General Hospital
May 21, 2007

Scene 1
Robin: Oh, Dr. Ford --
Patrick: No, Kelly, it's me.
Robin: That -- that is not very funny.
Patrick: You started it.
Robin: Well, dr. Ford isn't someone that I used to flirt with before we started dating.
Patrick: Ah, the operative word, "before."
Robin: Stop.
Patrick: We don't have to pretend we're broken up anymore.
Robin: But we're still on duty.
Patrick: I miss you. Dad?
Noah: Patrick, if Dr. Ford saw you, he'd have you brought up before the board. It'd be everything you deserve.
Patrick: What, for unprofessional behavior?
Noah: Don't you think it's a little insensitive rubbing this in Emily's face?
Emily: I'm fine. I actually owe Patrick for helping me and Nikolas --
Noah: No, you don't have to defend my son, believe me. He was all over you when he split with robin. Now he's just living down to his reputation.
Emily: Noah, I owe Patrick more than I can ever repay.

Scene 2
Emily: Nikolas came down with a mysterious illness. Uh -- no treatment worked, and his condition was deteriorating, so he was pushing me away to try to protect me from getting hurt.
Patrick: Sound familiar? Pushing people away, telling yourself it's for their own good?
Noah: So where do you and Robin come in?
Robin: Well, I was treating Nikolas, and we decided to act like a couple so he could keep up his pretense with Emily. It also helped to explain why I was staying at Wyndemere.
Noah: And Patrick didn't know anything about this?
Patrick: No, not at first.
Robin: No, but then I decided to tell him the truth, and of course, I explained everything.
Patrick: We worked together on Nikolas' illness. We came up with a cure.
Emily: So thank you for your concern, but it -- it all worked out.
Noah: Well, I -- two things to say -- congratulations.
Emily: Huh.
Noah: And get into therapy.
Patrick: Oh. And you have room to talk?
Noah: You know, don't -- you guys -- you always bring your personal problems to work. Epiphany is always on you two about keeping your private and your professional lives separate. I agree. Get a clue.

Scene 3
Noah: You know, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to put you on the spot like that.
Emily: No, no, it's fine. You thought Patrick had something going on with me when the truth is he's been completely loyal to Robin.
Noah: Well, that's good. I mean, I like Robin.
Emily: Yeah, Robin's been good for him. When he first came to work here, you -- I'm sorry. It's probably not appropriate to be talking about it with his father.
Noah: No, that's ok. Patrick's been a skirt-chaser since he got out of diapers, so --
Emily: Yeah, but now he's found love and I think he's a better man.
Noah: Oh. I'd like to think it would last, you know?
Emily: Why wouldn't it?
Noah: Oh, I used -- I used to think I was pretty good at picking up when a woman wanted commitment -- you know, marriage -- even though she protested, but I -- I get that vibe from Robin.
Emily: Patrick's asked her to move in with him.
Noah: Yeah, well, the last time that happened, he bailed to Vegas. Patrick's a confirmed bachelor at heart.
Emily: Oh, I don't know. I think you're wrong. I think robin and your son have found love.
Noah: The problem's not love -- it's the brave new world of living together.

[approximately  03:16 of Noah content]

According to US

Patrick and Robin are getting/giving smooches at the desk again and Emily walks up smiling while Noah walks up grousing about hospital policy again. Plus Noah is annoyed about Patrick treating Emily so badly but Emily jumps to his defense. {OK so Patrick was all over Emily at some point? I must have missed that one. Although Noah seems more annoyed at Patrick's treatment of Emily than his back-togetherness with Robin.}

Emily gives Noah the high level explanation of the whole Nicolas being poisoned story and Robin fills in her part of it. Noah seems almost concerned that Patrick did not know what was going on at first but then turns on him yet again {Granted Patrick started this with his jab about pulling back emotionally}. Why after hearing all this he thinks Patrick is the one that needs therapy is a little strange, except that it opened the door for a retort from Patrick and the off we went on another 'quit the hanky-panky at work' rant. {OK, that is it – can't you tell? Noah is feeling repressed. He reacted so spitefully this time it seemed far more about 'you are getting some and I am not’ versus the typical 'it is against hospital policy' of late. Plus he reacted very childishly with 'Get a clue' before stalking off. Yep, he needs to go on a date and SOON.}

Noah is apologizing to Emily for the earlier outburst and discussing the whole Patrick and Robin relationship. {Is he flirting with Emily? Hmmm…} Noah is quite melancholy discussing Robin and Patrick’s future potential, he just does not seem to confident in Patrick making it work or last. When Noah says that 'the problem’s not love' he seems very wistful. {OK so now Noah's repressed and depressed, isn't this a hospital? Can't we get some love interest for him stat?} - Jen H.

Noah pops in---almost out of nowhere---and suddenly begins rashing out Patrick and Robin…clueless as to what's been going on. Same scene practically…different day. (And he tells THEM to get a clue?) Noah is totally in the dark about the whole Craig- crisis and how it was resolved. Where the heck has he been anyway?? I have really found this odd that he is so out of touch with a major thing in his son's life. (yes, I know. He's been busy with his real job of entertaining us music lovers!) I even imagined at one point during the whole ordeal with Nicholas, that Noah may just become involved. I had hoped he'd discover Robin trying to find the `cure' for Nicholas and he'd help out. But no. He knew nothing. (Aren't parents often the last to know?!) Maybe he should run around with Carly for awhile and he might know a few things about everyone else's business! LOL 

Emily, Patrick and Robin end Noah's confusion. They clue him in about how Craig forced them to fake a relationship while holding Nicholas hostage and poisoned. Was it just me, or did Noah look only mildly disturbed by this news? I'm glad he now knows what all the fuss has been about. He still gets on to them for always being called down by Epiphany for squabbling on the job. When did Noah become such a stickler for rules and hospital policy? Sure, the hospital staff loved Noah back in the day…but was he this big of a `stiff' at GH before?! I don't think he was. He really needs to chill out, get a date, maybe have a drink. No, never mind…scratch that last one! But it might do him some good to find a love interest and get other things on his mind. Maybe then he'd quit ripping on the 'lovebirds' so much. I'm starting to sound like a broken record with these reviews, but hey…there is not much to go on when it comes to Noah. I'm guessing that most of Noah's fans would love to see a change of pace for his character. 

Last scene: Noah actually has a few minutes of conversation with Emily…without anyone else around. He fiddles with his stethoscope as he saunters up to the nurses desk. He says that Patrick has been a `skirt-chaser' since he came out of diapers." Noah and Emily discuss `love.' Noah doesn't seem to have much faith in Patrick when it comes to commitment. Emily says she thinks Patrick and Robin have found love. Noah tells her `it's not love that`s the problem, it's the brave new world of living together." 

This was a really nice scene for me. It's always refreshing to me to see him talking with someone else, even if it is a short scene. For a few seconds I almost thought Noah was being a flirt with Emily, but when I watched it back, I'm not so sure. Maybe it's just that Noah has that `look' no matter what! What a handsome devil! Can someone PLEASE call a doctor for me?… one with blue scrubs, a gorgeous dimpled smile and green eyes… Kelley Pearson