General Hospital
April 5, 2007

Scene 1
Patrick: Why is this chart logged for transfer?
Nurse: Dr. Ford requested that patient be sent to county.
Patrick: McMillan has acute spinal periosis. As his chart clearly indicates, his sensory motor functions will erode with every passing hour. Ford is going to send him off to some overcrowded facility?
Noah: Hey, if that's McMillan's chart, I need to take it. Thanks.
Patrick: Oh, let me guess. So you and ford can take care of the rich?
Noah: No, so I can operate on him as soon as Dr. Ford goes home.
Patrick: You go against board and you'll be suspended for violating hospital procedure.
Noah: So will you if you assist. And when ford finds out, we can tell him both where to stick it.
Patrick: Well, count me in.
Noah: Prep O.R. One.
Patrick: Wow, you look tense. Trouble in paradise already?
Robin: No trouble at all, but thanks for your concern.
Noah: All right, what's going on with you two?
Patrick: There is no "us two."

[approximately :53  of Noah content]


According to US

I must say…I was pleasantly surprised to see Noah on GH today. He `snuck' in on me! Another incredibly short scene once again, but always a joy to see Rick doing `his thing as the handsome doctor.' He must really be tied up in this thing against Dr. Ford, because he keeps forgetting to shave! LOL Noah looked great today in his white doctor's coat, black shirt and tie! Did Rick/Noah get a haircut? It appears that he may have. Ok, so why don't any of *my* doctors create this much excitement in me when they enter the room?! 

There's not really too much to say about today's Noah sighting…since Rick only had a couple of lines. Noah hears Patrick fussing at a nurse because one of the patients has been transferred to `county' due to no health insurance (by Dr. Ford's orders). Noah plans to do the patients' surgery anyway and Patrick warns that Noah will get in trouble for going against Ford. Noah seems to care less. His face looks like a man who is ready for the challenge. He tells Patrick that when Ford finds out the surgery went ahead against his orders, then they can tell him `where to stick it.' Cute! I like that little attitude coming from Noah, especially for a good cause. Noah then learns in the next second (and I say `second' because he literally only had seconds on today's show) that Robin and Patrick have split up. As big as Noah is on the idea of Patrick being with Robin, I'd be surprised if he doesn't interrogate Patrick about what is going on between the two of them. Maybe with any luck, Noah will reappear on Friday's show. - Kelley Pearson


Patrick is ranting to some random nurse {apparently he'll rant at anyone} about a patient being transferred. Noah pops in {in a dapper tie!} and takes the chart from Patrick. He fills Patrick in on his dastardly plan to subvert Dr Ford, which Patrick gleefully agrees to. Then Noah notices the problems between Patrick and Robin. {What a busy guy: saving lives, under cutting the head honchos AND playing father… oh wait apparently he is so busy doing all of this we are unable to see it. We never do get confirmation that the surgery went off or that Dr Ford got told to stick it. What gives?} - Jen H.