General Hospital
May 1, 2006

Noah's tux in background?

Scene 1 

[Noah has a line, but is never really seen.]
Noah: She's in shock. 
Sam: Jason -- 
Noah: Intra-abdominal hemorrhaging is the primary concern. 
Jason: I'm right here. 
Robin: Call ahead and tell dr. Lee the patient is critical. 
Paramedic: Will do. Let's load her up. 
Patrick: Jason, you can go in the ambulance, you got to stay out of the way. 
Emily: Jason, I'm so sorry. Is there anything I can do? 
Jason: Yeah -- you find sonny, you tell him I'm coming after him.

[approximately  of Noah content]

 According to US

Oh my. A major emergency and we don't even get to see Noah do anything for Sam. Not even Bobbie. We can hear Noah, but that's all. This would have been another great chance to see Noah in action. Hey, it's right up his alley. What was up with that? - Kelley Pearson