General Hospital
May 3, 2006

Scene 1 

Patrick: Surgery's going to be intricate. I'll need the somatosensory evoked potential monitor on hand. 
Robin: There's something that you should know. 
Patrick: Don't talk to me about my father doing the surgery. The decision has been made. I'm the one operating on Mrs. Dixon. 
Noah: Patrick, don't attempt this operation. 
Patrick: Look, I know why you want me off the case. You're afraid I'll lose the patient, just like you lost mom. 

Scene 2
Noah: Look, forget about your mother. Think about yourself. You're a brilliant surgeon. You got a great career ahead of you. 
Patrick: Which is why I'm performing the surgery. If I'm successful, I'll be elevated to the top tier of surgeons. 
Noah: But if you attempt it and fail, it could be a big mark on your career. 
Patrick: I don't plan on failing, but thank you for e concern. 
Noah: Look, Mrs. Dixon's condition is inoperable! No amount of gamma knife dissection or coil embolization can save her. 
Patrick: Of course, unless you were cutting. 
Noah: Ok, well -- well, that's -- that's right. Her condition is the same as your mother's, but trying to save Mrs. Dixon won't bring your mother back. 
Robin: All right. I'm leaving you two alone. 
Patrick: No, stay. I want you to hear this. I don't blame you for mom's death. I never did. She was terminal. There was a one-in-1,000 chance that you or any other surgeon could've saved her. But when the operation failed and she died, you were too self-absorbed to find me and tell me. Mom was gone and I heard from an assistant surgeon. You were only worried about your own grief, so you went on a drinking binge that lasted for years until your liver failed. And that is what I blame you for -- the way you threw away your life. 
Noah: So, what, you want to follow in my footsteps? 
Patrick: Mrs. Dixon may very well die. I think I can save her. But I'm also humble enough to know that I could be mistaken. 
Noah: So why attempt it in the first place? 
Patrick: Because if I don't, she'll die for certain, and I don't want that on my conscience. I might start to spiral down just like you. 

Scene 3
Patrick: Morning. 

Mrs. Dixon: Dr. Drake, dr. Scorpio, I don't believe you've met my son William. 
William: Nice to meet you. 
Patrick: You, too. 
Robin: Hello. So you're keeping your mom company today? 
William: Yeah. I brought my homework so I could stay all day. 
Robin: Oh, that's great. I'm sure she's glad that you're here. 
Mrs. Dixon: I don't know what I'd do without him. 
Patrick: Mrs. Dixon, your condition is deteriorating faster than we expected. I'd like to perform surgery this afternoon. 
Mrs. Dixon: That's a lot sooner than we talked about. But maybe that's good. 
William: It's going to be ok, mom. This will make you all better. Right, dr. Drake? 

Scene 4
Patrick: How did surgery go? 

Doctor: I'm sorry, there were complications. Your mother died. We did our best to se her, but there was nothing more we could do. 
Patrick: Where's my dad? 
Doctor: I don't know. I thought he'd come to tell you himself. He walked out of O.R. And he didn't tell us where he was going. 
William: So, how's my mom? Is s all better now? 
Patrick: I'm sorry, William. There were complications and your mother died. We tried to save her, but we couldn't. I'm sorry. 

[approximately 04:19  of Noah content]

 According to US

Patrick is dressing  while telling Robin he’ll be the one to do Mrs. Dixon’s surgery. Noah bursts in to stop him. {Last we knew Noah was doing this surgery – so what is it now a ‘who can get to the patient first’ wins?}

Noah runs the gamut while trying to convince Patrick not to do it – from the impact to his career, to the state of the patient and even back to the issue at the core of all this – that it’s the same surgery his mother died from. {Go Noah, ‘gamma knife dissection or coil embolization’ wow –those are some b i g medical terms to use – and all while angry and emotional!} Patrick retells the story of his mother’s death and which parts he blames Noah for – but we learn a new tidbit, that Patrick had to find out about her death from someone other than Noah. Patrick then reveals that he has to do this operation because NOT doing it could hurt him as much as if he did. {Noah’s chin quivers and his eyes tear up at Patrick recants the story of his mother’s/wife’s death. These two really need therapy – it would be so much better than constantly bickering with each other!}

Patrick goes to talk to the patient and Noah looks on. They find out she has a cute little son, the age is off but the parallel to the situation seems to hit Patrick. When the boy asks Patrick if his mom will be OK Patrick and Noah exchange sad yet knowing looks {OK right there I thought –oh, no. this is not going to go well }

{OK, so this is an incredibly hard and risky surgery and we have a newbie nurse assisting, a med student observing and another Dr (Robin) also observing – while apparently instructing? Seems like for such a tough case you’d get more experienced people involved.}

Patrick loses the patient during surgery. He stops Robin from going to tell the son and goes to do it himself. While walking up to him he has flash backs to learning about his mother’s death. Patrick gets right to the boys level and tells him about his mother’s death – Noah walks up and observes this {Awwww… déjà vu or whatever but this just sucks. It’s played out very emotionally but aww… } - Jen H.

Ok so Patrick is doing Mrs. Dixon's surgery. Noah comes into the locker room to have yet another "discussion." He is worried that Patrick will not succeed and thus take the same path he did. He doesn't want Patrick to "mark" his career. And really, it just seems Patrick wants to do it to prove something…he wants to be at the top of the tier of surgeons. I love the body language and looks of anguish (and disbelief) on Noah's face in these scenes! He is trying desperately to get through to Patrick. 

They throw out a lot of medical jargon & Patrick recounts to Noah how he learned of his mom's death from someone else. He is insistent he is doing the surgery. What a battle of wills! I'm beginning to think this is going to go on forever. I certainly hope not. Usually in soaps, they do come to some sort of resolve, don't they? (but then other issues unknown, will surely creep up!) 

Patrick goes to visit Mrs. Dixon & her son, & to tell her that the surgery will need to be performed right away, she is worsening. When William (her son) asks Dr. Drake if his mom will be okay, we have a very touching scene when Patrick looks over at Noah (who's been standing in the doorway listening). (Why are people on soaps always eavesdropping & hanging around the corner hearing things??!!) Noah is probably "feeling" for Patrick right now, and what he has to do with Mrs. Dixon. At least that's the feeling I got from that little exchange of looks.

Patrick performs the surgery & loses Mrs. Dixon on the table. I thought these scenes & what are to follow are very touching & emotional. (well, being the sappy person I am…I cried though a lot of these scenes….so very sad.) Patrick flashes back, as he's walking to the "lounge" to tell William his mom didn't make it. He remembers how the intern (?) was the one who came to tell him his mom had died, and that his dad had just---left. (tears again!) So he proceeds with the task of breaking the horrible news to the young boy…"we tried to save her but we couldn't. I'm sorry." The memory of his pain gave him the courage he needed to face William like a man (and a doctor). - Kelley Pearson