General Hospital
April 17, 2006

Scene 1 
Robin: I guess this is goodbye. 
Noah: What are you talking about? 
Robin: I'm leaving the hospital. 
Noah: Then I'll see you tomorrow. 
Robin: No, I'm leaving for good, I've been suspended. And by the time it's lifted, I'll probably have lost my medical license. Thanks for that, by the way. 
Bobbie: Your son wanted to see you and he insisted that I bring him. 
Patrick: I want Bobbie to be fully informed about what's going on here. 
Bobbie: Oh. What's wrong? 
Patrick: My father is filing a lawsuit against the hospital. 
Bobbie: Why? 
Patrick: That's a great question. You'd think he'd be grateful since he got a healthy liver out of the deal. But instead he's in a snit because I put his name on the donor list and arranged for the transplant without his consent. Now he's stomping his foot and suing everyone involved, including robin, who got herself a double dose of trouble for stepping in to save my life while she was under suspension. Ms. Sneed from administration plans to report robin to the medical review board, get her medical license revoked. 
Bobbie: You're not really going to let this happen, are you? 
Noah: This is dr. Noah drake. Page ms. Sneed and he her r co to my room immediately. 

Scene 2
Ms. Sneed: Did I hear you correctly? You're withdrawing the lawsuit? 
Noah: Yeah, that's right, I am. 
Patrick: Why so disappointed, ms. Sneed? That's good news. Now we can go back to saving lives instead of spending time and money on some frivolous lawsuit. 
Ms. Sneed: Frivolous lawsuits are not cause for rejoicing, dr. Drake. As a matter of fact, they're actionable in court if you're admitting that you consented to the transplant and then filed a false claim -- 
Noah: Hey, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait, wait. Are -- are you threatening me here? I was heavily sedated after surgery. I wasn't thinking clearly -- something you and your administration should've done before you overreacted and started suspending people. As far as I'm concerned, the only one here who's negligent is you. Maybe someone should file a lawsuit against you. 
Ms. Sneed: Oh. 
Bobbie: Way to go, Noah. I've been waiting for years for someone to tell ms. Sneed where to stick it. 
Patrick: Yeah, nice work. I haven't seen that much backbone out of you in years. Looks like my liver's already making a difference. 
Noah: You'll save your accolades. You authorized major, life-threatening surgery on me against my wishes, without my consent. And if it wasn't for innocent people like robin and epiphany, I'd sue you up one side and down the other. As it is, we're going to have to duke it out somewhere else -- like the O.R. 
Patrick: You can't seriously be thinking about going back to work. 
Noah: Oh, damn right I am. You strutting around here like dr. Brilliant, doing whatever you want -- I'm a better surgeon than you'll ever be. By the time I'm done, anyone that matters is going to know it. 

[approximately 02:56 of Noah content]

 According to US

Footnote - Jama magazine - Journal of American Medical Association

Robin informs Noah that she’s in trouble {which she starts off vague enough – how about lead with the ‘I’m losing my license’ line?} The Patrick has Bobbie roll him into Noah’s room so that she can hear what dire things big bad Noah is doing to Robin. {Ok first kudos to Patrick for getting help and not hoping across the hall again! And why Bobbie, is she Noah’s moral compass now?} Noah caves and picks up the phone to call Ms. Sneed. {I love how Noah just sits with his arms crossed glaring at Patrick as he talks then in a huff grabs the phone to make the call. Like a little kid being made an example of!}

Noah drops the lawsuit and tells off Ms Sneed in the process. However before Patrick can be too happy Noah informs him that’s going to resume his spot above Patrick in the surgeon’s pecking {or preening?} order. {Another favorite Noah line – Are you threatening me here? to Ms. Sneed. Once he jumped on the other side of this argument he jumped with both feet! And gotta love how Bobbie celebrates by sticking her chest in Noah’s face. Then, when Noah throws the gauntlet down with Patrick the fire is back in his eyes and voice. It’s like an old time western duel – I’ll meet you out in the street and we’ll fire off at 8 paces . Another favorite Noah line – I’m a better surgeon that you’ll ever be. Nice!} - Jen H.

Noah can be so cocky sometimes, but I love it! He seems so carefree, sitting there reading his magazine and has not a worry in the world. Until, of course, everyone comes in and starts in on him about his lawsuit against the hospital. Then when he learns Robin could lose her medical license he gets cocky with Ms. Sneed. I loved that part! He more or less told her off. However, that is still far-fetched from the Noah we knew and loved from years back. - Amy L.

Really cute and funny scenes between Patrick & Robin after his surgery!!! She teases that she did a great vasectomy & that her stitching is so good in fact, she should take up quilting. LOL I loved watching him squirm! Sneed comes in on them & demands that Robin leave the hospital. She has been suspended, remember? ( I wanted to personally smack that Miss Sneed myself! What a hateful woman with no tact or emotion). 

So Robin enters to tell Noah goodbye. She sarcastically thanks him for causing her suspension. He is propped up in bed reading a doctors magazine. Do doctors really read that stuff during their free time?! Bobbie & Patrick come in and he informs Patrick of Noah's doings. Bobbie is unhappy about what Noah's done. So Noah calls for Miss Sneed to correct the problem. (he had to think about it though!) Miss Sneed (aka…Miss Snooty) comes in. I love how they end up "telling Miss Sneed off!" She acted like she could use it! Sneed storms out, obviously embarrassed, and Bobbie begins to praise Noah. Patrick gets cocky with Noah, and he throws it right back at him. He basically challenges Patrick, by saying he is a MUCH better doctor, and he will soon be proving just how good he is. That is pretty arrogant on Noah's part. That can only lead to trouble, bringing ego & competition into a situation where the docs are already having trouble seeing eye to eye. (well…that is mostly BECAUSE of their large egos & pride.) - Kelley Pearson