General Hospital
March 28, 2007

Scene 1
Noah: I got the latest x-rays on Mr. Lang if you want to take a look.
Monica: Hmm.
Noah: You ok, Monica?
Monica: Uh, yeah. Yeah. It's just sometimes -- sometimes I can just feel Alan just right here.
Noah: Yeah, well, he must've heard about the latest policy in the E.R. I mean, turning away patients without medical insurance may be good business --
Monica: But it is bad medicine.
Noah: Yeah, yeah.
Monica: Really.
Noah: That's my -- my thoughts exactly.
Monica: I mean, Alan would never have tolerated this kind of callousness when he was chief of staff, and I guarantee you, when I take over, I won't, either.
Noah: Look, there's -- you know, there's a slight chance you might not take over. I mean, Russell Ford has a lot of support. I mean, what if he gets elected chief of staff?

Scene 2
Robin: Kavi? Hey. I just left a sample in your station. I need a full battery of tests. Test for anything and everything that you always think of that I never do. Kavi: What would you do without me?
Robin: Hey, I need you to keep this really quiet and get me the results as soon as possible, ok? Kavi: I'll get started immediately.
Robin: Thanks.
Patrick: So what's the emergency?
Robin: Uh -- it's just some research, don't worry about it.
Noah: Hey. I'm organizing opposition against dr. Ford and his policy of turning away patients without medical insurance. Here's the petition. There's a meeting in the cafeteria in about two minutes.
Robin: I'll sign it, but I -- I can't go to the meeting, I'm too busy.
Noah: All right, see you there.
Patrick: So what's the rush, then?

Robin: I would rather not get into it, ok?

[approximately 1:31  of Noah content]


According to US

Same story, different month! We see a few brief scenes with Noah, just enough to tease the viewer and leave us wondering if anything will take off with his storyline. I sound like I'm complaining, but I'm not. It's always a joy to see Rick gracing my TV screen, I only wish I could formulate some type of story in mind for his character. Maybe in a few weeks! 

We see Noah enter the scene via the elevator, wearing those `nice' blue scrubs, and with X-rays in hand. He first appears to "stroll" out of the elevator, until he spots Monica sitting at the usual meeting-place area that`s off from the nurses desk, the red couch. He quickens his pace when he sees her. I didn't even notice Rick's shoes until some of the fans mentioned it. I had to go back and watch my recording again to see. It appears he had on his Simple Sneakers!! LOL (and still yet…bless his heart…his Sahara cancer bracelet). Very cool to see him wearing that on the set. 

Monica seems to think she will be taking over as Chief of Staff, but Noah tells her there's a good chance she may not, because of Dr. Ford. Noah seems disturbed by the hospital sending patients away because they don't have medical insurance. 

Then we get one more tiny little scene with Noah, and we learn that in fact he IS disturbed by Dr. Ford's actions. Noah approaches Robin and Patrick with a petition. He says he's organized an "opposition" against Dr. Ford for turning away the patients. He tells them there's a meeting in the cafeteria in a few minutes. He tells Patrick, "see you there," and that is pretty much it. This appears to be leading up to a story involving Noah, Dr. Ford and Monica. But we'll see……Kelley Pearson

Noah strolls out of the elevator with chart in hand {blue scrubs with black tennis shoes – nice combo!}. Monica is distracted and mentions feeling Alan's presence and Noah launches into complaining about the new ER policy. {Seemed like an odd change of topic, I guess Noah is done talking about Alan?} It then turns into the <insert foreboding music> topic of who will be the next Chief of Staff.

Noah then interrupts Robin and Patrick to play petition hound. He hands Robin the petition against the new hospital policy and Dr Ford and then mentions a meeting in 2 minutes. Robin signs it and then Noah walks away. {OK so I suppose we can infer that Noah had Patrick sign it earlier, since he did not offer it to him to sign and just says 'see you there' as he strolls off. One of the odder little 'pop-ins' by Noah! Particularly since right after Noah strolls off Patrick and Robin resume their little tiff.} - Jen H.