noah: I was a doctor before you were even a thought in anybody's mind. I know what's coming. So if you think you're scaring me into a liver transplant, you can forget it. 
Patrick: Whatever. If you're determined to die a slow, agonizing death, I'm not going to stop you. 
Robin: How can you be so unfair to your own flesh and blood? 

Scene 3
(Patrick puts a syringe down in front of Noah)
Noah: What's that? 
Patrick: Enough tranquilizer to stop your heart. 

Scene 4
Patrick: So there you go. Inject the tranq into the I.V. And go to sleep. What I brought you there is an all-purpose problem-solver. No more struggling with excuses to refuse the transplant that actually makes sense. No more explaining to people how the brilliant dr. Drake ruined his career. You won't have to deal with the agony of dying by inches, and you'll go out the way you've chosen to live -- as a coward. 

[approximately 03:06 of Noah content]

 According to US

Epiphany, obviously annoyed at Noah, treats him a bit roughly {I love the one eye look Noah gives Epiphany – very funny. Then Robin is looking in the window into Noah’s room – h e l l o, it’s a window, yes it has blinds – but it’s not a police station with one way glass. Noah should be able to see her peering in at him.}

Patrick comes in Noah’s room and begins listing the horrible things that await Noah. Robin cuts him off and Patrick snarkly replies “I’m just giving the patient his prognosis”. Noah retorts that he won’t be scared into a liver transplant. Patrick replies with a bland “Whatever” and Noah smirks. Robin calls him on his callous behavior. {The smirk from Noah shows the seeming glee he gets from these verbal wars with Patrick but the sadness that engulfs his face when Robin tells him he’s being unfair is powerful. I see it as either he realizes his time is short and thus the opportunities for these types of interactions is lessening or perhaps, just perhaps, he is realizing that constant sparring isn’t the best type of relationship.}

Robin warns Patrick that if Noah dies he’ll be the one to haunt Patrick. {The concept of haunting comes up a lot… oh wait, it is a soap!}

Patrick gives Noah a lethal dose of tranquilizer and offers him an ‘easy’ way out. But Noah throws the syringe at Patrick as he leaves the room. {OK wow. I’m pretty sure it’s not quite legal or ethical for Patrick to give his father (or any patient) such an option. Then there is the name calling element – ‘coward’. So the syringe wasn’t presented in an air of patience and assistance it was entirely a dare. Patrick trying to force Noah to pick life or death – before the choice is made for him through his liver. Noah mostly stares at the syringe – with a few glances towards Patrick. He seems to be possibly considering it but instead hurls it at the door. I’m guessing he intentionally threw it at the wall and not at Patrick – spiking Patrick with the syringe might not have been perfect justice. Then we see Robin is peering in the window again – is she a peeping tom? Then we see that, yes you can see through the blinds as the camera zooms in on Noah as he sucks in a weary breath. Well he was given the option of death...and he chose life... where can that lead?} - Jen H.

Epiphany is working on Noah, and inflicting some pain! Glad they put her in with him. SHE will snap his butt back into shape! I just love her character & her spunk. Robin watches on in the hall (I wonder if Noah can see all these people lurking around peeking through the blinds?), and calls Noah a 5-year old. Yep. Robin gets down on Patrick about his attitude and says he needs to act like a doctor & help his dad. It would be difficult in Patrick's position. Noah is doing his best to push him out. Noah appears clamed up while Patrick rashes him over the suffering to come, if he doesn't get the transplant. Great sarcasm on Noah's face when he tells him, "I was a doctor before you were even a thought in anybody's mind. I know what's coming." So true. Such powerful scenes…the struggle they're having. Patrick leaves frustrated & Robin runs him down by the elevator. He is rightfully angry that she messed up his date with Kelly (?) for this nonsense. But, I think Robin really gets to Patrick when she tells him that if Noah dies, he will be the one to haunt him. 

Moment of shock (I wish I had a little RS shock face to insert right here! LOL because it hit me off guard that bad), when Patrick lays a syringe in front of Noah. Whoa. Until Patrick tells Noah what the liquid is, I wasn't sure if it was poison, or the antidote. Kind of made me catch my breath there for a second. Noah continues to stare at the tranquilizer, as if considering the shot as an option, while Patrick explains to Noah that he could end it all right now if that's what he really wants. He can cop out & be a coward. Powerful lines when he tells Noah, "you'll go out the way you've chosen to live, as a coward." Ouch. After Patrick turns to leave…Noah picks up the syringe and throws it angrily towards the door, nearly hitting Patrick. Love the little smirk on Patrick's face as he strolls out. Appropriate to the situation I thought. Robin was looking on. Awww….and Noah looks so lonely as the scene closes, lying there alone. - Kelley Pearson


Noah’s appearances with Epiphany are just plain funny. They interact well together. Patrick tries to tell Noah how he will suffer before he dies, but Noah reminds him that he was a surgeon before Patrick was born, so he knows what is to come. Later, Patrick brings Noah a syringe with tranquilizer, which will slowly put him to sleep and he would no longer suffer. Noah throws the syringe against the wall, and this tells us, Hey! Maybe the guy really wants to live! Noah looks so sad laying there alone. Why isn’t Bobbie around yet to lend a helping hand? - Amy L.