General Hospital
April 28, 2006


Scene 1 
Carly: Here's how it works, ladies. The names of our men are in this bowl. You take one at random. It's all by chance here, fate or whatever you want to call it. And since I'm your hostess, I'll go first. What did I say about fate? Jasper jacks. Well, looks like it's you and me, kid. 

Scene 2
Jax: As your host and hostess, in the interest of fairness, Carly will be picking last, and I will remain on the proverbial block. 
Carly: Of course. Whatever was I thinking?
Jax: Careful -- your jealous streak is showing. 
Carly: Don't flatter yourself. So, who wants to go first? 
Robin: I guess I will. 
Carly: Emily? 
[Fast dance music plays] 
Carly: Sonny's not here. Don't you want to take a chance on someone else? 
Emily: Patrick drake. 
Carly: Ooh. 
Patrick: Nice. 
Carly: Patrick. 
Carly: Mom? 
Bobbie: Nikolas Cassadine. 
Women: Whoo. 
Elizabeth: Lorenzo Alcazar. 
Lulu: Oh, yes. Dillon Quartermaine. 
Dillon: Huh. 
Sam: Ahem. Ric Lansing. 
Maxie: Do I have to? 
Carly: Random. 
Maxie: All right, better me than someone else. Diego alcazar. Any physical contact with me and I'll slap you. 
Georgie: I -- Noah Drake. 
Carly: Oh. 
Robin: Jax. 
Jax: Excellent. Give us a chance we haven't had to really catch up. 
Carly: Great. 
Carly: Sonny Corinthos. 
Max: Scotch. Make it a double. 
Carly: What are you doing here? 
Max: Mr. C sent me in his place. Who'd I get stuck with? 
Carly: Me. 
Max: Oh, yeah? Ahem. 


Scene 3
Nikolas: I would like to take this opportunity to thank you. 
Bobbie: For? 
Nikolas: For reaching out to me when I was in a dark, angry place. Not many people did, and I appreciate it. 
Bobbie: I have always seen the good in you, Nikolas. Welcome back. 
Nikolas: Thank you. 
[Glasses clink] 

Georgie: So, I'm married, and I'm juggling work and juggling school, and I still have to find something to wear to prom, and -- you're completely bored, aren't you? 
Noah: No. No, no. Of course not. 
Georgie: It's ok. I'm a little distracted myself. 
Lulu: I'm really glad that I picked you. There are so many things that I can't talk about with anyone else. 
Dillon: Like what -- Luke? 
Lulu: Well, yeah. I mean, I'm trying not to, but I'm just really worry about him, and I want to know if your mom really hooked up with Robert Scorpio. 

Scene 4
Georgie: So, do you think you could give me some advice? 
Noah: Sure. I mean, if I can. 
Georgie: Ok. So, I can't decide between this great little taffeta number with, you know, a pleated kick skirt, or something tea length in satin. What do you think? 
Noah: Are you serious? 
Georgie: No, I'm completely kidding. Hold on a second. I'll be right back. Hi, I'm so sorry to interrupt. I have an emergency at table six. My date is about to die of boredom. Since you're the best nurse around, I was wondering if you could possibly switch me and revive him. 
Bobbie: I will do my best. 
Georgie: Thank you. 
Nikolas: Well, that was very thoughtful. 
Georgie: Yeah. I guess famous neurosurgeons aren't fascinated with the finer points of prom attire. Go figure. 
Nikolas: Something tells me you're not where you would like to be, either. Come on, come with me. Ahem. Excuse me. Sorry to interrupt, but I haven't had dinner with my sister in far too long. Any objection to switching partners? 
Dillon: None from me, no. 
Lulu: Yeah, I'd love to spend time with you. 
Georgie: Thank you. 
Nikolas: You're welcome. 
Dillon: You know, for the record, I think I just noticed how beautiful you look tonight. 
Georgie: That's not surprising. You haven't looked my direction much all night. 
Maxie: Must be nice to be so connected. 
Diego: What are you talking about? 
Maxie: Well, you're arrested one day for stealing a car, and the next, you're at a black-tie event ogling my married sister. 
Diego: Oh, man. It makes you feel really good to look down on me, doesn't it? So what got you into this fancy event, hmm? Was it the allowance that you get from your police commissioner daddy? Yeah? No? Hmm. See, I grew up on the street, ok? Sometimes, you had to steal to eat. But you, princess -- you just grew up surrounded by people who loved you. Hell, you even cheated death once with somebody else's heart. Huh. Isn't that nice? And every privilege known to mankind is yours for the taking. So tell me something, Maxie. What are you doing with your pathetic life that's so much better than what I've done with mine? 


Scene 5

Carly: Can you believe that wench? 
Max: Who? 
Carly: Robin. You know what she's doing right now? She's poisoning Jax against me. And he's laughing -- that jerk. I even rigged it so I would draw his name and we could spend the whole night together. But, no, he had to be fair. Even after I proposed and everything. 
Max: Say what? 
Carly: He didn't even have the decency to answer me. Can you believe that? Oh, I see. You think it's crazy that I asked him to marry me, don't you? I mean, I know it's crazy. I think it's crazy. And I fought it with everything I have. But I'm done. I just can't deny the truth anymore. It's you, max. It's always been you. That's why I went crazy. I couldn't stand the constant pressure of fighting this overwhelming feeling I have for you. 
Max: This isn't a good idea, Mrs. C. We weren't meant to be. 
Carly: I'm going to show you how wrong you ar everyone, can I have your attention, please? I have a very important announcement to make. Max, get up here. Do you see this handsome, strapping, wonderful man? I love him with all my heart, and my only hope is that someday he'll feel the same way. 
Max: I've loved you all along, Mrs. C. 
[Music plays] 
Carly: Max? Max? Max? Max! What are you doing? 
Max: Ahem. Uh -- it's hot in here. Uh -- ahem. 
Robin: What's up with that? 
Jax: Oh, well, I think she's just trying to be a good friend. 
Robin: Oh, please. 
Jax: I realize you don't like her. 
Robin: To put it mildly, yes. 
Jax: Look, Carly has been through several life-altering experiences, and it's really changed her. I mean, for proof, you don't have to look any further than this war between sonny and Jason. They put Carly in a position where she had to choose, and guess what -- she chose herself. And not in a selfish way, in a good way. I like her. I like her a lot. I'm just not sure about this marriage thing. 
Robin: What marriage thing? 

Scene 6

Jax: I know. It took me by surprise, as well. But I guess that's Carly for you. One surprise after another. She makes my head spin. And that takes a lot. 
Robin: Ok, you have a newborn. You should be concentrating on keeping your head on straight right now. 
Jax: Yeah, well, that was another surprise. You know, the way she helped me with my son. 
Robin: Please tell me you're not thinking of asking Carly to marry you. 
Jax: I'm thinking about how I'm going to respond to her proposal. 

Scene 7

Carly: Must be hell on you, in the middle of sonny and Jason and being friends with both. 
Max: I keep telling myself Jason will give in and things will go back to being the way they used to be. 
Carly: It doesn't seem possible at this point. 
Max: You know Jason. He doesn't care about running the business. When he really understands how bad this is tearing sonny and everyone else apart, he's going to let go -- of everything. 
Carly: I'm terrified they're going to kill each other -- over Emily. 
Max: It's not Emily. It's about principle -- the right to be who you are, to be who you want to be with. I mean, Jason gets that better than anyone. He's going to come around, Mrs. C. I know he will. 
Carly: Thanks, max. 
Carly: Everyone, I have a very important announcement to make. 
Carly: Put on your dancing shoes. It's ladies' choice. 
Robin: I paid a lot of money to be here tonight. And I plan on getting my money's worth. Can you spare the attention? 
Patrick: Can you handle the competition? 
Robin: I wasn't talking about the other women, I was talking about your father. You've been staring at him all night. 
Patrick: Distract me. 

[approximately 12:00 of Noah content- mostly background]


 According to US

I was disappointed with the so-called "auction" last Friday. I loved seeing Noah in a tux, and the the looks he and Bobbie were giving each other were priceless. But, I was hoping for some really good scenes between them after they were paired off together, and that never happened. During the Carly/Max scenes, I thought it was interesting how Bobbie and Noah were deep in conversation and Nicholas Cassadine looked like he was suffering from a major headache. - Charlotte P.

The auction! What a joke…I didn’t get how they matched up these couples and then Noah is paired with Georgie? I thought an auction was when you had a man “up for bid” and then you could pick who you wanted and that was the whole point of bidding. Well, anyway….Noah had only 3 little pitiful lines and we could just see him smiling and acting amused in the background for the rest of the day. Not a good day for Noah Drake fans! - Amy L.

A break in the action...the occasion? Carly’s auction fundraiser for a Tony Jones dedicated wing at GH. The ladies will pick a name from the bowl to determine their date for the night. {OK any excuse to get Noah into a tux is a good one in my opinion but Noah get’s a bit screwed because you cannot see him on the stage until the second shot and even then it’s pretty small. Plus – Carly needs a lesson in fundraising 101. I’m sure the new wing will cost a lot and the easiest way to raise money is to have bidding wars. OK so no one is really going to go nuts bidding on Dylan, but I’m certain Noah could bring in some big bucks }

When Bobbie gets her chance she looks expectantly at Noah, and Noah licks his lips. Alas, she selects Nikolas’s name from the bowl. However when she’s hugging Nikolas she’s still looking at Noah and he’s smiling until he sheepishly looks down. {OK so I see they are setting up these pairs to effectively work on several story lines all at once – so if they couldn’t have paired Bobbie & Noah together at least we get some of these enticing looks between them.} In the end Noah ends up with Georgie. {oh yeah, err.. yawn }

Bobbie and Nikolas are chatting but she leans over and looks towards Noah & Georgie and Noah gives her a nice smile {and eyebrow wiggle} while he’s being bored to tears by Georgie who is prattling on about what she’ll wear to prom {OK who would find THAT interesting anyway?}

Georgie is still tormenting Noah but thankfully she switches places with Bobbie. {Noah’s face is pretty funny while he tries to feign interest in Georgie and then reacts in shock when she’s asking him for fashion advice. Bobbie sure hustles over to Noah’s table too – barely gives Nikolas another look.} While Maxie and Diego are verbally sparring Noah is in the background nodding his head and apparently having a good time with his new dinner partner. Then when Sam and Patrick are talking and again Carly and Max are chatting you can see Noah and Bobbie. {I suppose a nice peaceful conversation just was not going to make good TV so they are regulated to the background.}

Carly announces a ‘Ladies Choice Dance’ and most people pair up {Noah and Bobbie’s table is empty so I suppose we assume she asked Noah to dance and they sprinted to the dance floor.} - Jen H.

Noah in a tux…ahhh…too sweet a sight! No matter what the occasion, that is always a nice visual experience! In this case it's for Carly's charity ball/auction. She draws names from the bowl to pair up people for dinner. I was hoping Noah & Bobbie would magically end up together, but oh no…that would never be the case! When she ends up with Nicholas, I love the little looks she & Noah give each other. Regret of course. I was beginning to think Noah's name wasn't even in there. Whew…it was! And then of all things, Noah get paired up with Georgie!!!!! O-kay. Now THAT is an odd match. Not to mention the age difference! Well, lucky Georgie anyway. 

So cute again, more charming glances & eye contact for Bobbie & Noah as Georgie is boring Noah to death discussing things that only another teenager would care about. I wanted to rush to the table myself and save Noah from the torment. LOL Fortunately Georgie WAS mature enough to realize she was putting Noah to sleep. He was definitely zoning out! She gracefully steps away & tells Bobbie that she should join Noah. She then sits with Nicholas. 

I thought this was such an awesome opportunity for some Noah/Bobbie conversation. Despite the fact that he's been acting like a total ass at work, it was apparent Bobbie wanted to spend some time with him. Gosh those writers. The camera goes to every single table in there, jumping into conversations, but not even ONCE do they show Noah & Bobbie. I have NO clue what they were discussing. They were talking though. I could see them in the background chatting. What the heck were they saying??? It looked engrossing anyway. Oh well. Bummer. As soon as Sam got shot (I know it's bad of me, but all I could think was "well, now we'll never get in ear-shot of their table! Not in the face of a shooting. Party's over folks.") - Kelley Pearson