General Hospital
April 07, 2006

Scene 1 
Robin: How's Noah doing?
Bobbie: He's stable and there's no sign of infection.

Noah: (delirious) Mommy, I won't let....I won't let you down.

Bobbie: Noah?

Noah: What's the..... surgery's gonna be, surgery's gonna be fine. Oh, what's the point of being a neurosurgeon if you can't  help your wife. I promise, I promise I'll get you through this Mattie.  Everything's going to be ok, baby. Don't, don't worry.

Bobbie: I'm not worried. I know you're a brilliant surgeon and I know that I'm in the best hands possible. 
Noah: I won't, I won't let anything happen to you. I love you.  I love you so much Mattie.
Bobbie: I love you too.

Scene 2
Noah: Bobbie, what happened?
Bobbie: How are you feeling?

Noah: Better, which is odd, considering (grabs side).  Why am I bandaged up?

Bobbie: You had surgery. It was exploratory.  They wanted to see how far your liver had deteriated. 
Noah: You're lying. I had a liver transplant, didn't I? Whose liver was it?
Patrick:  Mine.

[approximately 01:47 of Noah content]

 According to US

Noah begins to regain consciousness and is re-living his wife’s surgery. {I swear I first hear him say “Mommy, I won’t let you down” – not sure where Mommy comes in?!?} Noah is promising that he’ll get his wife through the surgery and Bobbie decides to play the role of his wife and talks back to him with encouraging words. Noah says “I love you. I love you so much, Mattie” and hugs Bobbie as she replies “I love you, too.” {OK the hug, was a pretty real hug, since when do delirious people respond with such physical movements? But at least now we have a name to go with Mrs. Drake!}

Noah wakes up and Bobbie is still in the room {Yep, she’s still stalking ya, bud! And now she’s wearing an odd green necklace}. He wants to know what happened since he feels better and realizes he’s bandaged up. Bobbie tries to tell him it was exploratory surgery but Noah sees through her lie and demands to know “Whose liver was it?” Just then Robin rolls Patrick into the room and he says “Mine”. {Well duh, the fact that he’s in a hospital gown and in a wheel chair might have said that for him!} - Jen H.

Epiphany breaks some bad news to Patrick & Robin that Jessie's liver will not work for Noah. So Patrick preps for giving part of HIS liver. But there are roadblocks along the way, like signatures. Robin forges the signature without a second thought. I like how the commercial/add for Coalition on Donation with Kimberly & Jason was slipped in during these shows. The two surgeries completed, the scene goes to Robin who's with Patrick…taunting him, flirting & teasing. Oh it cracks me up how she lets Epiphany take over doing his sponge bath. LOL 

Bobbie is with Noah (he's delirious coming out of the surgery.) He is babbling off stuff to Bobbie (which sounded like he was dreaming about his wife), and then out pops a name! Mattie. So my mind is going back trying to recall a Mattie, when I realize…he probably met her in Atlanta. She would not be in the Port Charles plot. Too sweet---"everything's gonna be okay baby," and then he pulls Bobbie down on his chest hugging her. 

Bobbie is the one who happens to be there when Noah wakes up. He wants to know why he's bandaged up, so Bobbie ends up lying to him, saying he had exploratory surgery. He KNOWS she is lying and wants to know who's liver it is. In comes Patrick in a wheelchair…"mine." - Kelley Pearson
Well, we finally get a name of Noah’s deceased wife today. In a state of delirium he mutters to her and how he will do everything to save her. Bobbie responds to his jabbering, by talking to him like she’s the dead wife. Hmmmm, kinda weird there.

Noah finally wakes up and discovers that he has had surgery and Bobbie lies to him? I knew he wouldn’t be stupid enough to fall for that. Then Patrick walks in and tells him it was he who gave him part of his liver. And he’s walking?? *Its only a soap, It’s only a soap* - Amy L.