General Hospital
July 2, 2007

Scene 1
Robin: I don't want to waste any time, it's critical to plan ahead.
Patrick: I agree, so what do you got?
Robin: "Gioconda"? It's actually "La Gioconda," it's an opera. We can stay in the city, we can go visit museums.
Patrick: I was thinking maybe we could go to
Atlanta for the stock car race instead.
Robin: Look how thrilled I am about that.
Epiphany: Let's see how thrilled you can get about doing your work. Heart patient -- dr. Julian wants a neuro consult.
Noah: Has anybody seen the chart for Linda Moss, Dr. Julian's patient?
Patrick: Yeah, I got it right here, I'm consulting.
Noah: I believe Leo wanted Dr. Drake Sr. Thank you very much.
Patrick: Well, look at the complications -- they're my specialty.
Noah: Epiphany, which Dr. Drake does Julian want?
Epiphany: It's impossible.
Noah: What? The woman's been working too many hours.
Patrick: What was that all about?

Scene 2
Robin: Epiphany? Forgive me for asking, but what was that about with Noah earlier? You were looking at him like he had two heads.
Epiphany: Well, maybe he does.
Dr. Julian: Hey, Epiphany, did you give that file to Dr. Drake?

Epiphany: You said to give it to dr. Drake, so I gave it to dr. Drake, and now the other dr. Drake has a problem. Doctor: So which Dr. Drake has the file?
Patrick: I do. You meant Patrick drake, right? Doctor: Yes, yeah. Sorry for the confusion.
Noah: Dr. Julian? Do you have some reason why my medical opinion isn't good enough? 
Dr. Julian: I hadn't realized.

Noah: What, that I'm a fully qualified neurosurgeon? 
Dr. Julian: It's really uncanny.

Noah: All right, now I'm starting to feel insulted. 
Dr. Julian: Uh -- I'm sorry, doctor. I had -- I had originally asked Patrick Drake to do the consult. But if you feel better qualified, I --

Patrick: He's not. Dr. Julian: Oh. Ahem. I'll leave you two to work it out.

Scene 3
Robin: Hey. 

Dr. Julian: Um -- I hope I didn't make things awkward for Patrick and his father with that consult. I just assumed it would be clear that I meant Patrick.

Robin: They are a picnic compared to how they used to be, believe me. What was your reaction to Noah? 
Dr. Julian: Does he have any brothers?

Robin: Uh, not that I know of. Why?
Dr. Julian: It's just so weird, the whole thing, but --

[Pager beeps] Dr. Julian: Sorry, I got to take this, so I'll --
Patrick: Where's the fire? I had a question about this patient.
Robin: Does your dad have any brothers?
Patrick: Uh -- no. Both my parents are single children. I think that's why they bonded to each other --
Robin: Hmm.
Patrick: Why my dad was so lost when she died. Why?
Robin: We're both only-children.
Patrick: Robin? We're not going to end up like our parents.
Robin: Wait a minute, why would I not want to end up like my mother? She is the smartest, bravest, most beautiful woman -- you have to admit -- that I've ever met.
Patrick: I know, I -- I remind you of your father, but that's a whole other fight.
Robin: You remind me of your father, too, sometimes.
Patrick: That's really not very nice, you know.
Robin: It's true.
Patrick: That's the last person I want to end up like. There's already one of him in the world, that's enough.
Noah: I want to make sure your people are all in line about the change of meds in the brain trauma case in 17. Epiphany?
Epiphany: Um -- did -- did you want something?
Noah: Robin, Patrick, come over here, will you? Why are you doing this?
Patrick: Come when you called? That's actually a great question.
Robin: Noah, what do you need?
Noah: People around the hospital are starting to stare at me. What are you saying to them?
Patrick: What?

Scene 4
Patrick: X-rays indicate that the tumor's causing problems on the left side of the brain. Too bad it wasn't a woman, we would've found it sooner.
Robin: Well, that's possible.
Patrick: Well, I'm just saying that guys hang out on the left side of the brain -- the nonverbal, spatial activity. Women are right side of the brain -- intuition --
Robin: Ok, yeah, but --
Patrick: Emotion.
Robin: That's not to say that women can't have excellent left-brain attributes.
Patrick: Well, there are exceptions, but it's no wonder that little boys tend to explore and -- and take control of their space, while little girls are content to just kind of --
Robin: What?
Patrick: Don't look at me that way, I'm talking science here. Ok, then what about how guys will just drive around in circles and never ask for directions? That's -- that's -- we're going to the opera, aren't we?
Robin: Let me see if I can find that ad.
Patrick: Hey, Dr. Julian? Hey, I've got a question about that heart consult. 
Dr. Julian: Yeah, I was going to ask you -- um -- Robin said you -- your father doesn't have any brothers. What about cousins? Just --

Patrick: Why do you ask?
Noah: Ok, enough, all right? Someone -- you, or somebody -- has been spreading a rumor about me around this hospital.
Robin: People are still staring?
Noah: A duty nurse walked into a meal cart, looking at me like I had two heads. So what's going on?
Epiphany: You don't follow 1980s music?
Noah: What has that got to do with it? 
Dr. Julian: Oh, everything.

Epiphany: Eli love is coming to town, and you two could be twins.

[approximately 05:23  of Noah content]

According to US

Patrick and Robin are bantering back and forth about how to spend their vacation when confusion erupts over which Dr. Drake is needed for a consult. {Perhaps there is new lighting in the hospital, perhaps Epiphany recently got contacts… but as Noah turns and stands next to Patrick to ask which Dr was requested the music is cued to signal the introduction of a new story line and Epiphany is suddenly struck by Noah's appearance. Really? They have worked together this long and she is just now noticing? Really?}

The new doctor, Dr. Julian, is introduced since he is the one to cause this latest disagreement between the father and son. {Now we have the new guy staring at Noah and struck by his appearance. Who would do this and NOT explain themselves? Would it not naturally come out: 'oh you remind me of…' Nope, apparently not in Port Charles, apparently in Port Charles it is much better to just stare at people. Oh wait, my mistake, this is a GH story line so this is considered some sort of dramatic introduction or something….or something… }

Julian inquires to Robin if Noah has any brothers (he does not) and then almost explains himself but exits stage left after receiving a page. Meanwhile Noah is asking Epiphany for something and she zones out again... staring at him {Not that I can really blame her for that!}. Noah gets peeved and assumes Patrick is spreading rumors about him at the hospital. {Again, instead of Epiphany speaking up and explaining herself she allows Noah to be paranoid and we hear that foreboding music again...a clear sign on GH that something is coming.}

Patrick and Robin are having an inane woman vs man debate when Dr Julian strolls in again inquiring about Noah's relatives. Then Noah barges up demanding to know why people are staring at him and finally the secret of Eli Love is revealed. {How does Epiphany clue in Noah? She asks "Don’t you follow 80's music?" The look on Robin, Patrick and Noah's face after that question is classic. They all have the most furrowed brows I’ve ever seen. To me it was the best way for them to keep a straight face and look concerned when a line like that is posed. Then, when that is not enough of a clue, Epiphany whips out the local paper and there it is – a picture of Rick from the Daytime Emmy performance last year….no wait, I mean a picture of the man himself – Eli Love. I would like to know who the muffled ‘humph’ or laugh comes from as we zoom in on the picture – was that Julian or Patrick or Noah?} - Jen H.

I have always said that I'm not crazy over the idea of Rick mixing his musical career with his acting career. I've had this feeling since back in the 80's when Rick was on GH before. I believe the two should remain separate. When I watch Rick as Noah, he is Noah, the character…not Rick Springfield---my rock and roll guitar God. He is playing the doc, and I enjoy falling into that role; that pretend role. Music is his real life, being a doctor is not. {Although that COULD be interesting! ;-)} So combining the two could be tricky, unless the writing is really, really good. I also remember Rick saying back in the day that the two did not need to mesh. (not an exact quote, but something to that affect) He has also said that he's a bit of a whore with his acting, but never with his music. I remember this from back then and I remember thinking that was a good motto to live by, because at that time I was afraid of what would happen (critics-wise) if he did that. Yet now he is going into a storyline where the two are combined? So I can't say that I'm jumping for joy at the possibility of those lines being crossed. But on a better note, I am happy to know that a summer story is in the works for Noah, as I'd love to see something happen for him other than watching he and Patrick argue all the time. (I hope the arguing has it's purpose and that the two will become closer in the `end.') I'm just praying this all works out okay for Rick, bringing music into the soap. I really hope it's not Rick's music though. Yea, it would be advertisement for his music, of course! But is it the right KIND of advertising for it. That is what nags at me so much. I think it could be entertaining if other songs are done…not Rick tunes…that are considered "Eli Love" songs. That would make more sense in my mind. 

Noah enters his first scene looking for a patient's chart. He's wearing his blue scrubs and he's showing a bit of a scruffy `shadow.' I thought he looked pretty good in today's show and I especially got a kick out of his frustration and his facial expressions during some of the scenes. It was sort of funny how he automatically assumed Patrick was spreading rumors around GH about him! That Noah…he's so paranoid sometimes. 

Dr. Julian (who I noticed is in the previews for the upcoming Night Shift) brings up the Noah/Eli resemblance thing on today's show. He is a new character. But then WHY on earth does Epiphany look at Noah like she's never seen him before? Is Eli Love a relatively new rock star who just hit the scene, therefore the gang is not familiar enough with Eli's face to put the two together before now? That didn't really jive too well. Now a new doctor or nurse around GH, I could see, such as Dr. Julian…but not Epiphany, who's been working with Noah for awhile. How could she not have noticed before now? So strange! 
The proof of a twin in Port Charles was right there in the picture in the newspaper, advertising an upcoming concert. The headline said "Eli Love." Hmmm…could it be that Eli played live for last years Emmy awards?! Rick's jacket was a dead giveaway. One thing I do wish they would have left out was that comment about following 80's music. I literally gasped when I heard that one. Is Eli Love going to be known as an 80's musician who's making a comeback?? Oh boy. 

When Noah said something about how a nurse walked into a cart in the hall because she was staring at him as if he had two heads, my first thought was, "No, no. That wasn't it. She happened to see ONE---HOT---DOC strolling down the hall. That's all." LOL She was `rubber-necking!` I could easily see a whole hallway of nurses just gazing at Dr. Drake as he saunters down the hall studying a patient folder, unaware of all the women watching him. He should be used to that sort of thing, not shocked by it! (oh wait…women gazing at him from every angle, stumbling over themselves in his presence…that's Rick Springfield we're talking about. Ok, so in some ways the two guys are alike!) 

As much as I'm worried what's to become of this `rock star storyline' this summer, I have to admit I'm also chomping at the bits to see Noah appearing more and more. I was really surprised to see him on today's show. I didn't think he'd make it until later in the week. So that was a nice addition to my Monday! I've seen some spoilers that mention a romance between Noah and Anna. I'll be curious to see how they bring her back to town this week since she's been `away' again. The more I think about that one, the more I like the idea. I think those two could have a pretty hot & steamy romance this summer! Today's episode was an indication that the spoiler may be right. I could see a bit of a set-up going on in Robin and Patrick's discussion about their parents. Robin wants to be like her mom; she adores her. Patrick doesn't want to be anything like his dad and said something about how they didn't need two of him (Noah) around town. The whole Patrick/Robin/Noah/Anna thing could be pretty funny actually. I can see the expression on Robin's face now if her mom, and Patrick's dad do end up together! LOL

I guess we'll learn more as the week continues and the Eli Love story `unfolds' for the viewers. Let's hope for the best with the story GH has given Rick. Whatever the case may be, I'm sure Rick will give it his all and from what he's said in his diary, I'm guessing he's enjoying it. (or at least getting a kick out of it!) - Kelley Pearson