General Hospital
May 19, 2006

Scene 1 
Noah: Sam's vitals are very good. Still no sign that she's regaining consciousness yet, though. 
Alexis: Is it time to worry? 
Noah: No. She's still within the normal range of recuperation for surgery of this kind. If she hasn't regained consciousness in a couple of days, I'd say yeah, maybe it's time to worry. 
Jason: When she wakes up, is she going to be all right? 
Noah: Well, the surgery comes with some risks -- I mean, brain damage is a possibility, impaired motor skills -- but it's all speculation, you know? I mean, when Sam wakes up, and not a moment before, we'll know what we're dealing with. 

Scene 2
Jason: What happened? 
Noah: Sam's monitors are activating. She may be waking up. 
Alexis: Come on, Sam, open up your eyes. You can do it. Your mother's here. 

[approximately 01:00  of Noah content]

According to US

Noah is checking in on Sam again, and once again says we have to wait until she wakes up. {OK new look, black t-shirt under the scrubs, I like this one! Of course he's normally in a shirt and tie so I'm not sure why he's in scrubs unless he's got a surgery on the docket as well? Or is the suit at the cleaners?}

Noah dashes into Sam's room {check out the sneakers Noah is wearing with the scrubs – was he on the way to a show after taping these scenes?}. The monitors are indicating she may be waking up so he uses that trusty pen light to check her eyes. {OK then apparently he leaves? Wouldn't Noah stick around until she actually woke up – so he could determine if she could see/talk etc.? Just more than a little odd that he just rushes in to check her out and then apparently bails to leave Alexis and Jason to wait for her to wake up.} -  Jen H.

Alexis & Jason are with Sam when Noah arrives (in his bright blue scrubs! Awww) with the latest reports. Basically, they're all in the dark about whether there is brain damage, until Sam wakes up. OK…not much comfort there Noah! But I guess he wouldn't really know. 

As Jason & Alexis continue to hover outside Sam`s room, her monitor sounds. Our last 5 seconds (or 2) of Noah for today. He rushes in & let's them know that she may be waking up; her machines are activated. He shines a pin light on her closed eyes…checking for any sign that she may be coming to. Lay that healing hand on her Noah! Well it's great to see him tending to patients, rather than fussing with his son! - Kelley Pearson