General Hospital
March 30, 2006


Scene 1 
Alan: Patrick, don't get ahead of yourself. I know you've started the process, but there's a lot of work left to be done -- lab panels, psych tests, and even then, you still may not make the cut. Only 20% of living donor applicants are ever approved for transplants. 
Patrick: There's nothing you can tell me about a living donor transplant that I don't already know. I'm not only versed on every stage of the protocol, I can tell you the risks to both my father and I backwards while standing on my head. 
Alan: Then you know that what I'm saying to you is true. 
Patrick: Don't you get it? I don't have the luxury of time to go step for step for your almighty protocol. 
Alan: Look, I know you're living in hell and I'm sorry -- 
Patrick: You're sorry, Alan? Listen to me -- my father is dying right before my eyes! Now, I will go through you, through this hospital, and through anyone else who stands in the way of giving my father a chance to live! 
Alan: Ok. Now, I want you to take a deep breath. I understand your frustration, but you're not going to help your father by threatening me. Now, I want you to find yourself a nice, quiet corner and get a hold of yourself. I will speak to you later when you're calmed down. 

Robin: Alan's right. Being -- 
Patrick: Don't. You are not going to do this. I'm not going to let you kill yourself. 

Scene 2
Patrick: Dad, dad, dad. Determined to be the bane of my existence till the bitter end. You won't take a transplant because you don't think you deserve it. Won't take part of my liver, either, because you don't want to risk my health or you can't stand the thought of owing me that much. Expect everybody to just sit around, twiddle their thumbs, and watch you die. Well I have a problem with that. See, I save lives. That's what I do and you can only blame yourself for that. You gave me the love for healing, a role model of sensitivity and brilliance. I didn't get much of the sensitivity part, but you have to admit, I took your brilliance and raised you one. What I'm trying to say is you gave me my life, twice. And now you expect me to not try and save yours? I've never lost a patient, not once. You're not going to be my first. I am not going to let you haunt me. 

[approximately 02:14 of Noah content]

 According to US

Patrick and Alan are arguing about following the proper protocol for the living donor transplant. Alan wants to follow it and Patrick just wants to save his dad. {What a nice testy argument between Alan and Patrick. Poor Alan – likely one of the meatiest scenes he’s had in awhile. OK now I have to share my squeal factors of this scene…. During Patrick’s rant that starts with “You’re sorry Alan? Listen to me….” Patrick says sorry and his Canadian accent shows through again. I love that. Plus as he raging at Alan the veins in his throat are bulging… wow, these guys might really be related, since I had a sudden flashback to a Rick concert } 

Patrick talks to Noah while he lays in a coma {HOLY COW! OK why couldn’t Patrick have said a tenth of this when Noah was awake? His ego still shows through what he says but it is also clear that he truly cares for his father} 

Robin tries to talk Patrick out of Jessie’s surgery to avoid the appearance of intent should anything go wrong. {Where is the DUM DUM DUM music? Nice foreshadowing there.} - Jen H.

 Well, all we see is Noah laying in a coma, while Allen, Patrick and Robin discuss the donor options. I think when Patrick sits down and has a heart to heart (that is only one-sided since Noah is out of it) with his dad, is something they should have swallowed their pride and done a long time ago. - Amy L.

Alan & Patrick discuss the transplant while peering in Noah's room through those blinds. Now Patrick is angry (and red in the face!) because Alan says there are several tests that need to be done. Patrick feels time is ticking away. He is fighting for his dad! 

This is probably one of my favorite scenes yet, even if Noah IS just lying there in a coma. Patrick is really opening up to his dad. I found it to be very moving. And Jason brought it forth so well! I was glad that Robin "happens" to hear the confessions from Patrick. It kind of gave her a personal, and honest look at who Patrick really is. I like when Patrick tells his dad that it's because of him that he has a love of healing. Too sweet. Then there's that "haunting" thing again. Patrick near tears says to Noah "I'm not gonna let you haunt me." He turns his head & sees that Robin has been listening. - Kelley Pearson