General Hospital
April 10, 2006

Scene 1 
Patrick: You have 60% of my liver and another chance at life. Don't blow it. 
Noah: The surgery was performed without my consent. 
Patrick: You're too stubborn to save yourself, so I did it for you. 
Bobbie: Noah, you have a right to be upset, but Patrick was acting out of love. 
P.A. Announcer: Nurse Barbara Spencer, come to the fourth-floor nurses' desk. Barbara Spencer to the fourth floor. 
Bobbie: Um -- I have to get that. Noah, don't let your blood pressure rise. You need to rest. 
Robin: Oh. I'll be outside. 
Noah: You violated my rights. 
Patrick: So much for listening to Bobbie. 
Noah: I told you time and time again that I would not accept you as a living donor. You -- you just ignored me, besides breaking every rule of medical ethics, and you set yourself up -- 
Patrick: You're just angry that I could save your life when you couldn't save Mom's. The only thing that's been violated is your pride. 
Noah: You're an arrogant bastard. 
Patrick: You have a choice. You've been given another chance at life. You can take it or you can throw it away by drinking again. Either way, I've done everything I can. 

Scene 2
Noah: Why are you walking around? 
Patrick: Take a guess. 
Noah: It's too soon for you to be out of bed. 
Patrick: Shut up. You're unbelievable. It's not enough that you trash your own life. Now you want to go trash robin and the rest of the staff who gave a damn about you. Drop the lawsuit, get robin reinstated -- 
Noah: Nurse? 
[Patrick groans] 
Noah: Nurse! Nurse, my son has collapsed! Patrick -- oh, no -- Patrick? Nurse! 

[approximately 02:36 of Noah content]

 According to US

Noah is peeved that Patrick became his living donor against his wishes. {OK Patrick’s first words are basically ‘don’t blow it’? How about try, "I love you dad, I couldn’t stand losing you so I hope you’ll understand." No? Well of course not, I suppose a happy reunion wouldn’t make for great Soap TV.}

Since Noah reports his complaints to the Hospital they suspend Robin since she was a consultant on the case {OKie, so why wouldn’t they also suspend Patrick? He’s the one that became the donor and likely knew about his father’s wishes? Since he’s in the hospital bed he’s exempt from suspension?}

Patrick drags himself out of bed and goes to confront Noah {Don’t they have nurses to help him? Or perhaps he could pick up the phone and call him – I suppose that would not be as much fun as a face to face argument. And during the epidemic they could put two people in a room -- couldn't they put these two in ONE room? No attempts to cross the hall then. Granted they'd have to promise to be nice to each other but if just seems like it would be so much easier. Then, when Patrick collapses Noah just starts screaming NURSE and tries to sit up himself. Don’t the have call buttons for the nurse? Wouldn’t that be faster and smarter then screaming and hurting yourself? Although it does at least show that Noah has compassion for his son.} - Jen H.


Noah is being a real ass about this liver transplant, if you ask me! I realize Patrick and Robin went against his wishes, which WOULD be upsetting....but I was hoping he'd accept the "gesture" better than that. I have a feeling Bobbie will be giving Noah the 3rd degree over this thing with he and Patrick, especially since she already gave him a lecture on the roof that one day. 

I think I had said before that even when they are trying to make Rick look really bad for his part, that he still looked good! But on this episode...he was looking pretty rough!!! Don't know if it was the stubble or what?? But he definitely looked like he's been through the mill here! I wanted to follow Patrick into Noah's room myself...and knock him upside the head...LOL...when Robin got suspended. Noah is causing trouble for sure. BUT, who's to say how I'd feel in that very situation? He is trying to stand by what he believes in. I am really trying to see it from Noah's perspective. On the other hand, I tend to agree with Patrick. It is more about Noah's pride than anything else. That was good how he kind of told Noah off about it. Someone needs to "whoop up on" Noah right now!!!

And where was everyone when Patrick slipped out of his room??? We all know how busy the halls of a hospital are. In real life, I don't see a patient sneaking out of their room that easily. 

As a side note...I couldn't help but crack up when Manny took Elizabeth hostage and Lucky let her get away that easily...with his own wife!!! LOL It was easy enough for Elizabeth to run up behind him, and whack him on the back when he went after Skye. So why didn't Lucky attack him from behind? Manny totally turned his back on Lucky and went down the hall. I don't know! It was just bizarre to me. I had visions of Mick Barrett or Chris Chance flying out of nowhere and doing karate moves on Manny. I kept laughing after that part, picturing Rick kicking Manny's ass in the hospital. OH, but this is GH, and Noah is a doctor...a bedridden doctor for now...not a master in martial arts! (maybe he could teach Lucky some moves on the side).... With all the "danger" going on in Port Charles lately...they need someone who can kick butt! But then we have Jason...always pointing his gun. Maybe he will take care of business! - Kelley Pearson


I too thought he looked kind of bad, which I thought was very good. You're not supposed to look good lying in a hospital after major surgery and I'm so glad he's more into looking the part than looking good. I've always admired the actresses that are willing to forego their makeup in order to look sick and not worried about not looking pretty. I did think it was odd that Noah could barely move to get help for Patrick when he collapsed, but he sure managed to contact the legal department. - rlh

Patrick’s little comment to Noah “I’ve done all I can” as they argue over the transplant, really got me thinking. He could have sung to him “I’ve done everything for you…’ve done nothing for me”….LOL I couldn’t help that! I think I look for those Rick references on purpose. I can’t help it! - Amy L.

Noah is very upset that Patrick donated to him. As soon as Bobbie & Robin leave, it's ON. He feels they violated his rights. He calls Patrick an "arrogant bastard." He IS mad! Back in his room, Patrick's chat with Robin is interrupted by Miss Sneed. (yow, what a prude she is!!!) She tells Robin she is to be suspended for forging the consent form. Noah "tattled" on them! LOL 

Patrick makes his way to his dad's room to confront him over what's happened to Robin. He REALLY shouldn't be up with a fresh incision. Patrick collapses, bleeding, and Noah tries to get help him, but naturally he can't. He's got one of those same incisions! What was kind of comical to me was how Noah was hollering for a nurse. Hit the nurses button NOAH….that's why it's there, right by your hand! - Kelley Pearson