General Hospital
April 24, 2007

Scene 1
Patrick: I have been bringing my personal problems to work lately and it's a bad precedent to set. We're at the hospital, we should be concentrating on medicine. 

Emily: Patrick, it would really help if I understood what was going on. Your situation with robin really affects mine with nikolas. Have the two of you patched things up? 
Noah: So -- hey, have you two decided whether you're going to join the revolt against dr. Ford? I'm sure you are because your mother's fighting for the position of chief of staff. 
Emily: Well, I'm an intern. I'm not in position to oppose a senior staff member. 
Russell: I got your message. What seems to be the problem? 
Noah: Look, dr. Ford, turning away patients because they can't afford the treatment is -- it's criminal. 
Russell: We have a responsibility to keep general hospital solvent for all of our patients. 

Scene 2
Noah: This hospital has a duty to treat any patient regardless of whether they have insurance or not. 
Russell: I agree we can't turn away patients in need of critical emergency care. But if a patient can't pay, they need to be transferred or released as soon as possible. 
Noah: With all due respect, dr. Ford, your definition of "as soon as possible" borders on the inhumane. 
Russell: We are a business as well as a hospital. If we can't pay staff and we can't maintain standards of patient care, then we'll be vulnerable to takeovers by H.M.O.S like medcam. 
Monica: me overtures to alan and he turned them all down. 
Russell: Alan was impractical. A hospital can't remain open if it can't break even. Now, there are difficult choices to be made if we are to assure the survival of general hospital. 
Noah: Oh -- that was cold. 
Monica: Well -- 
Noah: Look, I'm sorry about what he said about Alan. That was -- 
Monica: No, that's all right. I mean, what he said wasn't very nice, but he did bring up some issues that we do have to consider. 
Noah: Well, you're more tolerant than I am. 
Monica: Hmm. 
Emily: You ok, mom? 
Monica: Oh. Yeah. It's not just ford, it's -- every moment I'm in this hospital reminds me of Alan. 
Emily: I know. 
Monica: Just one day at a time, take it one day at a time. It just doesn't -- it doesn't seem to be getting much easier. 
Emily: Is there anything I can do to help? 
Monica: Oh, just being here helps, sweetheart. 

[approximately 2:20  of Noah content]

According to US

Noah enters the scene by sneaking up behind Emily and Patrick at the nurses desk. I thought he looked especially good on this episode. Maybe it was the dark blue `doctor wear`?! He wants to know if they are going up against Dr. Ford. 

Dr. Ford enters by way of elevator and Noah is finally seen going head to head with him. Noah is furious that Ford wants to turn away, or quickly `release' patients without insurance. I figure, at least Noah is fighting the good fight. I love his determination. (and the fixed look on his face!) I wonder how many others on the staff are in this opposition with him? I keep waiting to see if a story comes out of this.

Noah consoles Monica just briefly, and tells her she is `more tolerant' than he is. And he's OFFFF! 

Wouldn't it be a hoot to see Noah in a scene with Spinelli? Hey, I'm up for that. I'd like to see if he could interpret Spinelli's code language. 

I realize "Noah" is touring at the moment, but I would like to see a better storyline materialize for him in the near future.  - Kelley Pearson

Patrick is reciting the lessons learned from his father when Emily tries to pressure him for information. Noah comes up, championing the revolt again {Is that all hes been doing for the past month?} Dr Ford appears and Noah hits him with his accusation. Dr Ford {almost sighs} and simply says he is going it for the good of GH. {Oh what riveting TV.}

Noah and Dr Ford continue bantering back and forth with Noah preaching patient care and Ford countering with dollars and the bottom line. Even Monica jumps in to support Noah's argument {while Patrick, Emily and Robin stand enthralled by it all}. Ford ends with the always impactful 'survival of the hospital' and then when Monica admits he brought up some good points Noah shrugs it off and slinks away. {Noah is not getting too far in winning this argument, apparently he needs more than saying it's the 'right thing to do' although if he gives this up, will we ever see him again?} - Jen H.