General Hospital
May 15, 2006

Scene 1 
Patrick: You were great there. 
Elizabeth: Well, you, too. You're every bit as brilliant as you claim to be. It was an honor to be on your team. 
Patrick: Well, you're already a great O.R. Nurse, and I like to be right. 
Noah: Patrick, are you out of your mind? You defy a court order to operate? Do you have any idea what that can do your career? 
Patrick: I just saved Sam's life. And there wouldn't have been an injunction if you hadn't alarmed the patient's mother and caused her to panic. 
Noah: I did that to protect you from your own arrogance. 
Bobbie: Hey, what's going on here? 
Noah: My genius son here just performed an illegal surgery. 
Elizabeth: He just saved Sam's life. 
Patrick: Well, it turns out I'm a better surgeon than my father ever dreamed of being, and it just kills you that Sam's surgery was a success and you were just wrong. 
Ric: When did Alexis lift the injunction? 
Elizabeth: She didn't, exactly, but it shouldn't matter. 
Det. Rodriguez: Elizabeth, were you part of the team that operated on Sam McCall? 
Elizabeth: I was. 
Det. Rodriguez: Who was the surgeon? 
Patrick: I was. Why? 
Det. Rodriguez: You're both under arrest. 

Scene 2
Alexis: You need to pull through this. 
Ric: Hey. How's Sam doing? 
Alexis: Nobody really knows. They went ahead with the surgery against a court order. 
Ric: Yeah, I heard. Elizabeth and Patrick drake were just arrested. 
Alexis: Ric, I'm sorry about Elizabeth, but it was her choice. 
Ric: Wait, wait. You want Elizabeth arrested? 
Alexis: I don't want anyone arrested. I wanted to spare Sam the trauma of a life-threatening surgery. They could've given the drugs a minute to work before they cut into her brain with a scalpel. God only knows what effect that's going to have or if she's even going to wake up. 

Noah: Ok, I have good news. Looks like the surgery saved your daughter's life. 

Scene 3
Alexis: I couldn't be happier about this, Noah. However, I am a little confused. And quite frankly, a little suspect in that you told me just a few hours ago that this surgery was dangerous and could have dangerous side effects. 
Noah: I gave you the best information I had at the time. 
Ric: Ok. Do you have any doubts that the medication might have worked? 
Noah: Yeah, some. But I do know that Patrick's surgery relieved the intracerebral edema. 
Alexis: So what are the side effects? 
Noah: Well, it's too soon to know. But Sam's pupils are even and reactive, which is a very, very good sign. 
Ric: Ok, and your hopeful prognosis is not based on the fact that your son violated a court order and performed an illegal surgery? 
Noah: Yes, I would protect my son, but I am speaking the truth. 
Alexis: If this were a court, I would list you as a hostile witness. 
Noah: We're not in court. 

Alexis: That's actually a shame because court makes more sense to me. The system is, of course, one that I'm familiar with. This, however, is out of my depth, being in a hospital. So naturally, I have to rely on you and rely on the nurses and their experience and expertise. So I -- I'm certain that you can understand how concerned I am when I hear people talking to me about how Patrick did the surgery in order to redeem himself because he lost another patient. Or how I'm concerned that you are defending your son, not because of his medical expertise, but because he is, understandably, your son and you want to protect him. I'm concerned because the staff seems too biased to be able to treat Sam effectively. Here's what I want -- I want Sam addressed. Not you, not Patrick, not Jason, not me. I want a doctor who will just give me the facts and treat her without any personal agendas. 

Scene 4
Noah: All right, the tests look good. 
Alexis: Why isn't she waking up? 
Noah: Oh, it's much too soon to be alarmed. 
Alexis: Noah, what are you glossing over? 
Noah: Well, it's possible that despite Patrick's skill and timing, there could be complications. 
Alexis: From the surgery? 
Noah: Or from the underlying injury. I mean, we won't know for sure until Sam wakes up. 

[approximately 04:21  of Noah content]

 According to US

After the surgery Noah confronts Patrick {I like how Noah is essentially whisper yelling at Patrick – as if he’s trying to keep it down but is so mad he cannot pull off the whisper.} Noah and Patrick spar with the typical 'ruin your career / I'm a better surgeon and you were wrong / I was right' arguments then the police appear and arrest Elizabeth and Patrick. {We get to see Patrick's shocked face and he turns to look at Noah – but we don’t get a reaction shot from Noah? No fair!}

Alexis is with Sam and Noah comes bursting in with the good news. {So instead of going and trying to bail out Patrick Noah ran to declare the surgery a success?} Alexis calls Noah on his reversal of opinion. When he holds steady to his initial opinion but also acknowledges that the surgery relieved the problem Alexis take him to task for all the familial bickering and how she wants Sam to be the sole focus from now on. {Noah solemnly listens to her rant, perhaps he sees her point.}

Noah comes in and delivers more test results to Alexis. {I like how Noah still pays Patrick a compliment in the midst of telling Alexis there may still be complications…smooth!} - Jen H.

Patrick lets Jason & Alexis know that Sam will likely be okay. Noah has heard the news. Then by the nurses desk, he comes at Patrick over the illegal surgery he just performed on Sam. Bobbie, Elizabeth & Rick all hear Noah trashing Patrick when the police come in for questioning! Alexis called in the authorities. 

Next Noah scene (after the medical team is hauled to the station!), takes place in Sam's room. Alexis & Rick are with Sam with Noah arrives. I really like this scene for some reason. I feel Noah deserved the lecture he got from Alexis. She was scolding him like a child it seemed! At least that's the expression he had on his face there for a moment. LOL

But really, I can see her point of view. The whole issue is about Sam, not Noah…not Patrick…or either one of their egos or redemption. Again, I can't blame her. Noah appeared to be a hypocrite to Alexis, or biased. As a mom, I would feel the same way. She has doubt set up in her mind she just can't shake. She let Noah have it! Go Alexis. I do think he and Patrick either need a reality check right now, or some family counseling. 

Last Noah scene, he comes in to tell Alexis that Sam's tests look good, but then he sounds so unsure. What is up with him? Is he nipping the bottle again?! - Kelley Pearson