General Hospital
April 23, 2007

Scene 1
Patrick: I need copies of every tox screen you've done for dr. Scorpio in the last month. Ok, I'll be down in a few minutes.
Noah: Something needs to be done about dr. Ford. If he makes any more changes in the admission policy, we won't have patients left to treat. And we need to get the staff together, form a united front for the next board meeting.
Patrick: Yeah, I'm not big on administrative policy.
Noah: Yeah, maybe so. Every patient that comes through these doors has the right to treatment, whether they can afford it or not.
Patrick: I agree. I -- I don't have time to help right now.
Noah: What happened to your eye?
Patrick: It's nothing.
Noah: You know, when robin came into your life, I watched you evolve from an arrogant showoff to a caring physician. I would sure hate to see you backsliding over a broken heart.
Patrick: Look, dad, it's a little more complicated than that right now, ok? Hey, um, I made copies of all the labs on this special project.
Robin: What?
Patrick: I think if we work together we can isolate the toxin sooner.
Robin: No, no, absolutely not.
Patrick: Robin, you need my help on this.
Robin: You can help by minding your own business.
Noah: You know what? You two need to drop the personal drama and focus on your work. That is why you're here, right?

Scene 2
Noah: Nobody's sorrier than I am that you two couldn't find a way to make your relationship work, believe me. But whatever animosity you have towards each other should be left at the door. This hospital's in crisis. Not only is dr. Ford emerging as the strongest candidate for chief of staff, but medcam is positioning for a takeover. So if you guys care about your patients, you need to drop the personal drama and focus on the big picture. This hospital cannot afford to have doctors who do not conduct themselves in a professional manner.
Robin: You're right, I'm sorry. It won't happen again.
Noah: You know, I'm sorry if I came off sounding harsh, it had to be said.
Patrick: There are some personal situations a lot more serious than you can even understand.
Noah: Do you think I was being too hard on them?
Emily: You were being honest. Robin and Patrick have got to find a way to work together or the patients are going to suffer -- not that I'm in any position to judge. Breakups are hard enough as it is. I can't imagine what it must be like to have to work with the person who left you.

[approximately 2:23  of Noah content]

According to US

Noah is in his usual `environment' (by the nurses station, talking to Patrick) and he's stewing over Dr. Ford. Suddenly he sees Patrick has a black eye. I was worried for just a minute he might not even notice! He goes into the usual 'butt-chewing' mode that Noah has become so famous for lately. He begins lecturing Patrick about his and Robin's relationship. Little does Noah realize, the two of them are in the midst of a hostage situation involving Craig. (Isn't EVERYONE on soaps always wrapped up in some kind of major situation?!) He tells them to leave their personal drama at home from now on, that they're here to work. If only he knew…

As soon as Robin and Patrick are out of sight, he feels guilty for being too 'harsh.' He asks Emily if he came across that way. I always find it interesting to see him in even one scene that doesn't involve his usual scene characters. I was almost shocked when he spoke to Emily. I half expected him to `stomp off' through the hospital like he usually does, and not talk to another soul. Sometimes I want to call him "The Invisible Doctor." LOL 

I can't help but laugh when I hear Noah making comments (or preaching) to Patrick about acting `professional' within the hospital. Ok, so I guess 25 years away for Noah and he did do some growing up. It just sounds funny coming from a character who was always known for skirt chasing, hanging constantly around the nurses desk flirting it up with the nurses, and creating all sorts of drama at work! He helped create cat fights at the hospital on a weekly basis! So I guess it just sounds funny coming from him. He is supposed to be the `father figure' now, but I think it'd be nice to see Noah loosen up from time to time. 

Noah needs a lover…….that's what I think! <wink> - Kelley Pearson

Noah is ranting about hospital policy again {apparently that previous petition and meeting of almost a month ago did not have an impact}. Patrick tries to blow him off so he continues on his soap box. Noah notices Patrick’s black eye and becomes concerned that he is regressing after his split with Robin. Then Robin comes up and she and Patrick do their hushed argument routine and so Noah admonishes them for bringing their personal life to work. {Now? What about the 502 other times they got into arguments at work? Now that he is so policy focused Noah has become quite a policy enforcer.}

Noah rails at Patrick and Robin more about how their lack of focus can bring down the hospital {perhaps Noah needs to remember this history of this hospital, it was founded on doctors that conduct themselves in many more ways than a professional manner!}. Robin promises to reform and scurries away and Patrick stalks off. Then Noah turns to Emily and she tells him he did the right thing. {I thought for sure they would leave the scene looking at Noah, he has some history of working with former loves - right? Alas, they missed that one.} - Jen H.