General Hospital
March 29, 2006

Scene 1 
Noah: Hey, Epiphany, how about another shot of morphine? 
Epiphany: Now you want it? 
Noah: Yeah, I'm in pain. 
Epiphany: And Patrick's due in, and you want to hide your symptoms from him. Do you think you can cover up the fact that you're dying from your own son? The boy's a royal pain, but he can read a chart. 
Noah: I taught him everything he knows. 
Epiphany: Like how to pickle a liver? How many ways can there be? 
Patrick: How's he doing? 
Epiphany: No change. 
Noah: Hey, you know, don't bother reading that chart. It just says I'm dying, and I -- I told the nurse to put a donor-refusal note on the paperwork. 
Patrick: I get it, ok? 
Noah: So I'm hoping that -- 
Patrick: You want to die and I've already agreed to let you. End of discussion. 

Scene 2
Noah: Hey, if you've got a miracle alternative to a liver transplant or a way to keep my liver from failing, bring it on. 
Patrick: Don't patronize me. 
Noah: Patrick, I willfully and with full understanding of the consequences, destroyed my own health. How can I justify putting myself on a transplant list above people more deserving? 
Patrick: Ok, you're going to die within days if we don't do anything. 
Noah: And  what would you say to the family of a man or woman who died because I took a liver meant for them? 
Patrick: We went over this during the epidemic. No one has the right to judge the value of one person's life versus another. 
Noah: I do when one of them is mine. 
Patrick: So yours is the only opinion that matters, screw everybody else who cares about you, including your son? 
Noah: You know what? Why -- why don't you take a vacation? You know, take your beside manner to a beach in the Bahamas, and when you get back, I'll be gone. 
Robin: When are you going to tell Noah that you put him on the donor list without his consent? 

Scene 3
[Monitor beeps] 
Noah: Back so soon? 
Patrick: I put you on the donor list. 
Noah: What? 
Patrick: To be honest, you've been there all along. And with your worsening condition, you've moved to the front of the line. 
Noah: Wait, what? What, did you forge my signature? Intercept my mail? 
Patrick: Yeah. I ran interference with the registry. 
Noah: What, assuming that I would change my mind? You -- you think I would be grateful and thank you for ignoring my right to make my own decision? To hell with you, Patrick! 
Patrick: Dad? Hey -- 
[Noah groans] 
Patrick: Relax. 
[Monitor beeps rapidly] 
Noah: Ah, it's -- it's all right. It doesn't make any difference -- no liver anyway. 
Patrick: Not yet. But getting you on the donor list also makes you available for a living-donor transplant. Now, I've gone through the screening, and the process is underway to get -- 
Noah: Patrick, we've talked about that! That is not going to happen! I'm going to call the I.C.U. Desk to make it official once and for all. What's -- oh, damn it -- oh -- 
Patrick: Dad? 

Scene 4
Robin: The coma indicates further deterioration. Noah's getting worse, Patrick. 

Patrick: It's a good thing he said he wanted the transplant. You heard him say it, right? 
Robin: Thank God Noah agreed to stay on the list. 
[shot of Noah in a coma]

[approximately 04:01 of Noah content]

 According to US

Noah asks Epiphany for a pain shot since Patrick is due for a visit. Patrick comes in and tells Noah he’s going to let him die {I adored Epiphany’s line about how many ways can there be to pickle a liver! Ha! A very good comeback to Noah’s ego/bravado. When Noah glumly mentions the donor refusal note, Patrick responds with a very sad face and glum face} 

Noah and Patrick have it out again over how Noah did this all to himself and he doesn’t feel he deserves the liver. Noah even suggests Patrick take a vacation now. Robin reveals that Patrick’s put Noah on the donor list without his consent. {Noah’s voice is quite weak during this scene – it builds up when he tries to convince Patrick to go away but overall it’s quite believable that he’s weakening.} 

Robin convinces Patrick to tell Noah about the donor list. When Patrick does it goes about as well as could be expected. Noah responds with rage and then when Patrick mentions the living donor option Noah really gets furious. But, when he attempts to call the ICU he passes out. {The weakening Noah explodes back to life with strong emotional comebacks to Patrick. Apparently strong emotional outbursts are not good on one’s liver. As Noah almost falls out of bed trying to call the ICU he about pulls all the sheets off the bed and appears to unhinge his oxygen tubes – how safe is that?}

Noah’s now in a coma {OK Robin says the coma indicates further deterioration and THEN she says Noah’s getting worse. What is that – first hospital speak and then a translation into easy English for the rest of us? Patrick appears to have tears in his eyes as he gets Robin to agree that they heard Noah ask for a transplant.} - Jen H.


The thing that stood out for me in Today's episode was the sadness in Patrick's eye's.  I really felt his pain at the thought of his father dying.  Really liked Rick's scenes, too. I just wonder how it was for him to have to lay there in a coma and not move (I'm assuming that's coming up in future episodes).   That could not be that fun for him. - rlh

I think Rick is doing a pretty good job pretending to be ill....he's got the voice down-pat, and the anguish in his eyes.  Patrick still looked more angry to me than upset.

It looks like a pretty easy day's work actually -don't have to shave (possibly not wash hair) and wardrobe is comfy - -:-) - Michelle P.

 The dialogue between Noah and Patrick is just about the same as usual today. It’s sad that Noah had to slip into a coma as they were arguing. Noah still looks good, even now. - Amy L.

Noah is pleading with Epiphany for a shot of morphine! What a cute remark from Epiphany about how many ways you can pickle a liver! LOL She is a hoot, I swear! She leaves & he and Patrick have a discussion about the morals of taking a liver over someone more deserving. I gotta hand it to Noah in some ways…he is big-hearted enough that he can't see taking a liver from another person. As a doctor, yeah, he totally knew what the alcoholism would do to his body. So he has some points. Then again…Patrick learned from his experience during the epidemic, so from his perspective as a doctor…no one can choose the importance of one life over another. That's right too, they should not play God. Noah tries to change the subject, so Patrick storms out, slamming the door. 

Robin & Patrick have put Noah on the donors list without his consent. Patrick goes in to fess up to Noah. Obviously Noah is ticked & becomes loud and angry…telling him "to hell with you Patrick!" Oh wow…Patrick goes on about how he can be a living donor for Noah. Noah gets pretty upset & when he reaches for the phone, he nearly topples out of bed…cursing all the way! Patrick gently helps him back into position. 

Oh shoot…his condition has worsened & he's now in a coma. Little hidden stuff here when Patrick tells Robin "it's a good thing he said he wanted the transplant. You heard him say it, right?" Great move on their part. I'm so glad they are making him take the liver! The tears in Patrick's eyes at the end of the scene brought tears to MY eyes! Super acting on Jason's part. - Kelley Pearson