General Hospital
May 12, 2006

Scene 1 
Patrick: You like messing with my patients' lives? 
Noah: If you're referring to Sam McCall, I gave her mother a second opinion. 
Patrick: You played on Alexis' fear and got her to block Sam's surgery. 
Noah: Yeah, and I probably saved her life, and I definitely saved your career. 
Patrick: Oh, so this is you trying to protect me? You're so convinced I'll fail like you did, you're willing to risk Sam's life. Well, I'm not. 

Scene 2
Noah: Look , look, look, I know you're god's gift to surgery, but this time you're wrong, possibly dead wrong. Sam's best chance is for us just to wait. 
Patrick: I don't agree. 
Noah: Of course you don't. If she pulls through, you don't get to play god. What's it going to take for you to stop thinking about yourself? 
Patrick: I'm thinking about saving a life, and you're making that impossible. 
Noah: You're only doing this because your last patient died, and you think you have something to prove to somebody. If it's me, don't bother, ok? I'm not -- I'm not impressed. You could end up killing a patient and doing some serious damage to your career. 
Patrick: Oh. So you don't want me to operate because your protecting me? Or maybe you just don't think I'm good enough. 
Noah: Look, I don't care who the surgeon is. If Sam were to be cut into today, she'd bleed to death right in front of your eyes. 
Patrick: Not if I were cutting. 
Noah: See, I didn't consult with her mother to protect you. I did it to protect Sam from your arrogance! Now, if you're upset about that, I apologize, but leave Sam McCall alone. 

[approximately 01:23  of Noah content]


 According to US

Alexis stops the surgery and Patrick is peeved. Patrick finds Noah at the desk and rails at him. Patrick thinks Noah doesn't trust his abilities and Noah believes he is saving Patrick from making a mistake and ruining his career. {Ugh, it seems like both courses of action are risky and there is no 'right' answer. Perhaps both men’s opinions are based in fact – because again 'second opinions' are usually received because you are checking to see if there is a different course of action. Unfortunately Noah and Patrick's emotional history is also an undercurrent here. They both may really be thinking only of Sam's best interest. But Noah may also be worried what two tragedies would do to Patrick based on his own track record. And Patrick may be unconsciously trying to 'make-up' for the loss of his last patient. Either way it would be nice if the two Doctors could talk about the patient and leave their personal stuff on the side.}  - Jen H.


I have to say, it's a bit comical to me how people just barge into the OR here at GH so easily! I mean, it's a sterile environment. Don't these folks who are always "busting in" ever consider the germs they will tote in to the OR!? Alexis is so upset in fact, she storms the OR demanding Patrick stop the operation. Now look what Noah caused! 

Here we have Noah in his white doctor's coat, looking through paperwork, with his cute little facial shadow (not too much this day)….when Patrick charges him, saying Noah had no business messing with his patients. He is obviously furious! So around they go again. More arguing about who's better than who, Patrick is playing God (love the "God`s gift to surgery" comment from Noah! LOL), and so on. Patrick leaves angry. - Kelley Pearson