General Hospital
April 11, 2006

Scene 1 
Robin: How you feeling? 
Noah: Tell me about my son. What's happening? 
Robin: Well, he did ruptured a suture 
Noah: So he needs to go back into surgery? 
Robin: Yes. He'll only consent to it if I'm the one who operates, but I told him that I couldn't because I'd been suspended for consulting on your transplant. 
Noah: I didn't realize you'd be affected by this. Patrick's the one that did this. 
Robin: Patrick wanted me to tell you that your threat of a lawsuit is stopping him from getting the surgery that he needs. 
Noah: He pushes through a liver transplant against my wishes, now he's trying to blackmail me into dropping charges? 
Robin: You know what? Patrick is an arrogant, self-absorbed jerk. You know, I always wondered why he got the way he did. Now that I know you, it's pretty obvious. 
Noah: Yeah, well, it's a real pleasure talking to you, too. 
Robin: I'm usually more polite, but you and your son have a way of bringing it out of me. Listen, this is what's going to happen. I am going to perform the surgery. I will not have Patrick's death on my conscience. I mean, that could turn me into a bitter, angry drunk, and we all know how ugly that can be. 

Scene 2
Robin: I thought you'd want to know Patrick's procedure went well. 
Noah: You operated on him? 
Robin: There were no complications, it was fairly straightforward. The bleeding stopped, and he's recovering now. Your son's going to be fine. 

[approximately 01:46 of Noah content]


 According to US

Patrick tells Robin to go tell Noah to drop the lawsuit, voiding Robin’s suspension or Patrick will die. {Because Robin’s the only surgeon in the hospital? Oh wait, she’s not even a surgeon technically.}

Robin goes in to talk to Noah and gives him the update on Patrick. {So Noah didn’t know that Robin would be impacted by the lawsuit? He was just hoping to ruin Patrick’s career? I loved Robin telling Noah that’s she has realized where Patrick’s arrogant self-absorbed personality came from. Finally a little spunk from her. Then she throws in the possibility of becoming a bitter, angry drunk into Noah’s face – he looks part steamed and part hurt.}

Robin goes in to give Noah the update on Patrick. {After she tells Noah that Patrick’s going to be OK we get a shot of Noah with tears in his eyes while he takes a slightly ragged breath. Maybe... just maybe, the thought that he could have lost his son will rattle him enough to appreciate him?} - Jen H.

I loved Robin's scene with Noah today. Go Robin.

I just hope they move on from this, Noah needs to thank Patrick for his liver, Patrick needs to tell Noah he loves him, and find some other turmoil to involve them in. The self pity thing is starting to grow old. - rlh

I love the sarcasm and witty little comments flying between Noah and Robin today. However, they really need to get past all this same old argument and deal with it. What’s done is done! - Amy L.

Agree, agree agree -- just finished watching it . I loved all the scenes with Robin, Patrick and Noah today. Very well done. Robin never did say she really did the surgery - the vasectomy joke was a cute one.

Noah needs to accept, move past, and Noah and Patrick need to have a chat.

During the epidemic they could put 2 people in a room -- couldn't they put these two in a room? No more attempts to cross the hall for Patrick. Granted they'd have to promise to be nice to each other but if just seems like it would be so much easier. - Jen H.

Robin fusses at Patrick for getting out of bed. Now Patrick will need surgery again, and Robin plans to do it. So she kind of lays the guilt trip on Noah since Patrick says he wants only Robin to be the one performing the surgery. If it hadn't been for Noah's lawsuit, she could. Hmmm…pretty good tactic! But Noah sees through it. He calls it "blackmail." 

Robin teases Patrick about his upcoming surgery. (Pretty comical J ) Next scene, Robin lets Noah know that Patrick's surgery went fine. Deep breath & a look of relief from Noah after Robin leaves. The man loves his son! -
Kelley Pearson