General Hospital
May 4, 2006

Scene 1 
Patrick: What happened to your mother was pretty technical. 
William: Tell me. 
Patrick: She had an intracerebral aneurysm. We tried to ligate the proximal and distal portions, but she hemorrhaged, which -- she started to bleed. 
Noah: Hello, son. 
Patrick: I was just trying to explain to William that -- 
Noah: You know, I think that all William needs to know is that his mom didn't suffer. Ok? She felt no pain, went to sleep peacefully. And you know the last word she said? She loves you very much. She always will. 
Woman: Come with me, honey. Come on. 
Patrick: You lied to the kid. You have no idea if she suffered or what her last words were. 
Noah: Yeah, I know. I'm sorry. 
Patrick: You shouldn't be apologizing to me. 
Noah: I'm sorry that I wasn't there to face you when your mom died so I could have lied to you, too. 

Scene 2
Noah: You know, I -- I really believed that I could save your mom. I thought I was that good. Turns out I was just that arrogant. Even when she died on the table, I wouldn't call it. My -- my head knew she was gone, but my heart kept saying that if I just kept operating, she would be ok. I knew when I stopped I'd have to face the truth. That's -- it's crazy, isn't it? 
Patrick: I would say yes if I hadn't have gone through the same thing. But there's one difference. I was operating on a stranger. You were operating on your wife and my mom. 
Noah: You had the courage to face that boy with his loss. 
Patrick: Well, it wasn't very graceful. 
Noah: But you did it. When I needed to face you and tell you I lost your mom, I -- I ran away. That's -- that's what makes you a superior surgeon, and a better man. 

[approximately 03:11  of Noah content]

 According to US

Patrick is explaining the boy’s mom’s condition in extraordinarily technical terms. {OK I know he said to tell him but a normal adult is not going to get half those words, come on Patrick English!} Noah steps in and tells the boy that his mom did not suffer and that her last words were that she loved him. Patrick accuses Noah of lying to the boy and Noah apologies for not being there for Patrick so he could have said the same thing to him. {Wow, the emotion on both of their faces illustrates the pain – of both the current case and the loss of their wife/mother.}

{Meanwhile the girls are all at the bar – OK after having it drilled into our head how Noah lost his wife/patient and then ran right to the bar is THIS to show us that no one learned that getting drunk isn’t the best coping mechanism?}

Noah is explaining what he went through when his wife died on the table. Patrick acknowledges he went through a similar thing {You can feel the pain emanating from these two as hey talk – they are barely looking at each other as they try to get through it and Noah is fidgeting, licking his lips and crying.} Noah acknowledges that by Patrick facing this boy he showed himself to be a ‘superior surgeon and a better man’ then he squeezes Patrick’s shoulder and walks off. {OK, breakthrough?! Maybe? I liked the shoulder squeeze but it would have been nice to see a real hug here. Only time will tell but perhaps a foundation block has been laid between these two.}

{Meanwhile back at the bar the girls are still drinking themselves into a stupor – and each has their own Patrick Drake fantasy. Wow, what a hard work day for Patrick – to get to kiss and be handled by all these women. How many times is his shirt ripped open? Geez too bad they didn’t invite Bobbie along – maybe we would have gotten a little Noah fantasy too! } - Jen H.

Noah & Robin are standing by behind Patrick, as he squats down to the child's level and grasps for the words to explain why his mother died. He goes into all this technical doctor talk that an adult couldn't understand (unless you're in the field of medicine), much less a child. Noah hears the whole terrible struggle Patrick is having. He steps in. I see what Noah was trying to do here. I have mixed feelings about it really. In some ways I think he overstepped, and should have butted out. On the other hand, Patrick was really struggling for the right words, and Noah felt he was helping out. But then Noah LIES to the boy, telling him things that he had no way of knowing. He says she didn't suffer & her last words were that she loved her son. Now, that is a sweet thing in a sense (so the child could have some kind of peace & comfort), but it was also a load of bull. It's hard to say WHAT I'd do in such a situation if I were faced with this. 

Patrick is angry at Noah for lying to him. Wow, the range of emotions from Patrick & Noah here are truly moving….pain, disbelief, sorrow, regret, understanding. I could see so many things going on here. Powerful scene that needed to be, as far as their story goes. Oh, I love how Noah is discussing losing his wife & admits his arrogance to his son, AND his denial of her death. Way to go Rick on the tears. He pulled me right into this scene, he and Jason both. Loved it! Noah praises Patrick for his courage in facing this boy like a great doctor should. Basically he has admitted to Patrick that he was a coward when he didn't face Patrick about the death of Patrick's mom. Way to go Noah. I think this is the very thing Patrick needed to hear. And possibly the right thing for Noah to admit to, so he too can heal from losing his wife. - Kelley Pearson