General Hospital
March 31, 2006

Scene 1 
Bobbie: Oh, hey. How long were you standing there? 
Patrick: Not long. 
Bobbie: I can save you the trouble. Noah's worse. Has anything come up on the donor registry? 
Patrick: No. 
Bobbie: He's running out of time. 
Bobbie: Patrick, you'll keep me posted? Ok. 
Patrick: You've still done nothing to change my mind. I'm going to do everything in my power to save your life. 

Scene 2
Alan: We just lost Jesse Beaudry. 
Bobbie: Oh. I was afraid that was coming. 
Alan: Well, it's a miracle he didn't die at the scene. Patrick did everything he could. 
Bobbie: Yeah, well, unfortunately, sometimes our best just isn't enough, is it? I'm sorry. I'm -- 
oh, I'm sorry for Jesse. I'm sorry for lucky. They were partners, and Maxie's in love with him. 
Alan: Well, it's a tragedy all the way around, but there is one redeeming factor --Jesse was an organ donor, and Noah's the most compatible.
Bobbie: Is Noah getting Jesse's liver? 
Alan: There's a chance. I'm going to put things in motion right now. 
Bobbie: Noah, did you hear that? You're going to make it. 

[approximately 01:51 of Noah content]


 According to US

Robin’s still trying to find someone to do Jesse’s surgery instead of Patrick – to no avail. {Is it Patrick’s use of the word MOOT that convinces Robin to give up and let him do the surgery? Really – who can argue when language like that is used? }

Patrick comes upon Bobbie in Noah’s room. {OK why was Bobbie worried about how long Patrick was standing there? What exactly was she saying or doing to Noah?? And Patrick tells Noah he hasn’t done anything to change his mind…. Since when? Since he lapsed into a coma? Was he sending him brain waves as a form of combatant conversation now?}

{Random side note – nice outfit Georgie. Not exactly the ‘sit and comfort my sister in the hospital type of mini-skirt/knee high socks I would have chosen!}

Alan finds Bobbie in Noah’s room and delivers the news that Jesse died and he may be the donor for Noah. {Oh Oh Bobbie’s back in Noah’s room? She did not hang out with him this much when he was conscious but now she’s hanging around his bedside nonstop. And why would Alan come to the room? Was he planning on just telling Noah? Why not page Patrick?} - Jen H.

There may be a chance that Noah could get Jesse’s liver, since he was shot and he couldn’t be saved. Bobbie leans in and tells Noah, “Did you hear that?” Well, hello! No, he probably didn’t , he’s in a coma….LOL - Amy L.

Robin learns that Jessie's blood type and Noah's match. She tells Patrick that if he operates on Jessie and he dies, it will appear that he let him die, so Noah could have Jessie's liver. Of course the hospital will have to get permission from Jessie's Girl about the donation. (I couldn't resist!) So Robin finds a surgeon who can operate on Jessie and to her surprise, the doc is a cute blonde that Patrick once knew!! LOL Patrick rubs it in! He also INSISTS he alone will be doing Jessie's surgery. Good try Robin!

Bobbie is hanging by Noah's bedside. She is obviously concerned for him & wants Patrick to "keep her posted." Patrick talks to Noah, telling him he still hasn't given up on him.

Alan & Bobbie chat over Noah, still in the coma, about Jessie dying during surgery. Bobbie is thrilled to learn that Noah will get Jessie's liver. Bobbie whispers to Noah, "you're gonna make it." 

Out by the nurses desk some of the staff are whispering/gossiping about Patrick losing Jessie and how "ironic" it is that Jessie is the perfect donor for Noah. GOSH I knew that was coming for Patrick. It's the chance he took. He tells Robin, "you think I did this on purpose." No, I don't think Patrick would. I think it really was too late for Jessie anyway.- Kelley Pearson