General Hospital
April 26, 2006

Scene 1 
Robin: I'm worried Mrs. Dixon's condition is inoperable, which is why I wanted to get your input before I gave my prognosis. 
Patrick: Why can't you just admit that you wanted to see me again? 
Robin: What? 
Patrick: You feel awkward and you should, the way you stormed out on me last night. 
Robin: "Stormed out"? Excuse me, you practically booted me out when miss blondie showed up. 
Patrick: If I remember correctly, you're the one that tore open the door and told Gwen that I was all hers. 
Robin: That's right. I wouldn't want you if you were the last man -- 
Patrick: "If I was the last man on earth," I know. 
Robin: Yes. 
Patrick: The more you say it, the less I believe it. In fact, it's starting to sound like a come-on. 
Robin: You're deluded. 
Patrick: And you're busted. Could I have Mrs. Dixon's chart, please? 
Nurse: Oh, he beat you to it. 
P.A. Announcer: Code blue, I.C.U. Four. Code blue, I.C.U. Four. 
Noah: Oh, robin, I was just going over Nancy Dixon's chart. It's a difficult procedure, but I am going to do it. 
Patrick: Mrs. Dixon is my patient. 
Noah: And what gave you that idea? 
Patrick: Robin brought me in for a medical consult. You can't just go around cherry-picking patients from other doctors. 
Noah: Well, see, Nancy Dixon's a friend of Alan Quartermaine's and he specifically asked me to handle the case. 
Robin: I'm sorry. I should've checked with Alan first. 
Patrick: You're the doctor of record. If she needs surgery, I'll be the one that's doing it. 
Noah: You might want to look at the chart first. 
Patrick: There is no way in hell I will ever let you do this. 
Noah: I'm the senior surgeon here, and I'm telling you I'm performing this case. 
Patrick: Where do you get your confidence from, huh? Prior experience? 
Noah: I'm more qualified than you are. 
Patrick: You'd actually risk an innocent life at a chance at redemption, wouldn't you? 
P.A. Announcer: Dr. Drake at 502. 
Noah: Redemption -- 
P.A. Announcer: Dr. Noah Drake -- 
Noah: You call it what you want, but I'm not losing this one. 
Robin: What's that about? 
Patrick: My dad did that surgery once before, a woman with the exact neurological condition. 
Robin: Oh. Was it your mom? 
Patrick: Yeah. I can't let him cut open this woman. 
Robin: Because when he couldn't save her, he fell apart. 
Patrick: If I let him fail again, it'll destroy him forever. 

[approximately 02:15 of Noah content]

 According to US

Robin wants Patrick to consult on a case but Noah’s already got the case file. When Patrick tries to claim ownership Noah trumps him with Alan’s name. When Noah let’s Patrick see the chart he immediately says he won’t let Noah perform the surgery. {Patrick’s face and the sudden music clue you in that something important is in that case file!} Noah says he will, they trade a few more snide remarks and then Noah is paged. {I like how the page first says Dr. Drake and then corrects it with Dr. Noah Drake – so it was clear which Dr the page was for.} After Noah leaves Patrick reveals that this case mirrors his mother and he fears another failure would destroy Noah. {So perhaps Noah is more qualified than Patrick because of his experience but I’d also question his motivation for this surgery. While it a good thing that you have faith in saving your patient – Noah’s setting this up for disaster. He’s not going to lose ‘this one’, but we’ve already been told his wife had terminal cancer and the odds were not good thus I’m assuming they still are not in this case…that’s a big risk!} - Jen H.

Ok, here we go again, fighting over a patient. Who is going to do the surgery? Noah insists that he can do it , because he is the Sr. Doctor and Patrick doesn’t want him to because it’s the same surgery that killed his mother. I am beginning to not ‘get’ these two. Maybe Allen needs to step in and do his job and get his employees under control. - Amy L.

Robin & Patrick are quarreling over their disaster of a date from the night before. Will those two ever get together??? The constant teasing is about to get frustrating in my opinion. Patrick wants the patients chart and Robin tells him Noah beat him to it. Sooo here we go again. Another confrontation, head-bashing session for the two docs. I hate to say it, but their constant bickering over this mess is starting to get on my nerves! Apparently the patients condition is the exact same thing Noah's wife had, so naturally Patrick thinks Noah has no business doing the surgery. He feels Noah is only wanting this one for a chance at redemption. I wish they'd move on already. - Kelley Pearson