General Hospital
April 20, 2006

Scene 1 
Robin: Excuse me -- what do you think you're doing? 
Patrick: I was talking to Elizabeth. 
Robin: You should be in bed resting. 
Patrick: Ok, my mother died. I didn't apply for another one. I checked myself out. 
Robin: What is the big rush? Why can't you let your body heal in its own time? 
Noah: I want the Fitzgerald file on my desk asap. 
Epiphany: Are you asking me or telling me? 
Noah: Whatever gets it there quicker. 
Epiphany: Oh. Well, I already pulled the chart, and since you're so far up the road to recovery, I'm sure you can get it 
your office yourself. 

Patrick: If he's ok, I'm better. 

Scene 2
Patrick: So you're up? 
Noah: Yeah, I'm feeling better. Why, you worried? 
Patrick: Only that you're pushing it. 
Noah: What, my recovery? Or showing you up in the O.R.? 
Patrick: Why don't you save your energy for something you might actually accomplish? You'll never best me. 
Noah: Really? Why don't we compare calendars? What's on yours? 
Patrick: I've lined up a few consultations. 
Noah: Yeah, well, I've booked an assist. The Fitzgerald case. 
Patrick: Neither difficult nor groundbreaking. I had a similar case last year. 
Noah: Yeah, I read about it. I read about it. Patient could have woken up brain dead. Instead, he ended up with a minor disability. That's laudable, but I can do better. I've developed a technique. Reduces post surgical scarring to minimize neurological damage. And this is a perfect case to test it on. 
Patrick: Don't do this. 
Noah: Why? Can't stand the heat? 
Patrick: No, you can't afford another failure. You're not well enough to attempt something so intricate. 
Noah: I appreciate your concern, Patrick, but I beg to differ. 
Patrick: You're a vain, reckless fool. 
Robin: Could you give it a rest? Your father is barely out of surgery. 
Patrick: Are you defending him after he almost ruined your medical career? 
Robin: I'm overcompensating with your father because I'm ready to kill my own. 

[approximately 02:05 of Noah content]

 According to US

We find out Patrick has checked himself out because Noah’s done the same and is already back to work. {Looks like as a reward for surviving Noah bought himself a new shirt and tie! Black shirt with a striped tie, very nice. Once again Epiphany steals the scene by whopping Noah with the chart he wants to not so subtlety prove that he’s not completely recovered yet. Then the gleam and the little half smile towards Patrick just screams oh yeah it’s on now! }

Patrick encounters Noah in the locker room {grimacing as he puts on his white coat}. They quickly engage in another verbal contest over who will come out on top {I’m surprised they are not arguing over who has the longer tie, yes it is getting that low.} Patrick tries to convince Noah to take it slower but he only reads that as Patrick’s attempts to hold him back. {I loved how Noah’s eye brows shot up as he asks Patrick to compare calendars and then how he says he has a new technique. A healthy Noah certainly is a fun one to watch!}- Jen H.

First scene:
I love the interaction with Epiphany today. Very amusing! I looooved the look on Noah's face when he turned and looked at Patrick and Robin. That sexy little smile...mmmm very nice. How could anyone (even a non-fan) not love that?

Second scene:
Male Pride!! Will they ever get over it? GOSH!! The competition to see who is the better doctor is on, it looks like. I love seeing Noah be (let's see if I can come up with a word or 2) SASSY, COCKY, ARROGANT, CONCEITED......just to name a few. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, because Patrick does a pretty good job of keeping up with him. I love to see them interact with each other. Just give us MORE, PLEASE!! - Amy L.

Noah’s interaction with Epiphany is so cute, and that smile that he throws Patrick’s way (seeing him up and about) is PRICELESS! I must have re-wound and re-watched it a dozen times. 

You would think things were going to get better between father and son now, but gosh, they start to go at each other’s throats in the locker room. I just don’t see why they feel the need to compete with one another over their medical accomplishments. I guess it could be worse, they could be fighting over a woman! - Amy L.

Oh what a sweet day! Noah & Patrick are both up running around the hospital. Robin is scolding Patrick for being out of bed so soon. LOL She is quite the mother hen…I love it! 

Ahhh…we see a sharp dressed Noah talking to Epiphany, sounding like quite the authority! He is really looking good for a man who recently had a liver transplant. I'm glad though. I guess the portion of that youthful liver did him a world of good! Noah looks stunning I think, in his dark button up shirt and striped tie. J Epiphany nearly drops Noah down a notch when she smacks the patient file against Noah's chest. LOL…He almost grimaces. I believe she caught him off guard! From across the room, Patrick glances at Noah, then back to Robin saying "if he's good, I'm better." Oh yeah, let the games begin! What a sweet SWEET little smile on Noah's face when he looks over at Patrick & Robin! LOVE THAT PART. (a bit of a "Rick" look there).

So Patrick & his dad exchange words in the locker room about who's better than who, and how Noah is doing a brain surgery. He throws out a bunch of medical talk. I love the underlying tone in Noah's voice here. It's as if he's daring Patrick to show him up. He is being so damn cocky! (yeah, there's that word again…cocky.) I really expected Noah to be thankful to Patrick. (It's what I hoped for, but I know soaps…and things MUST be dragged out for effect and understanding of everyone's feelings…so okay, the drama between the two continues!) Noah leaves quickly and Patrick calls after him calling him "a vain and reckless fool." - Kelley Pearson