General Hospital
April 03, 2006

Scene 1 
Patrick: Did you get the news about the transplant? 
Epiphany: Your dad's getting the liver he needs. 
Patrick: Yeah, well, tell him that. He's going to be furious when he wakes up and finds out what happened. 
Epiphany: What are you babbling about? As far as I know, your father asked you to put him on that donor list. Isn't that how it went? 
Patrick: Right. Could I have a minute with him? 
Epiphany: Make it quick. 
Patrick: I was trying to remember the last time I told you I loved you. I think it was the Christmas before mom died. I've let a lot of other emotions get in the way, but there's no room for them now. All that matters is that we're here, and I'm not letting you die. Because I love you and I'm proud to be your son. You were my hero when I was a kid, dad, what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I still see that man in you. And I know you're going to be angry when you get out of this and you see what I've done. But if you live, it's going to be worth it. 

Scene 2
Bobbie: Noah, I was supposed to be on the O.R. Team, but I resigned because I knew I'd be too emotional, because I care too much about your survival. Don't give up. You have so much to live for. 
Patrick: Good luck. I'll be waiting. Take good care of him. 
Epiphany: We'll do our best. 
Patrick: Nothing to do but wait. 
Robin: Mind if I wait with you? 

[approximately 01:51 of Noah content]

 According to US

Noah is being prepped for surgery. {Again, a type of conversation that can only seem to happen when one of them isn’t awake -- Patrick tells Noah for the first time since before his mother died that he loves him. Even that he’s proud to be his son. Proud? It’s sweet but up till now either man would only use that word to describe their own talents. It’s very sweet when Patrick leans in and kisses Noah on the forehead.}

Noah is being wheeled into the OR and Bobbie and Patrick have to say one last thing. {I suppose it’s not too surprising now that Bobbie’s around again and initially wanted to be in the OR with him… she’s turning into a bit of stalker all of a sudden. Perhaps all the words that Patrick has spoken since the coma have been sweet – but when he tells Noah he’ll be waiting and rubs Noah’s chest it just speaks volumes. It was a just touching thing to see (obviously literally ).}

Bobbie waits with Patrick in Noah’s room and Patrick gives some more back history on their life story. Epiphany comes in and tells Patrick that Jesse’s liver was not viable. Patrick immediately decides that he’ll be a living donor for Noah. {Not viable? Nooo… all those wonderful Jesse’s Liver lyrics down the drain (to the tune of Jessie’s Girl of course). I wonder if this story was tweaked when the writers realized the jokes they were walking into!} - Jen H.

Patrick FINALLY says some very sweet things to Noah, but Noah is out of it, so he obviously doesn’t hear any of it. Why couldn’t Patrick talk to his father that way before it all went this far?

Then, on the way to the OR, Bobbie is in Noah’s face again trying to tell him stuff, which we know he can’t hear…gosh, I thought that was so cheesy. If there had to be an explanation why she couldn’t be there in the OR for the surgery, couldn’t she have explained that to Patrick of even Epiphany? She could have stayed outside of the OR and lurked like everyone did when Jason had his surgery. Geez! - Amy L.

Epiphany & Patrick are talking over an unconscious Noah. Epiphany knows about the consent form ordeal, but it's not really spoken aloud. I like the cute little smile from Patrick! 

Touching….Patrick tells Noah he loves him and that he's proud to be his son. YAY! I wish Noah could hear him! He even gets his dad by the hand & then kisses him on the forehead. Yet again, (and I'm glad she did) Robin witnesses this rare moment. 

As Noah is wheeled in Bobbie is giving Noah words of faith & encouragement. Patrick returns to Noah's room where he sits on the bed, crying. Robin joins him and Patrick recants the miserable night of his mom's death. I DO think it would be horrible from Patrick's perspective, that he heard the news from an intern, rather than 

Dr. Drake/dad. It was Noah's responsibility as his dad, AND as a surgeon. It's sad the path that Noah took, going straight to the bottle, but this may be what it takes to turn him around. (and his son) This was all around another touching scene. It was also a sweet talk they had about each other, and that she may be sorry if Patrick were to die. Bravo to the writers at GH! I loved this part. - Kelley Pearson