General Hospital
May 11, 2006

Scene 1 
Patrick: I need the latest test results on Sam McCall. 
Elizabeth: Thanks for making it back so quickly. 
Patrick: Is the O.R. Booked? 
Noah: Patrick -- if you operate on Sam McCall, you're going to kill her 

Scene 2
Noah: How did you know to come back here? 
Elizabeth: I called him. I believe he can operate on Sam McCall. 
Noah: Sam McCall's condition is inoperable. 
Elizabeth: Well, don't you think he should at least examine her before he makes that decision? 
Noah: Excuse me, you're a nurse. You have very little O.R. Experience, but you took it on yourself to call in a surgeon? 
Patrick: Elizabeth informed me that a patient was in need of my expertise. Don't bite her head off for it. 
Noah: Well, she overstepped, and she was wrong. Nothing you or any other surgeon can do can save Sam -- 
Patrick: I've looked at her chart. I can perform a cranial osteotomy with an upper level decompression. 
Noah: She doesn't need intracranial surgery. We can manage her therapeutically with -- 
Patrick: If the cerebral edema continues, the ischemia will turn into necrosis. Not operating is a death sentence. 
Noah: This has nothing to with Sam McCall and everything to do with you. You're anxious to redeem yourself for losing Nancy Dixon last week. But the opposite is going to happen! You're going to lose Sam, and you're going to ruin your career! 
Patrick: I can save her! I can save her. 
Noah: If you operate, she will die on the table. 

Scene 3
Noah: Look, Sam is suffering from an intracerebral edema with proximal spinal cord compression. 
Alexis: What are the options if she doesn't have surgery? 
Noah: We can treat her with medication. 
Alexis: What are the odds? 
Noah: Slim, but surgery would be fatal. 
Alexis: Why? 
Noah: Look, it's technical. If Sam were to have surgery, she would hemorrhage into the surrounding neurovascular regions, which would inease the edema, which would kill her. 
Patrick: My father's opinion is just that -- an opinion. If I don't decompress the proximal spinal cord, Sam will die. 
Noah: Are you going to attempt a decompression osteotomy with a broken wrist? 
Patrick: It's sprained, it's not a problem. 
Noah: My son is willing to risk your daughter's life to redeem himself. In my medical opinion, surgery on Sam would be reckless. 
Jason: How do you know that, when you haven't let Patrick examine Sam yet? 

[approximately 02:15  of Noah content]

 According to US

Patrick rushes back to GH to operate on Sam but Noah objects. {OK Noah has some points, all Patrick has done is taken a call from Elizabeth and glanced at Sam's chart. Granted he should already know she was shot – but he's been gone a day or two and doesn't know the latest. Either that or he's a speed reader.} Noah believes Patrick is just operating on Sam to redeem himself. {First off, wow with the big long medical terms. Now I’m learning new words as I watch GH. I’ve deduced that 'intracranial' means inside her head . Anyway Noah is fuming mad that Patrick is risking his career. And he's convinced Sam will die. The two of them shouting at each other was quite the show. I guess they cannot discuss their different viewpoints in 'library' voices.}

Noah explains his diagnosis to Alexis, Patrick rebuts it with his own interpretation and then Jason interrupts them all. {OK here’s my zero-medical-school take, the surgery is very risky. It appears she could die either way. So it's likely not unusual that you could find two doctors with different opinions ~ isn't that why they always recommend you get two opinions? But Jason is right, Patrick hasn’t yet examined Sam so perhaps this is all happening a little too quick – putting the cart before the horse.}

Patrick examines Sam and Jason signs off on the surgery. While Patrick is getting ready for the surgery Noah watches him through the door. Just as Patrick is going to make the incision Alexis barges in with a court order. {Noah looks anxious as he looks through the window, but apparently chooses not to have one last scream fest. But how does Alexis get an injunction that fast? Wouldn’t she have to prove that Sam is really her daughter before getting that approved?}- Jen H.

Rick must have gotten his scripts mixed up and thought he was back in the coma, because he forgot to shave......Not complaining, I don't mind that look, but this is the first time I've seen him with that stubble as an on-duty doctor.

He's getting way too angry at everything. I think he needs to start playing some of the anger with more of a slow burn. This yelling pointing the finger is starting to get a little over done.
I also didn't like the way he treated Elizabeth (although maybe as a doctor, he was in the right, not real sure about that). Back in the day, Noah was basically a good, kind person, and I'd like to see him return more to the core of who he was, with more compassion.

I'm not sure how this is actually going to play out, but I'm not liking the way this is all shaping up. Dr. Noah Drake is supposed to be a brilliant surgeon, and he does have several years of experience. So even if he got to the point where he wasn't physically able to perform surgeries, his opinion and diagnosis should still be pretty solid, and if Patrick actually does finally do the surgery, I'm assuming Sam isn't going to die, which will make Noah wrong, and Patrick right, and I'm not loving that scenario.

It seems as if Rick wasn't expecting Patrick to start talking before he was finished in that one scene (when he said "I  can save her" ). But I wish that would happen more often because when you're in a heated argument, you don't necessarily wait for the other person to finish talking before you start making your point. I just think on the Soaps, they don't talk over each other much because then you miss what's being said. 

Also, we seem to have another "missing scene" today. When Jason asks Noah how he would know that Sam's condition was inoperable when Patrick hadn't even had a chance to exam her yet, I think that question required some kind of an answer. - rlh


Noah & Patrick are going around again about another life-threatening surgery---Sam McCall's. This whole day totally confused me. I too feel like some scenes were deleted. Did Noah examine Sam? Why is he so sure that Patrick shouldn't be doing the operation? Beats me. Patrick was out of town, and Elizabeth called him back to do the surgery on Sam. So Noah jumps on Elizabeth because she called Patrick??!! Ok. Quite rude I thought. She was only trying to help (like Noah has been notorious for doing lately). I'd hate for Noah to speak to ME so angrily. Yikes! Rick says he likes how Noah is "different" now than how he was in the 80`s…well yeah, I do too, but enough is enough. He is one ANGRY soul these days. (maybe he's uptight because he is still craving some vodka?!) 

OH I can't help but feel like Noah stepped way out of line when he brought up his and Patrick's issues to Alexis! He was on the right track when he was giving her information & his opinion on Sam's condition. But WHY did he have to upset the apple cart?! LOL Boy he turned that place on it's ear with that one little remark, didn't he?! Of course…if I were Alexis…I would feel the same way. That is NOT a time to bring up personal issues. Felt very unprofessional to me. (I kept watching and thinking…"oh boy Noah, you've done it now! Got everyone stirred up!")

I'm becoming "used" to Noah & Patrick's relationship…turmoil. Not surprising to me really that Noah embarrassed Patrick openly. (oh and I felt so sorry for Patrick L ) But I was mostly stunned when Noah spouted the redemption thing to Alexis. It just felt "cold" to me. I don't blame her one bit for moving Sam. (from a mom's perspective only, since it seems premature to me. She's only known for 2 days I think, that Sam is her daughter.) 

What a way to set up doubt in Alexis' mind! I just cringed for Alexis' sake when he said that. Also, he tells her that he feels surgery on Sam would be "reckless." Now Alexis is certain that Patrick is being too risky, thanks to Noah. Then: in storms Jason, "how do you know that when you haven't let Patrick examine Sam?" Oh no…now Jason & Alexis are at odds again too. Look out! Hit man on the loose… - Kelley Pearson


First of all, I thought Noah was a little too rough towards Patrick today. I understand his point about not doing such a risky surgery on Sam, and the fact that Patrick may just be looking to redeem himself after losing his prior patient. However, why can't these two guys just talk in a more calm manner toward each other? I know, i know, they have issues, but geez, they are in a hospital.

Another thing, Noah was a little rude to Elizabeth. what did she do to him?
I was somewhat disappointed that we didn't get the chance to see Noah and Jason confront one another. it really looked like Jason's anger was focused on Noah when he approached and when they came back from commercial it was all over with.

I liked seeing Noah 'peeking' in the window at Patrick when he was scrubbing up. somehow, that seems like Noah is looking out for his son in a way, but he's stepping back and letting Patrick do what he needs to do. of course, sometimes things are not always what they seem! - Amy L.