General Hospital
June 28, 2006
Scene 1 
Patrick: You still thinking about Justus? 
Robin: He was a good man, the kind of man that should've lived a long, healthy, happy life -- if the world wasn't so unfair. 
Patrick: I'm sorry. 
Robin: It really helped to have you there, though, so thank you for your support. 
Patrick: Anytime. 
Noah: Patrick? I wonder if I could have a moment with you. 
Robin: I'll -- uh -- see you later. 
Noah: No, no, no, stay, please. I -- I just wanted to say that I'm very glad that you finally found somebody that you care about

Scene 2
Noah: It really is great to see you two together. 
Patrick: Look, it's really not a big deal. 
Noah: I think robin's a very good influence on you. It'll help you to settle down, stay focused, get more committed. It'll only make you a better surgeon. 
Patrick: Hey, wait a second. I don't need robin or anyone else to make me a better surgeon. 
Noah: No, no, I'm not saying that. 
Patrick: Look, you're jumping to conclusions, all right? Robin and I aren't settling down, there's no commitments, and, realistically, it's none of your business.
Robin: What he means to say is that you misunderstood. 
Noah: Yeah, I guess I did. My mistake. 
P.A. Announcer: Dr. Drake, 3402. 
Patrick: Look, I just don't want to see you -- 
Noah: I just want to see you happy, Patrick, you know -- I mean, you seemed happy lately. I mean, god forbid you should tell your father anything. 
Patrick: Dad, wait. 
Robin: Could you be any more insensitive? 
Patrick: I was telling the truth, wasn't I? We don't have a relationship. 

[approximately 1:47  of Noah content]

According to US

It seemed SO good and refreshing to see Noah back today!! What a LONG wait, but so worth it. Ok…even if it was only 2 tiny little scenes, it still made my day just to see him back on GH 

It seems that no matter what he or Patrick do or say to each other, there is some kind of a problem. Now I know it's been awhile since we've seen them arguing, but UGGHH! Will they ever get to the point where they can speak without being so darn hateful to each other? Actually, on today's show, I would say the blame is totally on Patrick (but with the way Patrick has been acting since Noah's recent absence…I'm not surprised he was so eager to act like an ass!) Noah simply made a nice comment to Patrick about how it seems good to see him with someone he cares about & how he seems happy. Well, I thought that was rather sweet of Noah (and so was that precious smile from Noah….and ahhhh those long lashes and beautiful eyes! Also his hair looked just GREAT today….do I see some little bits starting to curl at his neck now?) 

Where was I? Oh…one thing that seemed odd though is how Noah kind of rushed around the desk like he had something urgent to say to Patrick…I guess it was just the way he was walking up so briskly…like it was an emergency, then he comes out with a casual comment! LOL It just would have seemed better if he had casually strolled around there & happened to see them. Yeah, I'm being a nit-pick! It seems that Noah just wanted to say something nice to his son, and TRY to create conversation that could bring them closer, but Patrick of course got quite defensive. Good for Robin, coming to Noah's rescue. He had such a pained look in his eyes. Poor Noah! Well, he tried...didn't he?

Okay…again…great to see him return, but I am so ready for a fresh Noah story. This felt like a major rerun on today's show. -
Kelley Pearson